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Technology and System Requirements
Technology and System Requirements
What is the Secure Browser
What is the Secure Browser
Installing the Secure Browser
Installing the Secure Browser
Smarter Balanced Portal Secure Browser Web Page
Smarter Balanced Portal Secure Browser Web Page
What Next
What Next
Resources and Support
Resources and Support
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Smarter Balanced Field Test Technology Requirements

содержание презентации «Smarter Balanced Field Test Technology Requirements.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Smarter Balanced Field Test Technology 18experience. Helps determine if network
Requirements 9:00 a.m. January 22, 2014. resources are sufficient for testing.
2Source Material. Throughout the Technology Requirements | 18. January
presentation, we will be referring to the 2014.
Technical Specifications Manual (TSM), 19Installing the Secure Browser.
available at 20Smarter Balanced Portal Secure Browser
http://sbac.portal.airast.org/wp-content/u Web Page. URL:
loads/2013/07/SmarterBalanced_TechnicalSpe http://sbac.portal.airast.org/browsers/.
ificationsManual.pdf. Technology Technology Requirements | 20. January
Requirements| 2. January 2014. 2014.
3Student Participation Expectations. 5% 21Secure Browser Installation on
of students will take Field Test items Desktops and Laptops. One-by-One manual
from one content area (i.e., ELA or math) installation: Download and install on each
and 95% of students will take Field Test computer either directly or by
items from both content areas. transferring the installer via flash drive
Participation expectations: Grades 3–8: or network drive. Additional information
All students are expected to participate. on one-by-one manual installation, refer
Grades 9 and 10: Only students selected to TSM 27–36. (Note: Instructions vary by
for the scientific sample are expected to system!). Technology Requirements | 21.
participate. Grade 11: Students selected January 2014.
for the scientific sample are expected to 22Secure Browser Installation on
participate; all others are encouraged to Desktops and Laptops. Network
participate. Technology Requirements| 3. installation: Install on a shared drive
January 2014. and install the Secure Browser shortcut to
4Student Participation Expectations. each users profile. Have the users login
The only students exempt from script install or copy the Secure Browser
participating in the Smarter Balanced installation. There is an option for
Field Test are: Students who participate non-administrator installation. Support
in the CAPA For the ELA test only, English available for Terminal Server/thin client
learners (ELs) who have been attending and NComputing virtual desktops.
school in the United States for less than Third-party options such as Apple Remote
12 months. Technology Requirements| 4. Desktop, MS System Center Configuration
January 2014. Manager, LANDesk, etc. For additional
5When are we testing? The statewide information on network installation, refer
testing window starts March 18 and ends to TSM 37–41. Technology Requirements |
June 6. Each school will have an assigned 22. January 2014.
six-week testing window during which all 23Secure Browser Installation on Mobile
testing must be completed. Technology Devices. Install on iPads via the Apple
Requirements| 5. January 2014. App Store. Install on Androids via the
6Technology and System Requirements. Google Play Store. For managing
7Internet/Network Requirements. A large-scale iPad deployments, see the
constant, stable, high-speed Internet Apple iOS Education Deployment Guide:
connection is required for the test. The http://images.apple.com/nz/education/docs/
average response time for each assessment os_6_education_deployment_guide.pdf For
depends on the reliability and speed of additional information on network
your school’s Internet connection. Content installation, refer to TSM 48 and 52.
filters, firewalls, and proxy servers must Technology Requirements | 23. January
be configured to allow testing. Recommend 2014.
a minimum of 20 kbps for each student 24Proxy Configuration. The following
testing, but this will likely spike at proxy values are supported: 0: Direct
startup time. Technology Requirements | 7. connection, no proxy 1: Manual proxy
January 2014. configuration 2: Proxy auto-configuration
8Internet/Network Requirements. Make (PAC) 4: Auto-detect proxy settings 5:
sure that you have enough Wireless Access System proxy settings (this is the
Points to support the number of students default) For additional information on
testing at any given time. Wireless proxy configuration, refer to TSM 42–46.
traffic must use encryption. WPA2 and AES Technology Requirements | 24. January
standards are strongly recommended. Try 2014.
out the Network Diagnostic Tool, available 25Secure Browser Notes. The Secure
at Browser checks for “prohibited”
https://air.tds.airast.org/student/Pages/L applications while it is running. This
ginShell.aspx?section=sectionDiagnostics&a includes Instant Messaging, Screen
p;c=SBAC_PT. Technology Requirements | 8. Capture, etc. Ctrl-Alt-Del is disabled, so
January 2014. use Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F10 to exit the
9Technology Requirements. For more software for Windows and Mac. Use
specific information about technology Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Esc to exit in Linux.
requirements, see TSM 5–16. For more Technology Requirements | 25. January
background on overall technology 2014.
readiness, watch the Technology Readiness 26What Next?
