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Services of TradeNet
Services of TradeNet
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Single Window Development and Implementation Experience of Mauritius

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1Single Window Development and 7and re-exporters - freight forwarders -
Implementation Experience of Mauritius. the Port Authority and its cargo handling
2Background to the initiative. Strategy agency - the shipping/airline companies
of Mauritius in the early 1990s: After the and their agents - the Ministry of
success of the EPZs (mainly in the textile International Trade - the Chamber of
industry), plan to strengthen the economy Commerce & Industry.
through the further diversification of 8Clients of MauriNet. The main users of
economic activities Decision to increase the system are: - the clearing and
investment and services in IT forwarding agents - large firms who hire
Recommendations to that end by the World their own representatives for the
Bank in 1993, followed by several studies clearance/ forwarding of their
One of the feasibility studies: consignments - Ministries and other public
establishment of an network to facilitate bodies Close to 400 public and private
the processing of trade documents by bodies/concerns are currently linked to
electronic means. the Mauritius TradeNet system Submissions
3Design and development process. An can be made round the clock (24/7). Over
extensive analysis was carried out by the 1000 declarations on average are received
public authorities in Mauritius the most and processed every working day by the
important aspect of the project – country’s Customs & Excise Department.
submission, processing and approval of 9Business model of TradeNet.
declarations and permits by electronic Joint-venture functioning 100% as a
means, and provision of information on the private concern Equity (± USD 1 million)
movement of goods – were defined intensive provided by shareholders Monopoly of the
discussions with potential partners service within the economic system
(locally and abroad) and future users were Self-sustainability perspective right from
initiated The Mauritius Network Services the start Activities financed from 2
Ltd. was incorporated on 15th. April 1994 sources: - a software single-user licence
as a private company. of $ 1300 at the outset - a service fee of
4Structure of TradeNet. The Mauritius USD 5.- per declaration sent thru’ MNS
system – called TradeNet – is a joint Highly successful and profitable activity:
venture between - Mauritian public and - share value multiplied by eight since
private sector interests (representing the 1994 - yearly dividends = ± 90% of funds
main actors of the economy), and - a invested.
foreign partner providing know-how and 10Results of TradeNet. Reduction in
experience Shareholders of Mauritius processing time of Customs declarations
Network Services Ltd. are: - Maurinet from days/several hours to 15 min.
Investments Ltd. (60% of equity) - 53% Declarations sent/information retrieved
held by 4 Mauritian public bodies, and - from one’s office Paper returns and
47% held by the Chamber of Commerce & payments eliminated One-stop process: one
Industry - Crimson Logic Ltd. of Singapore window ? one interlocutor Reduction of
(40% of equity) (formerly Singapore errors thru’ the use of a standard
Network Services Ltd.). software Harmonisation/control on
5Services of TradeNet. Submission, deadlines and info frameworks Enhancement
processing and approval of declarations to of transparency and productivity
Customs within a 15-minute timeframe Conclusive public/private sector
Access to air and sea cargo manifests, collaboration Considerable improvement in
ships’ arrivals and departures, movement trade efficiency.
of containers, etc. Notice of release of 11Lessons learned from TradeNet.
consignments Processing and approval of Carefully planned and properly
import and export permits Payment of implemented, a Single Window system is
duties by electronic means Using TradeNet, potentially self-sustainable, and even
a Contributions Network Project has been highly profitable, anywhere in the world
launched, allowing the payment of various Certain trade facilitation services
fees & taxes (VAT, PAYE, Corp. Tax) directly involving the business community
and contributions by employers to the succeed best thru’ joint initiatives of
National Pensions Fund. Govt. departments and Private Sector
6The technology behind TradeNet. The institutions Full engagement of the
Mauritius TradeNet is an EDI-based network Ministries and Govt. agencies concerned
that allows documents and trade throughout is an absolute must Some
information to be entered into the system parties will attempt to torpedo the
and electronically transmitted between all initiative Regular technological updating
parties involved in the movement of goods is necessary Once telecoms is OK, a SW
(imports and exports) and the Customs becomes a must.
Department Linking with TradeNet at 12What are the future plans for the
Customs level, a Customs Management System Single Window? As already mentioned, the
(in fact a Single Window) allows the TradeNet system has made it possible to
automatic processing and approval of set up an offshoot, the Contributions
Customs declarations and provides Network The Mauritian CMS is now used by
information The system can be easily used the Ghana Customs Plans for the future
with a PC, a modem, a telephone line and a include: - digitalisation of remaining
Declarant ID. Customs forms - submission and approval of
7Participants in the Single Window. The certificates of origin - implementation of
participants in the Single Window are all a risk management system - selling of
the Government Departments, business serially-numbered digitalised forms to
concerns and other agencies involved in traders - introduction of an UNeDocs
the country’s international trade and system enabling the electronic exchange of
movement of goods: - the Customs & trade documents.
Excise Department - importers, exporters 13UNECE UN/CEFACT.
Single Window Development and Implementation Experience of Mauritius.ppt
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Single Window Development and Implementation Experience of Mauritius

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