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Why Performance Tuning
Why Performance Tuning
Why Performance Tuning
Why Performance Tuning
Why Performance Tuning
Why Performance Tuning
Why Performance Tuning
Why Performance Tuning
Tuning for Xbox
Tuning for Xbox
Tuning for Xbox
Tuning for Xbox
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SAP SD Performance Tuning - Xbox and the Need for Speed -

содержание презентации «SAP SD Performance Tuning - Xbox and the Need for Speed -.ppt»
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1SAP SD Performance Tuning - Xbox and 16syntax check Increase of program buffer.
the Need for Speed -. Christoph Schuler, 17Tuning for Xbox 1 – Sales Order
Cindi McCutchen SAP Application Support Processing. SD number range buffering
Microsoft Corporation. Table NRIV - Object RV_BELEG (via SNRO)
2Agenda. SAP at Microsoft – Quick Facts Local buffering by work process ID
Why Performance Tuning SAP Service Exclusion of sales orgs (OSS note 424486)
Offerings Project Approach & Best ABAP code improvements VA01 user exits
Practices Tuning for Xbox Changes Elimination of repetitive table reads
Implemented Summary of Results Lessons Table buffering Monitor access statistics
Learned. (via ST10).
3SAP at Microsoft Quick Facts. Modules 18Tuning for Xbox. 1. 2. Retailer.
implemented: SD, MM, FI, CO, AM, HR, BW, Microsoft (SAP System). Distribution
APO 875 GB in a single, central Database; Warehouse. Sales Order. Sales Order (EDI
6 GB/wk growth 2,000 named users; 50,000+ 850). Rescheduling.
total users > 600 concurrent users; 19Tuning for Xbox 2 - Backorder
heavy EDI usage 0.5 - 2 sec response time Rescheduling. Cleanup of old orders
globally (incl. WAN connectivity) 99.9+% Program SDV03V02 by plant – daily
availability Platform: SQL Server 2000, Evaluation of program SDV03V01
Windows .NET server. Modification (repair) of SDV03V02 Due to
4Why Performance Tuning ? Business need SD number buffering Take order creation
for data throughput Xbox Launch North date & time into account Custom
America, Nov. ’01: Peak volumes. Existing. pre-processing program Dynamic job builder
Xbox. Change. Sales orders / day. ~ 5,000. and distribute workload over several
+ 7,600. + 152 %. Deliveries / day. ~ processes Utilize standard SAP programs.
5,000. + 11,400. + 228 %. Sales orders / 20Tuning for Xbox. 1. 2. 3. Retailer.
hour *. ~ 250. + 2,500. + 1,000 %. Microsoft (SAP System). Distribution
Deliveries / hour *. ~ 1,000. + 2,500. + Warehouse. Sales Order. Delivery. Sales
250 %. * Each order & delivery with 10 Order (EDI 850). Rescheduling. Ship Order
line items. (EDI 940).
5Why Performance Tuning ? System 21Tuning for Xbox 3 – Delivery (EDI Ship
availability & supportability Order). Custom pre-processing program:
Prevention of: Cross-module increase in Dynamic job builder and distribute
response time Business disruptions workload over several processes Utilize
Penalties End user frustration Increased standard SAP program (RV50SBT1) Additional
support costs System scalability Ability index on table VBBE Separation of output
to handle future growth. from document creation Schedule RSNAST00
6SAP Service Offerings. Focus on to process output Schedule RSEOUT00 to
critical SD business processes 50+ process IDocs and combine into files.
recommendations to improve performance. 22Tuning for Xbox 3 – Delivery (EDI Ship
Technical Solution Optimization (TSO) Now: Order). Deactivate IDoc Syntax Check SD
Solutions Management Optimization (SMO). number range buffering Activate shared
Interface Management. Business Process locking For availability checking group
Optimization. Data Mgmt. & Archiving. level for ATP (via OVZ2) Evaluate program
Oct ‘00: FI Archiving. Sep ‘00: Sales RVV50R1T (VL10) instead of current DDL
Orders Backorder Resch. Deliveries Program was evaluated but not implemented
Billing. Jun ‘00: EDI Interface GBI Server group functionality is available in
Interface. SAP version 4.6c.
7Project Approach. Project team 23Tuning for Xbox. 1. 2. 5. 3. 4.
Functional Basis/Technical Development Retailer. Microsoft (SAP System).
Stress Test Consulting (BUIT & SAP) Distribution Warehouse. Sales Order. Goods
Project timeline Driven by business need Issue. Delivery. Sales Order (EDI 850).
