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Claim Report now available in TE eCommerce
Claim Report now available in TE eCommerce
To correct claims on TE eCommerce
To correct claims on TE eCommerce
2 Ways to Correct Claim Rejections
2 Ways to Correct Claim Rejections
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Ship and Debit – New Claims Report

содержание презентации «Ship and Debit – New Claims Report.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Ship and Debit – New Claims Report. 8M (thousand). 20. 06. Agreement price is
March 2013 Release. invalid or less than zero. 05. 07.
2Channel Communications on Ship and Distributor cost is invalid or less than
Debit. Incorporating POS data in the zero. 12. 07. Distributor range is
automated S&D process. Soft rejection invalid. Valid codes are E(each),
claim notification. C(hundred), M(thousand) or T(ten
3Users. Those Users of the report will thousand). 15. 07. • Submitted distributor
be the people that work with the claim unitized cost is more than the maximum
information. ADDING USERS: Contact your DBUY price over last 18 months • Submitted
DMM or KAM if anyone within the customer account is marked as POS Only
organization would like to be added to customer thus no credit memo can be
this report notifications list. SET-UP created on this account. 21. 07.
PROCESS: Register on TE.com site to be Distributor UOM is invalid. 22. 07.
able to log in and access the report Distributor UOM doesn't match TE part
Notify local DMM or KAM on adding your approved UOM. 02. 08. • Distributor Sold
contact to this notification list with To Account Number is not authorized for
specific accounts. the agreement • Submitted EDI partner id
4Claim Report now available in TE could not be mapped to distributor sold-to
eCommerce. Report produced for individual account authorized on the pricing
Distributors and individual Acct #’s. agreement. 17. 09. The total credit amount
Notification by email each week. Available for a single line item was over $25,000
through “Manage My Downloads” on TE USD. 24. 09. The Company Code is invalid.
eCommerce Claim report will be identified 25. 09. The Currency Code is invalid or
as ISD Claims_Acct #xxxxxx If multiple doesn't match TE part approved currency.
accounts are involved, multiple notices 99. 09. Other error returned from SAP. 26.
will be sent and multiple files can be 10. POS data match was not found. 16. 11.
retrieved. Please click here to download Debit Memo Number is invalid or already
debit claims error/warning report for the exists for this account. 11. 13. Shipped
period <Start date of past week Date was not during term of agreement. 07.
(Wednesday)> to <End date of current 15. Shipped quantity is invalid or less
week (Tuesday)>. This report contains than zero.
debit claims sent to TE connectivity for 9CY 2012 Claim Rejection Stats. TOP 5
processing during the specified period. REJECTIONS. Tips for reducing rejections:
The report displays those claims that have Agreement authorized price should match
been accepted, those that had errors, and with 5 decimals TE parts should be shipped
those that were accepted but have warning to the end customers within the term of
messages. Warnings included on this report the agreement, with the exception of
represent claims that cannot be matched to piggyback (P00XXXXXX) agreements Average
Point of Sale (POS) submissions in the sale price (Dist Cost) should be less than
past 90 days. This report is available for the max price paid in past 18 months for
download through TE Connectivity eCommerce the agreement authorized account Unit of
website by logging into your account for measure specified on the claim should
30 days from the date of this either match UOM authorized on the
notification. NOTE: THIS IS AN AUTOMATED agreement or at least convertible. Some
ACCOUNT. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL - MR (Meter) etc. Valid values for Price
RESPONSES WILL NOT BE READ. Range allowed on a claim are E (1), C
5Type of Information Available on the (100), M (1000) and T (10000) Part number
New Report. Claims are only processed on specified on the claim should be
Wednesday for prior 7 days. This includes authorized on the Ship & Debit
weekends. Runs weekly – every Wednesday Agreement specified. Internal Code. EDI
POS match status Multiple rejection Code. Rejection Reason Details. % Rejects.
reasons for parts Descriptions for 08. 06. Agreement price differs from
rejections and codes Eliminating confusion actual agreement price by more than .00009
by giving actual descriptions for allowed tolerance. 26.16%. 11. 13. Shipped
rejections For all submitted fields a 1 to Date was not during term of agreement.
1 comparison of data submitted vs data 20.98%. 15. 07. Submitted distributor cost
approved by TE. Claim information as is more than the maximum DBUY price over
originally submitted Agreement information last 18 months. 18.65%. 21. 07.
Sales Information Credit information Distributor UOM is invalid. 12.60%. 04.
Rejection details All cost field 03. Part Number was not found on the
information provided. pricing agreement. 10.57%.
6Examples of the Rejection Codes on 10To correct claims on TE eCommerce.
Report. This is the type of Help Document After logging on, Click on My Account and
that will be available through eCommerce Internet Ship & Debit. This is the
Training Presentations at area where you would correct any claim
http://www.te.com/training/ Also will be data.
available on the Ship and Debit Site. 112 Ways to Correct Claim Rejections.
7Important Information about the Through EDI Enter data into your system
Report. The new consolidated Report will and send back through EDI Through
contain submission information from both eCommerce.
EDI claims and manual claims. Users will 12TEMPLATE -Fields in the Ship and Debit
continue to receive the 849 EDI response Template Report. This template is used to
which includes the same information that submit claim data through TE eCommerce.
has been provided. Mandatory FIELDS. Debit Memo Number
8Rejection Codes Details on Report - Customer Acct Number S&D Agreement
Help Explain Codes. Internal Code. EDI Number End Customer Name and Number
Code. Rejection Reason Details. 01. 01. Customer part number Distributor
Pricing agreement was not found. 03. 03. • Cost/Range Unit of Measure. Agreement
TE Part Number is invalid • Submitted part Cost/Range Resale Cost/Range Shipped Date
has Quote Only order block thus no credit and Shipped Quantity Invoice Number
memo can be created on this part • Sales Currency Code TE Part Number Company Code.
Intent of the submitted part is not setup 13Correcting Claims Through TE
as General / Restricted Sales. 04. 03. TE eCommerce. Correcting in eCommerce The new
Part Number was not found OR not setup as report has several columns Select the
ship & debit part on the pricing columns to match the columns in the
agreement. 27. 05. Calculated credit template on the web site Make the
amount is zero. 08. 06. Submitted necessary corrections Upload the spread
agreement unitized price differs from the sheet.
actual agreement unitized price by more 14Ship and Debit Report. Help screens
than .00009 allowed tolerance. 13. 06. and New Report available March 27th on TE
Agreement price range code is invalid. eCommerce http://www.te.com/training/ And
Valid codes are E (each), C (hundred), or Ship and Debit Site.
Ship and Debit – New Claims Report.ppt
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Ship and Debit – New Claims Report

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