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School reform in the states
School reform in the states
Original goals for charter schools
Original goals for charter schools
Current trends in charter schools
Current trends in charter schools
Education Management Organizations (EMOs)
Education Management Organizations (EMOs)
Safeguards to restrict EMO involvement
Safeguards to restrict EMO involvement
EMOs: So What
EMOs: So What
What is school choice
What is school choice
School Choice - When
School Choice - When
School Choice - Where
School Choice - Where
Actual School Choice Provisions in OECD and Select PISA Countries
Actual School Choice Provisions in OECD and Select PISA Countries
Support for School Choice in OECD Countries
Support for School Choice in OECD Countries
Money following the student in OECD countries
Money following the student in OECD countries
How: Diverse types of school choice
How: Diverse types of school choice
So what
So what
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Private and public partnership in education: Charter schools in the USA

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1Private and public partnership in 17and some founders now starting their own
education: Charter schools in the USA With company to retain/gain financial
notes about Grundtvig, Monty Python, and control/interest in the school The number
trends in school choice internationally. of EMOs and their portion of the education
Gary Miron, Professor of Evaluation, market is increasing rapidly in the
Measurement, and Research Western Michigan nation, the charter school sector, the
University Conference on The State and contract sector and the provision of other
Market in Education: Partnership or services such as tutoring, after school
Competition? 19 March , 2014. care, vocational programs, juvenile
2Overview. School reform in the USA services, etc.
Charter schools Private Education 18Safeguards to restrict EMO
Management Organizations (EMOs) School involvement. Enforce requirements to
choice in international context Patenting recruit students from all sectors of the
and copying ideas across countries What we district Restrict maximum enrollment of
know about school choice outcomes. charter schools to between 250 and 350
3School reform in the states. Grundtvig Require provision of transportation and
has had influence, both direct and other services, or deduct the cost for
indirect. There are also parallels between these from per pupil grants to charter
Gruntvig’s ideas and the ideas of some schools Require full disclosure of how
progressive school reformers in the USA. public funds are used by private
Dewey, Highlander Center, Alternative companies.
schools, and charter schools Alternative 19Safeguards to restrict EMO
schools recaptured by traditional public involvement. Require charter school boards
schools (LEAs) Charter schools hijacked by to consider two or more different bids
private sector interests. from different EMOs Make efforts to ensure
4Charter school concept. Figure 1. that the board members are not personally
Illustration of the Charter School Concept or professionally connected with the EMO
(adopted from Miron and Nelson, 2002, Limit length of contracts between charter
p.4). schools and EMOs to no more than the
5Original goals for charter schools. length of the charter, but preferably
Empower local actors and communities. less.
Enhance opportunities for parent 20Safeguards to restrict EMO
involvement. Create new opportunities for involvement. Provide more, not less money
school choice with open access for all. for start-up Ensure equal access to start
Develop innovations in curriculum and up money based on projected enrollments.
instruction Enhance professional autonomy Competitive applications for start up
and opportunities for professional money favor EMOs who have experience and
development for teachers. Create high qualified personnel for grant writing Base
performing schools where children would per pupil grants on average district costs
learn more. Create highly accountable for students at same level (elementary,
schools. middle and high school) rather than on
6Summary of state studies of student average costs across all 3 levels.
achievement in charter schools. 21EMOs: So What? Horse in front of the
7Reasons why goals for charter schools cart Veil of privacy? Lack of
have not been achieved. Lack of effective accountability Stockholders vs. taxpayers
oversight and insufficient accountability Require competitive bidding? Require
Insufficient autonomy Inefficient use of arms-length agreement? Distortion of
resources Privatization and pursuit of charter school concept.
profits High attrition of teachers and 22School choice reforms. School choice
administrators Rapid growth of reforms is a reform idea that is widely debated
Strong and effective lobbying and advocacy and contested (school choice means
groups for charter schools. different things to different people) The
8Current trends in charter schools. debate often overlooks the diverse forms
More homogeneity among the charter schools of school choice and the differences in
Increasingly stronger role for school how these reforms can be designed School
leaders and management companies EMOs now choice can be designed to pursue a range
start their own schools rather than wait of outcomes Choice rules can be written to
for an invitation from existing schools or reduce isolation by race, class, or
a community planning group to start a special needs status. Or, they can be used
school An increasing number of charter as a vehicle for accelerating
schools Further segmentation of public resegregation of our public school
schools by race, class, and ability systems.
