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Preparing for Online Testing
Preparing for Online Testing
Internet and Network Requirements
Internet and Network Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Software Requirements
Software Requirements
Secure Browser Installation
Secure Browser Installation
Secure Browsers Download Web Page
Secure Browsers Download Web Page
Mobile Secure Browsers
Mobile Secure Browsers
Updates and Announcements
Updates and Announcements
Resources and Support
Resources and Support
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Preparing Technology for 2015 Online Testing

содержание презентации «Preparing Technology for 2015 Online Testing.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Preparing Technology for 2015 Online 21OS X 10.4.4–10.9. Intel x86 or PowerPC G3,
Testing October 15, 2014 1–2:30 p.m. G4 or G5 256 MB RAM 200 MB hard drive free
California Assessment of Student space. Linux Fedora 16–20 openSUSE 13.1
Performance and Progress (CAASPP). Red Hat Enterprise 6.5 Ubuntu (LTS) 10.04,
2Purpose. The purpose of this Webcast 12.04, 14.04. Pentium II or AMD K6-III 233
is to review your local educational MHz 64 MB RAM 52 MB hard drive free space.
agency’s (LEA’s) technological resources 22NComputing and Terminal Services.
to ensure they meet requirements for the NComputing is supported on: Windows XP
online CAASPP assessments. (Service Pack 3) Windows 7 Terminal
3Source Material. Detailed information Services is supported on: Windows 2003
and step-by-step instructions can be found Windows 2008.
in the following manuals: Technical 23Hardware Requirements. Mobile
Specifications Manual for Online Testing Operating Systems and Browsers. Operating
Forthcoming on http://caaspp.org Secure System. Supported Devices*. Browsers for
Browser Installation Manual TA Sites. Browser for Student Sites. iOS
http://caaspp.org/rsc/pdfs/CAASPP.secure-b 6.0–7.1. iPad 2, 3 4th Gen (Retina
owser-manual.2015.pdf. Display) iPad Air. Safari. AIRSecureTest
4Agenda. Preparing for Online Testing Mobile Secure Browser. Android 4.0.4–4.4.
Internet and Network Requirements Hardware Google Nexus 10 Motorola Xoom Samsung
Requirements Software Requirements Secure Galaxy Note (10.1) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Browser Installation Mobile Secure (10.1). Google Chrome. AIRSecureTest
Browsers Questions Updates and Mobile Secure Browser. Chrome OS 31-35.
Announcements. Chromebooks. Google Chrome. AIRSecureTest
5Preparing for Online Testing. Mobile Secure Browser.
6Data Readiness. CALPADS is the sole 24Hardware Requirements. Device displays
source for student demographic, 10? diagonal display or larger (iPads with
enrollment, and program data for the 9.5? screens are acceptable) 1024 x 768
student test registration system known as display resolution or better Check monitor
the Test Operations Management System settings and brightness On-site printers
(TOMS) All updates must be made in Print out test session information Print
CALPADS. LEAs cannot update student test stimuli or items for students with
demographic, enrollment, or program data the print-on-demand accommodation. Only
in TOMS. Student accommodations and the Test Administrator’s (TA) computer
designated supports are not collected in should have access to a single local or
CALPADS. Student accommodations and network printer in the testing room.
supports cannot be uploaded by the LEA 25Hardware Requirements. Headphones are
until CALPADS data is available in TOMS. required for each test station English
7Staff Coordination. Planning the language arts/literacy (ELA) tests
technology components for online testing Text-to-speech accommodation Job Access
requires close coordination and with Speech (JAWS) USB headphones
collaboration among: LEA CAASPP recommended Microphones not required
coordinators CALPADS administrators IT/LEA External keyboards required for tablets
technology coordinators Curriculum staff. Mechanical Manual Bluetooth-based Avoid
8Internet and Network Requirements. keyboards with additional “shortcut”
9Internet and Network Requirements. For buttons.
testing to occur, a stable, high-speed 26Software Requirements.
Internet connection is required since the 27Software Requirements. Disable pop-up
Test Delivery System (TDS) administers blockers Install Verdana font on Linux
tests via the Internet. machines used for testing Disable Windows
10Internet. High-level Technology Fast User Switching Disable Spaces in
Overview. State hosted-test delivery Mission Control for Macs Enabled Guided
servers. Test proctor using standard Web Access on iPads For Android tablets,
browser. Student using Smarter Balanced change the keyboard to the AIRSecureTest.
