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Research environment
Research environment
@ Univ
@ Univ
@ Univ
@ Univ
Research environment
Research environment
ENACTIVE research network
ENACTIVE research network
ENACTIVE research network
ENACTIVE research network
Let us go to the past :1986
Let us go to the past :1986
A personal experience : discovering customers
A personal experience : discovering customers
A personal experience : discovering customers
A personal experience : discovering customers
REVIMA (developed at CEIT)
REVIMA (developed at CEIT)
REVIMA (developed at CEIT)
REVIMA (developed at CEIT)
Impostors lead the Wii to success
Impostors lead the Wii to success
Impostors : replacement restrictions
Impostors : replacement restrictions
Great expectations : networked haptics
Great expectations : networked haptics
(1) @ CEIT - Simulation group
(1) @ CEIT - Simulation group
(1) @ CEIT - Simulation group
(1) @ CEIT - Simulation group
Occlusion culling : environment
Occlusion culling : environment
Occlusion culling : environment
Occlusion culling : environment
Occlusion culling : learnt experiences
Occlusion culling : learnt experiences
(2) @ Labein
(2) @ Labein
(2) @ Labein
(2) @ Labein
Your input & discussion
Your input & discussion

: Rosa Iglesias. , . , REALITY SHOW OR TRUSTABLE IMPOSTORS.ppt zip- 2409 .


1REALITY SHOW OR TRUSTABLE IMPOSTORS ? 23accepted as they are, because they
Alex Garcia-Alonso University of the fulfill users' expectations. Chapel Hill,
Basque Country. Oct. 23rd.
2Outline. Research environment Reality 24Trustable Impostors everywhere. Real
show or trustable impostor Recent research time Computer Graphics: Fluid flows Cloth
activities Your input & discussion. Faked shadows and reflections Herd motion
Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. Lighting Vegetation Simulation Gravity
3Research environment. Basque Country 4 used to fake acceleration. Chapel Hill,
Universities (90,000 students) 12 Tech Oct. 23rd.
research centers (2,200 labor force). 25 ( Trustable Impostors everywhere ).
Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. Haptic systems Deformable environments :
4@ CEIT (1982-1995). Technological body tissue Comfortable inspection
Research Center App. Mechanics Dpt. : Pseudo-haptics Impostors everywhere :
comp. graphics FEM : pre- post-processing Models substitute (real) entities
Interactive 3D visualization Mechanisms Algorithms substitute physical laws
analysis Dynamics Collision analysis (RT Mathematical formulations Heuristics.
mechanisms) Working for different Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
companies European Space Agency MDI 26Interface Contract for haptic systems.
(Mechanical Dynamics Inc, Ann Arbor MI) Impostors are conditioned by hardware
EADS Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. specifications, models and algorithms.
5@ Univ. of the Basque Country (1996- Stiffness (mechanical apps) Force limits
). Teaching !!! Technological Research (weight, tighten, push, ...) Position
centers CEIT (258 Labor staff) University precision Haptic systems require interface
of Navarre Ikerlan (230 Labor staff) MCC contract Conditions of use (usability
Cooperative group 250 companies -- 83,600 domain) ?? analyses must be performed !!!
labor force 44% Basque Country 37% Spain Perception Skills achievement. Chapel
19% international Labein (356 Labor staff) Hill, Oct. 23rd.
Vicomtech EUVE Spin-offs +VR. 2790s Great Expectations : 3D
www.landersimulation.com. Visualization. 1991 : Jim Clark (Silicon
www.simtechniques.com. Chapel Hill, Oct. Graphics) He also made some interesting
23rd. predictions for the low end. He described
6Research environment. U. of the Basque the multimedia machine of the future as a
Country U. of Navarre CEIT Vicomtech. U. device integrating the capabilities of (1)
of Deusto Labein. 100 miles diameter. MCC full 3D, interactive, real-time computer
Ikerlan U. of Mondragon. EUVE. Bilbao. graphics, (2) full motion video, (3) image
San Sebastian. Mondragon. Vitoria. Chapel processing capabilities, (4) fully
Hill, Oct. 23rd. integrated geometric text, and (5) full
7SKILLS research network. Multimodal compact-disc digital sound. He predicts
Interfaces for capturing and Transfer of that this will be available in a portable
Skill. CEIT Labein Aalborg University notebook-sized device with motion sensors
Commissariat ? l'Energie Atomique - in the next five to ten years for under
Laboratoire d'Int?gration des Syst?mes et $5,000. (Source: Neville Holmes,
des Technologies (CEA LIST) DLR - Computer, sept 2007, pg 11). Chapel Hill,
Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics Oct. 23rd.