Webinar recorded on November 4 at 27I’ve Installed the Browser, Now What?
www.cde.ca.gov/sbac/. Technology Run the Practice Test. Open the browser
Requirements | 9. January 2014. and select “Training Test.” Refer to the
10System Requirements. Desktops and Practice Test User Guide:
Laptops. TSM 13. Supported Operating http://sbac.portal.airast.org/wp-content/u
Systems. Minimum Requirements for Current loads/2013/07/PracticeTest_UserGuide_Updat
Computers. Minimum Recommended d080513.pdf Run the Network Diagnostics
Specifications. Windows XP (Service Pack Tool. Open the browser and select “Network
3), Vista, 7, 8.0 Server 2003 and 2008. Diagnostics Tool.” Run at various times of
Pentium 233 MHz 128 MB RAM 52 MB hard the day, with varying numbers of students
drive free space. 1.3 GHz processor 1 GB indicated. Establish points of contact
RAM 80 GB hard drive. 1.3 GHz processor 1 within your district to respond to
GB RAM 80 GB hard drive. 1.3 GHz processor technical issues during testing. Review
1 GB RAM 80 GB hard drive. Mac OS X checklists for other tasks. Technology
10.4.4–10.9. Intel x86 or PowerPC G3, G4 Requirements | 27. January 2014.
or G5 256 MB RAM 200 MB hard drive free 28Technology Coordinator Checklist. TSM
space. Linux Fedora Core 6+ (K12LTSP 4.2+) 71–72. Estimated Time to Complete. Target
Ubuntu 9–12. Pentium II or AMD K6-III 233 Completion Date (or fill in your own
MHz 64 MB RAM 52 MB hard drive free space. date). Technology Coordinator Activities.
Technology Requirements | 10. January References in TSM. Direct
2014. Responsibilities. Direct Responsibilities.
11System Requirements. Mobile Operating Direct Responsibilities. Direct
Systems and Browsers. If you plan to use Responsibilities. Verify that your
Android-based tablets, be aware of the school’s Internet and network are properly
Smarter Balanced device certification configured for testing. See TSM, Section
process outlined at I, page 5. 5–10 hours. Complete at least
http://certification.airast.org/. TSM 14. 3–4 weeks prior to testing. Work with
Operating System. Supported Tablets. technology personnel to: Conduct network
Browsers for TA Sites. Browsers for diagnostics Download the Secure Browser
Student Sites. Android 4.04–4.2 (likely (beginning late November or early
also 4.3, but not 4.4). Google Nexus 10 December) Resolve other technical issues
Motorola Xoom Motorola Xyboard Samsung before and during testing. TSM, page 7 See
Galaxy Note (10.1) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 TSM Section V, page 24 TIDE User Guide.
(10.1). Native browser Google Chrome. 5–10 hours. Complete at least 3–4 weeks
Android Secure Browser (AIR Mobile Secure prior to testing. Verify that all of your
Browser). Chrome v18 and above. school’s computers that will be used for
Chromebook. Google Chrome. Google Chrome. online testing meet the minimum hardware
iOS 6.0–7.0. iPad 2, 3, and 4th generation requirements. See TSM, Section II, page
(Retina Display) (and iPad Air). Safari. 12-15. 5–10 hours. Complete at least 3–4
iPad Secure Browser (AIR Mobile Secure weeks prior to testing. Verify that the
Browser). Technology Requirements | 11. secure browser is installed and accessible
January 2014. on all computers that will be used for
12Hardware Requirements. Headphones are testing. See TSM, Section V, page 24, and
required for each test station (needed for Section VI, page 46. 5–10 hours. Complete
all students for the ELA test) Microphones at least 3–4 weeks prior to testing.