Repetitive cycle One item at a time Rescheduling. Ship Order (EDI 940). Ship
Project metrics e.g. seconds/document. Confirm (EDI 945). Shipment.
8Test Best Practices. Have an original 24Tuning for Xbox 5 – Post Goods Issue
baseline test Automate tests and (EDI Ship Confirm). Switch to parallel
standardize your data & configuration processing of inbound IDocs via RBDAPP01
Include anticipated new functionality Same as sales order processing Table
(e.g. routing, allocations) Consider Locking – MVER (OSS Note 318581) Prevent
systems external to SAP Make test as plant locking Allow IDOC to be reprocessed
realistic as possible ! (from a status 64) instead of going into
9Analysis Best Practices. Define your an error (status 51) Activate ‘Late
metrics (e.g. sec/doc, response time, exclusive enqueue’ For material movements
etc..) Carefully document results and via OMJI (OSS 192423) Deactivate IDoc
improvements with each cycle Review syntax check.
results and plan for next changes to be 25Tuning for Xbox. 6. 1. 2. 5. 3. 4.
implemented and tested. Retailer. Microsoft (SAP System).
10Analysis Useful Tools & Distribution Warehouse. Sales Order. Goods
Transactions. Systemwide work process Issue. Delivery. Billing. Invoice (EDI
overview – SM66 Workload monitor – ST03 810). Sales Order (EDI 850). Rescheduling.
SQL trace - ST05 SQL trace interpreter - Ship Order (EDI 940). Ship Confirm (EDI
SQLR Application analysis – ST14 Table 945). Shipment.
access statistics – ST10 Memory 26Tuning for Xbox 6- Billing. SD number
configuration monitor – ST02 R/3 OS range buffering Exclude certain countries
monitor – ST06 IDoc monitor – WE05 Gateway due to legal requirements (OSS Note 23835,
Monitor - SMGW Windows PerfMon – CPU 363901) Parallel processing of billing due
utilization. list Program RV60SBAT, specify ‘Number of
11Analysis Process Overview - SM66. jobs’ Separation of output from document
Quick overview of all work processes Look creation Schedule RSNAST00 to process
for: Long-running processes “Stopped” output Schedule RSEOUT00 to process IDocs.
processes Highly utilized servers 27Tuning for Xbox Additional Changes
Processes accessing the same tables. Implemented. ATP server (Available to
12Analysis Database Trace - ST05. Promise) Information in OSS note 99999
Important tool to analyze database Installed on central instance Tax solution
performance problems Look for: Most (Vertex) upgrade Use ‘Registered RFC mode’
“expensive” database accesses (Trace (OSS 63930) APO RFC calls (Advanced
Summary) Repetitive database accesses. Planning Optimizer) RFC queue in R/3
13Change Best Practices. Changes may spawning ARFC* jobs.
include: OSS notes (> 2,600 performance 28Tuning for Xbox Summary of Testing
notes for 4.5B) ABAP code optimization Results. SD Core Transactions:
Configuration Technical settings Hardware 29Tuning for Xbox Summary of Results.
Business process or logic Carefully Xbox Transaction Volume. Xbox Transaction
document changes made. Analysis. Change. Performance.
14Agenda. Why Performance Tuning SAP 30Tuning for Xbox Summary of Lessons
Service Offerings Project Approach & Learned. Utilize SAP/OSS resources
Best Practices Tuning for Xbox Changes Assemble a project team with a wide range
Implemented Summary of Results Lessons of knowledge Only test ONE change at a
Learned. time Be prepared to spend about 80% of
15Tuning for Xbox. 1. Retailer. your time testing And learn to hide from
Microsoft (SAP System). Distribution the Basis team ?
Warehouse. Sales Order. Sales Order (EDI 31References. “SAP R/3 Performance
850). Optimization” by Thomas Schneider, Sybex
16Tuning for Xbox 1 – Sales Order “ALE, EDI & IDoc Technologies for SAP”
Processing. Switch to parallel processing by Arvind Nagpal, Prima Tech.
of inbound IDocs Partner profile change: 32Questions??
’Immediate’ to ‘Background’ (via WE20) 33Cindi McCutchen & Christoph
Server group configuration with resource Schuler Microsoft Corporation Email:
parameters (via RZ12) –OSS 384971 Schedule cynmc@microsoft.com or
program RBDAPP01 Specify packet size and christos@microsoft.com.
‘Parallel’ posting option Deactivate IDoc
SAP SD Performance Tuning - Xbox and the Need for Speed -.ppt
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SAP SD Performance Tuning - Xbox and the Need for Speed -

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