Decreasing provision at secondary level 23School choice reforms. Choice reforms
Increasing school size Rapid growth of can promote innovation and diverse options
virtual schools. from which parents can choose; or, they
9Questions policymakers should be can result in a stratified marketplace
asking. Can we create better public that appeals to conservative consumers who
schools through de-regulation and demands eschew innovation. School choice reforms
for greater accountability? How are have the potential to promote
charter schools using the opportunity accountability or—if the oversight
provided them? The answers to these mechanisms are not in place—choice plans
questions require comprehensive can facilitate the circumvention or
evaluations—resisting the dodge that every avoidance of oversight.
charter school is its own reform and 24Why school choice: Review of relevant
should be looked at separately. theory. Parents right. School choice as an
10More specific questions policy-makers end in itself. Market accountability on
should be asking. How can charter school new schools Market theory: threat of
laws be revised to create more accountable choice Economic theory on sorting effect
schools? How can funding formulae be and efficiency Belief in innovation in
changed to ensure that charter schools private organizations.
will seek to enroll more 25What is school choice? Parents and
‘costly-to-educate’ students. How can students choosing schools School choice
incentives and regulations be used to always exists, at least for some For
ensure poorly performing charter schools choice to be meaningful, there needs to be
will be closed? Are there better uses for a diversity of options Most say they want
public resources than charter schools? choice, but most still do not exercise
11Even as original goals for charter choice.
schools are largely ignored, charter 26School choice: Why not? Segregation.
schools fulfill other purposes. Charter Winners and losers. Hank Levin: framework
schools facilitate privatization of our for evaluating vouchers Social cohesion,
public school system Charter schools Productivity, Efficiency, Equity My own
accelerate the re-segregation of public thinking: Splitting limited resources
schools by race, class, and ability across dual or parallel systems.
Charter schools provide model for reform, 27School Choice - When? As policy
even though evidence shows that they do objective we can see most current school
not work Who stole my charter school choice reforms with roots in 1980s and
reform? 1990s. Some school choice reforms have
12Recommendations for legislation. existed for more than a century in
Create or refuse to lift caps on charter countries like Netherlands. Old choice
schools in order to exert pressure for reforms actually choice in provider but
accountability. Leverage federal funds to not real choice in school profiles, etc.
ensure greater accountability for charter Shifts in goals and purposes of public
schools. Provide funding for oversight, schools over time. (Miron 2009. “Shifting
but require repayment of funds from notion of publicness”).
authorizers when the schools they oversee 28School Choice - Where? UK 1987-88
are failing. Curtail the influence and Sweden 1992 USA - magnet schools in 80s,
power of the charter school establishment. charter schools in 90s, exploration of
13Education Management Organizations vouchers since 50s New Zealand @1990s -
(EMOs). EMOs: What are they? Private Independent schools Back to the UK.
contractors that operate public schools 29Actual School Choice Provisions in
Executive control, accountable for OECD and Select PISA Countries.
outcomes Vendor vs. EMO? For-profits vs. 30Support for School Choice in OECD
Nonprofits & CMOs EMO Profiles Countries.
Project: What is it? Statistical digest 31Money following the student in OECD
Profiles of EMOs & lists of schools countries.
Project of the National Education Policy 32How: Diverse types of school choice.
Center 14th Edition released in 2013. Private providers and public support for
14Number of EMOs by Size and Year. private providers (vouchers)
For-profit EMOs. Nonprofit EMOs. Intra-district choice Inter-district
15Number of Schools Operated by EMOs by choice Charter schools Homeschooling
Size and Year. For-profit EMOs. Nonprofit Virtual schools Other thoughts: Choice by
EMOs. location Choice within schools.
16Number of Students in EMO-Operated 33So what? What have we learned? Parent
Schools, by Size and Year. For-profit satisfaction Segregation based on
EMOs. Nonprofit EMOs. race/ethnicity, social class, ability,
17General trends regarding EMOs. Trend language of instruction Innovation/lack of
for single school operators to move to diversity of options Empowering teachers?
multiple school operators Small-scale or Impact on student performance on
limited service operators moving toward standardized assessments Effects of
full service operators Private conversions competition.
Private and public partnership in education: Charter schools in the USA.ppt
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Private and public partnership in education: Charter schools in the USA

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