not required External keyboards required Disable pop-up blockers and install any
for tablets 10? diagonal display or larger necessary plug-ins or software. See
(iPads with 9.5” screens are OK) 1024 x Section III, page 16. 5–10 hours. Complete
768 display resolution On-site printers at least 1–2 weeks prior to testing.
are required for students with the Print Disable Fast User Switching. See TSM,
on Demand accommodations See TSM 15 for Section III, page 17. 5–10 hours. Complete
important information about printer at least 1–2 weeks prior to testing.
placement and security requirements. Technology Requirements | 28. January
Technology Requirements | 12. January 2014.
2014. 29Technology Coordinator Checklist. TSM
13Software Requirements. Disable pop-up 71–72. Technology Coordinator Activities.
blockers (TSM 17). Install Verdana font on References in TSM. Estimated Time to
Linux machines used for testing (TSM 17). Complete. Target Completion Date (or fill
Disable Windows Fast User Switching (TSM in your own date). Disable Spaces in
18). Disable Spaces in Mission Control for Mission Control on computers with Mac OS X
Macs (TSM 34). Enabled Guided Access on 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), or 10.9
iPads (TSM 53; TSM 55-57). For Android (Mavericks). See TSM, page 33. 5–10 hours.
tablets, change the keyboard to the Complete at least 1–2 weeks prior to
AIRSecureTest (TSM 49). Technology testing. Work with TAs to close all
Requirements | 13. January 2014. “forbidden applications” except those
14Accommodations. Text-to-Speech identified as necessary by the District
Accommodation information can be found in Technology Coordinator (DTC). Load all
TSM 58-70. Braille hardware and software accommodation software onto computers that
information can be found in TSM 22-25. will be used for testing. Braille
Print On Demand hardware information can Test-to-speech Voice Packs. See TSM,
be found in TSM 15. Additional information Section IV, page 21-24 and Section VII
about accommodations can be found in the page 57 and 67. Monitor Administration
A&A guidelines document on the Smarter Activities. Monitor Administration
Balanced portal. Technology Requirements | Activities. Monitor Administration
14. January 2014. Activities. Monitor Administration
15What is the Secure Browser? Activities. Monitor testing progress
16What is the Secure Browser? The secure during the testing window and ensure that
browser is a type of software that must be all students participate as appropriate,
installed on each computer for the 2014 addressing student issues as needed. As
Smarter Balanced Field Test. There are needed. Follow up on any technical issues
different versions of the secure browser raised by the School Test Coordinator for
for different device types and operating resolution. As needed. Technology
systems. Technology Requirements | 16. Requirements | 29. January 2014.
January 2014. 30Other Reminders. Complete the
17What is the Secure Browser? All Field Technology Readiness Tool.
Test secure browsers (Windows, Mac, http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/sa/trt-basicst
Android, Chromebook, iOS and Linux) are ps.asp. Review Field Test window
available on the Smarter Balanced Portal assignments. And don’t forget… there are
Web page still some paper tests to administer for
(http://sbac.portal.airast.org/browsers/). CST, CMA, CAPA, and STS. (STS is
Need to uninstall Pilot Test version of optional). Reminders for the paper
browser, if previously installed. If you testing: Test administration setup Pre-ID.
have a secure browser for your state Technology Requirements | 30. January
testing, no need to uninstall it. 2014.
Technology Requirements | 17. January 31Resources and Support.
2014. 32Resources and Support. CalTAC help
18When Should the Secure Browser Be desk is there to support YOU! We can help
Installed? Install the Secure Browser as determine the installation option that
soon as possible. This gives stakeholders works best for your LEA. Consider putting
time to become familiar with the software, your technology coordinator in touch with
testing interface, etc. The practice test your CalTAC representative, who has access
can be accessed by anyone without to technology experts. E-mail:
installing any special software at caltac@ets.org Phone: 800-955-2954.
https://sbacpt.tds.airast.org/student/. Technology Requirements | 32. January
The practice test can also be accessed via 2014.
the secure browser. Gives students a 33Questions?
preview of the locked-down testing
Smarter Balanced Field Test Technology Requirements.ppt
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Smarter Balanced Field Test Technology Requirements

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