Fraunhofer Institut f?r Graphische 28Great expectations : consumer haptics.
Datenverarbeitung HAPTION KUKA Roboter A haptic device as spread and affordable
GmbH OMG plc PERCRO, - Italy [coordinator] as the Wii or the GPU ? 3 dof seems
Queen's University of Belfast Simonazzi available 6 dof and multipoint devices are
S.p.A. Technion - Israel Institute of further away Which performance ? Usability
Technology UM1 - University Montpellier-1 domain Which user expectations will they
University of Tampere. Chapel Hill, Oct. be able to fulfill ? ? Which applications
23rd. should be developed ? Chapel Hill, Oct.
8ENACTIVE research network. Max-Planck 23rd.
Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wiss. E.V. 29Great expectations : networked
Universit? de Gen?ve Ecole Polytech. Fed. haptics. Feb. 2007 : Sipping beers with
Lausanne Universit? Degli Studi Di Padova Jarek Rossignac Q- collaborative haptics ?
Sony France Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Thats OK. But which is its use ? A-
Sciences Sociales Assoc pour la Cr?ation Mechanical assembly (Jarek : skeptical
et la Recherche Outils d'Expression Centre glance) A- feel mutual contact (Jarek :
National de la Recherche Scientifique keen glance) Co-presence awareness Toast,
Universit? Montpellier-1. Learn by doing. handshake, Mutual contact Feel physical
Labein CEIT Scuola Superiore Sant'anna, presence in the collaborative working
PERCRO Queen's University of Belfast environment. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
Institut National Polytechnique de 30Reality show AND trustable impostors.
Grenoble University of Exeter Lunds We must discover unconscious users
Universitet Universit? Technologique de expectations And fulfill them Reality
Compi?gne Uppsala Universitet Institute of must be defined by an Interface contract
Robotik und Mechatronik Hasselt University Users must trust (accept) app. behavior ?
Faculty of Music, McGill Univ. University Conditions of use must be well specified ?
of Minnesota. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. Perform more perception and skills
9CEIT. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. achievement analyses Cheap haptic devices
10Labein. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. make possible new challenges May new
11Recent activities. P2P visualization haptic based metaphors replace the desktop
& NURBS (2000-02, U. Basque Country) ? Can haptic devices outperform the mouse
Collisions in mech. Assembly (2001-05, ? Which I/F mechanisms can increase
CEIT) Occlusion culling (2003-07, CEIT) co-presence awareness ? Chapel Hill, Oct.
Improving haptic perception (2006---, 23rd.
CEIT) Collaborative haptics (04-07, 31Outline. Research environment Reality
Labein) Avatars (04---, Vicomtech) show or trustable impostor Recent research
Learning Procedural Skills : link IA & activities Your input & discussion.
VR (07---, U. Basque Country - U. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
Navarre). Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. 32Recent activities. P2P visualization
12Let us go to the past :1986. Chapel & NURBS (2000-02, U. Basque C.)
Hill, Oct. 23rd. Intell. tutors + 3D visualization (00-05,
13Outline. Research environment Reality U. Basque C.) Collisions in mech. Assembly
show or trustable impostor Recent research (00-04, CEIT) (1) Occlusion culling
activities Your input & discussion. (03-07, CEIT) (2) Collaborative haptics
Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. (04---, Labein) Avatars (04---, Vicomtech)
14Reality show or trustable impostor. (3) Improving haptic perception (06---,
Applications Users, costumers Reality show CEIT) IA & VR : Learning Procedural
? Impostors : interface contract Trustable Skills (06---, U. Basque C. - U. Navarre).
impostors everywhere Great Expectations Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
Consumer haptics Networked haptics Summing 33(1) @ CEIT - Simulation group. Length
up. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. 5.0 feet (1.5 m) Radius 2.6 feet (0.8 m)
15Applications. Research Physic based ITP supplies turbines to Rolls-Royce.
research Application oriented research Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
Physics and Maths are the basis of 34Multidisciplinar group on haptics.
research Science must also appreciate Haptic design & building. 2007 : IEEE
Applications : Appraise applied science Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation.
and engineering ! Steer knowledge to a 2004 : Comp Graphics Forum. 2008 : IEEE
good application ! Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. Trans. on Control Systems Technology. 2004
16Applications : spreadsheets. David : IEEE Comp Graph & APP. 2008 :
Alan Grier (1979) This machine has Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds.
everything you can find on a real Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
mainframe: multiprocessing, report 35Occlusion culling : environment.