Secure Browser software application. 28Secure Browser Installation.
11Internet. Smarter Balanced Server 29What is the Secure Browser? Type of
Hosting. Consortium Hosted Item authoring, software that must be installed on each
item bank, data warehouse, reporting, testing workstation Prevents students from
Digital Library. State Hosted Test accessing other computer or Internet
delivery, test scheduling, test applications during testing Different
registration, reporting, scoring. versions of the secure browser for
12Network Configuration Settings. To different device types and operating
ensure proper communication and optimal systems Link to secure browsers download
performance: Configure network firewalls Web page is on http://caaspp.org.
and proxy servers to allow traffic to the 30Secure Browser Availability. Windows
URLs, IP addresses, and ports without XP (Service Pack 3), Vista, 7, 8.0, and
content filtering (see Appendix A of the 8.1, Server 2003, 2008 Mac 10.4 and 10.5
Technical Specifications Manual). Give the (PowerPC or Intel processors) Mac 10.6,
URLs and IP addresses high priority 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 Linux Fedora 16–20,
settings if your network uses network openSUSE 13.1, Red Hat 6.5, and Ubuntu
traffic management techniques (e.g., (LTS) 10.04, 12.04, and 14.04 Apple iOS
traffic shaping, packet prioritization, 6.0–7.1 Android 4.0.4–4.4 Chrome OS 31–35.
Quality of Service). Configure Web proxy 31Secure Browsers Download Web Page.
servers NOT to cache data from the test 32Secure Browser Installation: Desktops
delivery system (TDS). Maintain a good and Laptops. One-by-one manual
bandwidth. To avoid timeouts during tests: installation: Download and install
Set session timeout values to be longer directly on each computer Download and
than the average scheduled testing time. save onto a media device (i.e., flash
13Bandwidth Considerations. Number of drive) Download and save to a network
students testing concurrently Size of test folder.
content (number of items and average size 33Secure Browser Installation: Desktops
of each item) Low bandwidth: and Laptops. Network installation or
selected-response items High bandwidth: distribution: Shared drive Push the secure
items with animations, audio clips, or browser installation directory from the
American Sign language videos Reduce other network to client computers Installation
Internet-enabled applications that compete without administrator rights Thin Client
for bandwidth (e.g., attendance, bell (Windows) Terminal server NComputing Apple
time, sending grades) Opening the secure Remote Desktop (Mac OS X).
browser and accessing a test for the first 34Secure Browser and Proxy Settings.
time consumes more bandwidth than Secure browsers for Windows, Mac, and
accessing a test a subsequent time. Linux are packaged with the proxy setting
14Bandwidth Considerations. Location set to “auto-detect” The following proxy
where the secure browser is installed values are supported: 0: Direct
Installing the secure browser locally on connection, no proxy 1: Manual proxy
each testing workstation is recommended. configuration 2: Proxy auto-configuration
This avoids bandwidth competition that (PAC) 4: Autodetect proxy settings 5:
would occur if workstations access the System proxy settings (this is the
browser from a network or shared drive. default).
Wireless networking solutions. 35Secure Browser Notes. Old secure
15Bandwidth Considerations. Minimum of browsers used for the Field Test need to
20K bits/second must be available for each be uninstalled before installing new ones.
student connected to a system Average Installing the new Windows secure browser
bandwidth used by the secure browser for will uninstall previous versions
testing: 1. 8K bits/second. 50. 400K automatically (most cases) . Mac secure
bits/second. 100. 800K bits/second. 5–15K browser installation: Secure browser must
bits/second. 250–750K bits/second be launched to successfully complete the
(0.25–0.75M bits/second). 500–1500K installation. Disable Spaces in Mission
bits/second (0.5–1.5M bits/second). Number Control (Mac 10.7–10.9). Disable function
of Students Testing Concurrently in keys on Mac computers and keyboards.
School/Building. Average Estimated 36Mobile Secure Browsers.
