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Religious Studies 2812: Religion and Popular Culture
Religious Studies 2812: Religion and Popular Culture
Religious Studies 2812: Religion and Popular Culture
Religious Studies 2812: Religion and Popular Culture
What is Culture
What is Culture
What is Culture
What is Culture
“Pop” Culture
“Pop” Culture
“Pop” Culture
“Pop” Culture
Is Pop culture really pop
Is Pop culture really pop
Corporate Rap
Corporate Rap
Where’s the Spoof
Where’s the Spoof
Theories of Pop Culture, con’t
Theories of Pop Culture, con’t
Consumers/Fans as Textual Poachers
Consumers/Fans as Textual Poachers
Consumers/Fans as Textual Poachers
Consumers/Fans as Textual Poachers
Theories of Pop Culture, con’t
Theories of Pop Culture, con’t
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Religious Studies 2812: Religion and Popular Culture

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1Religious Studies 2812: Religion and 4civilization. ) Socialist Theory of
Popular Culture. Cultural Industry and Consumer Capitalism:
2What is Culture? Culture, “High the Masses dominated by elite culture
Culture” and “Pop” Culture - some industry, that tells people what to like,
definitions. Anthropological definition of what to choose, what to watch… so as to
Culture: “The system of shared beliefs, sell products. - Marxist point, who owns
values, customs, behaviours, and artifacts the Means of cultural production?
that the members of society use to cope 5Corporate Rap? Corporate sponsorship -
with their world and with one another, and ‘Its about the bling, not the art…’? VOD
that are transmitted from generation to & Reebok - has pop culture gone
generation through learning.” (Bates & completely corporate?
Plog, p. 7). UN definition of Culture: ”A 6Where’s the Spoof? The
set of distinctive spiritual, material, commercialization of pop culture fads, the
intellectual and emotional features of commercialization of spoofing pop culture
society or a social group and that it fads! Terry Tate, Office Linebacker -
encompasses, in addition to art and Superbowl ad makes Reebok 9th most active
literature, lifestyles, ways of living website on the web - pop culture =
together, value systems, traditions and corporate marketing?
beliefs". 7Theories of Pop Culture, con’t. Pop
(http://www.unesco.org/education/imld_2002 Culture as “dialogic” - Pop Culture as the
unversal_decla.shtml)] Definition of ‘high combination of culture industry creations,
culture:’ “High culture is often folkloric elements, “high” culture
associated with art forms such as opera, elements, counter-cultural elements, etc.
classical music, ballet, literature and - various communities of discourse engaged
fine arts. It is widely perceived as the in production, consumption,
work of professional artists, serious in counter-production, commentary,
intent, valuable, and aimed mainly at an acceptance, rejection, etc. of cultural
elite and educated audience.” products. - Fans/consumers as “textual
http://www.vceart.com/resources/glossary/g poachers” - “those who appropriate popular
ossary.html. texts and reread them in a fashion that
3“Pop” Culture. Pop Culture: “The serves different interests… fans construct
opposite of high cultural art forms, such their cultural and social identity through
as the opera, historic art, classical borrowing and inflecting mass culture
music, traditional theater or literature; images, articulating concerns which often
popular culture includes many forms of go unvoiced within the dominant media.”
cultural communication including (Jenkins 1992, p.23).
newspapers, television, advertising, 8Consumers/Fans as Textual Poachers?
comics, pop music, radio, cheap novels, Cross-over pop culture - cultural products
movies, jazz, etc. In the beginning of the enter popular consciousness, become
20th Century, "high art" was the metaphor, commentary on other social
realm of the wealthy and educated classes phenomena. Pop culture as “reflexive” -
while popular culture or "low looking at itself, reinterpreting itself?
art" was considered commercial Nerf Herder (punk/pop) - Star Wars, Buffy,
entertainment for the lower classes. In Trek crossovers.
the 1950s and 60s the gulf between high 9Consumers/Fans as Textual Poachers?
and low art closed with the rise of Pop Cultural products as transgressive (het,
Art…in which artists incorporated imagery slash videos, fanfic, etc. - ‘if Viacom
and/or media from popular culture such as won’t tell this story, I will…’.
advertisements, mass produced objects, 10Theories of Pop Culture, con’t. Pop
movies, and comics.” Culture as Subversive - idea that Pop
(www.artsconnected.com). Culture can challenge mainstream norms,
4Is Pop culture really pop? Theories of undermine political hegemonies, etc. Dixie
Popular Culture: Aristocratic theory of Chicks political protest - subversive? New
Mass culture (pop culture = threat to verb - to be “dixie chicked”? Conspiracy
“civilization,” moral degeneracy, theories… were the Dixie chicks ever
undermining true values of religion, art, blacklisted?
Religious Studies 2812: Religion and Popular Culture.ppt
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Religious Studies 2812: Religion and Popular Culture

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