generators, Cobol. If it were only a small Virtual environment Many objects Objects
mainframe, there would be no reason to get not far from eye Low occlusion Cannot use
it, because it is as slow as bad plumbing. Conventional LOD Background texture
However, it has one piece of software. replac. ? Improve occ. cull. Chapel Hill,
This, my friend, is a spreadsheet and it Oct. 23rd.
is going to change the world. Without 36Occlusion culling : learnt
spreadsheets, these machines are nothing. experiences. Many coherence mechanisms
With spreadsheets, they are unstoppable. analyzed Using most of them Surprisingly
(source, Computer, sept 2007, pg 6). stereo (eye2eye) coherence did not improve
Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. performance why ? Low occ. scenes 40%
17Applications & users. Windows Speed ups achieved OC as a LOD mechanism ?
interface metaphor Xerox Apple Users Apps Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
target user domains of different size 37Occlusion culling : learnt
Specific domains (training, simulation, experiences. OC as a LOD mechanism image
modeling, ) Broad domains (Consumer relevance Occlusion ratio : visible pixels
oriented : games, desktop I/F, / projected pixels A new GPU query is
co-presence, ) Always pleased users are required GPU can be easily extended.
the key for successful applications. Occlusion Ratio scheme if (
Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. Occlusion_Ratio < threshold &
18A personal experience : discovering visible pixels < 0.15% drawing area )
customers. A sad story : ADAMS/Real -Time then draw simplified object else draw
Kinematics 1994 : 3 weeks from CEIT to MDI object normally. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
Jeff Cooper (MDI, Mechanical Dynamics Inc, 38(2) @ Labein. Collaborative Assembly
Ann Arbor MI) The happy one : Simulator Labein (Spain) & Queens
ADAMS/Animation I learnt a new point of University Belfast. Chapel Hill, Oct.
view : customers (users) 2-3 K licenses. 23rd. HAVE2007 , Ottawa, Oct. 13-14.
Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. 39Learnt experiences. Collaborative
19 (discovering customers). Both haptics (each user holds one object) [
applications (products) were : Easy of Collaborative ? Cooperative two users hold
use Quite good cost / performance ratio the same object ] Independent interaction
So, why this success difference? ? similar to visualization Dependent
ADAMS/Animation conquered users interaction Collisions ? co-presence
expectations. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. Assembly : constraints, network ? haptic
20REVIMA (developed at CEIT). 2000-04 response Experiments : Labein - Queens U.
Collaboration with CEIT Installed & Belfast P2P & Scalability. Chapel
used successfully However, it did not Hill, Oct. 23rd.
replace the space mouse (haptic 40Current research : motion prediction.
competitor) ? desk is more comfortable Local haptic (not networked) 5 years ago :
IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications 40ms/frame coll. computing Where will be
Dec. 2004 Minority Report Steven the object when the collision computations
Spielberg 2002 film. are done ? Free movement vs. contact
www.donnarosenartists.com artist Dale movement instabilities ? ? stiffness
Rutter. www.ceit.es. Chapel Hill, Oct. dependent ? Currently 2-3ms. ? no relevant
23rd. Collaborative haptics (50-200ms delays)
21Reality Show ? Is the realism of promising. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
visual or haptic rendering the key for 41(3) @ CEIT. Improving haptic
success ? Who generates the most perception Surface discontinuities (edges,
realistic images ? Sonys Playstation 3 holes, thin elements, ) ? oscillations
? Microsofts Xbox 360 ? Nintendo?s Wii ? Surface normal Penetration Contact point.
clearly, doesnt So, why did the Wii Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
succeed ? .. Why do users enjoy more the 42Your input & discussion. Thanks
Wii ? The Wii conquered users unconscious for your attention Muchas gracias Eskerrik
wishes How ? Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. asko (Basque language). Donostia Saint
22Impostors lead the Wii to success. Sebastian. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
Does the Wii replicates reality ? Games 43Research background. Networked
for the Wii : Trustable Impostors An visualization 1988-89 ? European Space
impostor replaces something Replaces a Agency : LAN TCP 1993-96 ? EADS : ATM -
real : golf club, baseball bat, bowling UDP 1999-01 ? Basque Gov : internet - P2P
ball, racket Users trust (accept) their Haptic systems 2000-07 ? CEIT Networked
behavior. Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd. haptic systems 2004-07 ? Labein, MIT,
23Impostors : replacement restrictions. Queens U. Belfast. Chapel Hill, Oct.
Insertar FOTO juego real. There is not an 23rd.
absolute replacement Impostors can be used 44Labein. Dr. Rosa Iglesias, Ph D. Dec
to achieve some goals They do not replace 2006 Labein (2001-06) Ikerlan (2007-).
playing grounds These are not flaws, they Chapel Hill, Oct. 23rd.
are an Interface Contract Impostors are



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