Bandwidth Consumed During Subsequent 37Mobile Secure Browsers. Mobile
Startup of Secure Browser. Average Operating Systems and Browsers. Operating
Estimated Bandwidth Consumed During System. Supported Devices*. Browsers for
Testing. TA Sites. Browser for Student Sites. iOS
16Determining Bandwidth Requirements. To 6.0–7.1. iPad 2, 3 4th Gen (Retina
determine a reasonable number of Display) iPad Air. Safari. AIRSecureTest
concurrent test sessions: Consider Mobile Secure Browser. Android 4.0.4–4.4.
bandwidth for both online testing and all Google Nexus 10 Motorola Xoom Samsung
other non–testing-related Internet Galaxy Note (10.1) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
traffic. Run a network diagnostic. (10.1). Google Chrome. AIRSecureTest
Bandwidth Checker is available on Mobile Secure Browser. Chrome OS 31–35.
http://caaspp.org. Other network Chromebooks. Google Chrome. AIRSecureTest
diagnostic tools are listed in the Mobile Secure Browser.
Technical Specifications Manual. For wired 38Secure Browser Installation: Mobile
networks, consider using switches instead Devices. Install on iPads via the Apple
of hubs. For Internet networks, consider App Store Install on Androids via the
the speed of the Internet Service Google Play Store Install on Chromebooks
Provider’s (ISP’s) router connection. from the Chrome Web Store.
17Network Configuration. All 39Secure Testing on Tablets. iPads:
communication with the TDS takes place Guided Access must be enabled and
over the following Internet port/protocol activated iOS feature that allows users to
combinations: Make sure the above restrict activity to a single application
mentioned ports are open. Port/Protocol. Prevents screenshots Android tablets:
Purpose. 80/tcp. HTTP (initial connection Secure browser keyboard must be selected
only). 443/tcp. HTTPS (secure connection). before students can access the logon page
18Wireless Networking. Maintain a ratio Default Android keyboard allows predictive
of wireless systems to wireless access text.
points (WAPs) of no more than 20 to 1. 15 40Secure Testing on Chromebooks.
to 1 for older WAPs Wireless traffic Chromebooks must use the secure kiosk
should use WPA2/AES data encryption. Try application Using the AIRSecureTest kiosk
out the Bandwidth Checker, available at application requires Chromebooks to be run
http://caaspp.org. in kiosk mode Must be deployed onto
19Wireless Networking. Recommendations managed Chromebooks via the Chrome
on the optimal number of testing Management Console as a kiosk application
workstations per wireless connection: rather than via a public session.
802.11g Access Point. 802.11n Access 41Questions.
Point. 802.11g Wireless Cards. 20 42Updates and Announcements.
workstations or devices. 40 workstations 43Updates and Announcements. Next
or devices. 802.11n Wireless Cards. 20 Webcast: Accessibility and Accommodations
workstations or devices. 40 workstations for CAASPP 2014–15 : An Overview Date:
or devices. Mix of 802.11g and 802.11n October 22, 2014 Time: 1 – 2:30 p.m.
Wireless Cards. 20 workstations or 44Resources and Support.
devices. 40–50 workstations or devices 45Resources. Technical Specifications
(depending on the ratio of wireless cards Manual for Online Testing Forthcoming on
used). http://caaspp.org Secure Browser
20Hardware Requirements. Installation Manual Available at
21Hardware Requirements. Desktops and http://caaspp.org/rsc/pdfs/CAASPP.secure-b
Laptops. Supported Operating Systems. owser-manual.2015.pdf Bandwidth Checker
Minimum Requirements for Current Available on the CAASPP home page at
Computers. Minimum Recommended http://caaspp.org.
Specifications. Windows XP (Service Pack 46Help Desk Support. The California
3), Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1 Server 2003 and Technical Assistance Center (CalTAC) is
2008. Pentium 233 MHz 128 MB RAM 52 MB here to support all LEA CAASPP
hard drive free space. 1.3 GHz processor 1 coordinators! Monday–Friday from 7 a.m.–5
GB RAM 80 GB hard drive. 1.3 GHz processor p.m. PT E-mail: caltac@ets.org Phone:
1 GB RAM 80 GB hard drive. 1.3 GHz 800-955-2954 Web site: http://caaspp.org.
processor 1 GB RAM 80 GB hard drive. Mac
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Preparing Technology for 2015 Online Testing

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