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Smoking – Image, the Media, Marketing and Advertising

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1Smoking – Image, the Media, Marketing 9Association asked the Government to ban
and Advertising. Yr 9 Lesson 2. all forms of tobacco advertising.
2Lesson Objectives: To understand some 10Following the King’s Cross underground
of the strategies used in marketing fire in 1987 smoking and tobacco
campaigns and advertising. To be aware of advertising was banned on the London
how image and stereotyping can be used in Underground.
the media. To have an awareness of the http://www.gasp.org.gg/history-of-smoking.
function and purpose of marketing and tm There has been much research to show a
advertising. clear link between tobacco advertising and
3Intended Learning Outcomes: Pupils smoking.
will have: Discussed reasons behind 11It has been found that tobacco
‘successful’ advertising campaigns. advertising has more of an effect upon
Designed an ‘Anti-Smoking’ advert using children and young people than it does on
techniques considered during the lesson. adults. The Tobacco Advertising and
4Success Criteria: Recognise at least 3 Promotion Act came into effect on 14
adverts which have used stereotypical February 2003 banning most forms of
images to enhance the appeal of their advertising.
product. Name some of the techniques used http://www.ash.org.uk/files/documents/ASH_
in advertising. Understand how people can 25.pdf
be influenced by marketing and the media. http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2010/draft/ukd
5Does advertising work? What makes you i_9780111491973_en_1.
think this? What evidence do you have to 12Tobacco advertising was a major
support your thinking? feature in many sporting events, tobacco
6What elements are required for a sponsorship was banned in UK sporting
successful advertising Campaign? Below are events in 2003. Health awareness, public
some general strategies frequently applied opinion and the introduction of laws such
to marketing and advertising, these basic as the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion
tactics can be found using any search Act 2002 have helped to reduce the
engine. There must be a list of benefits – percentage of young people regularly
you will become smarter, faster, fitter, smoking from 10% in 2001 to 6% in 2009. In
richer … There must be a feeling of the same time frame the number of young
urgency – order today because it will make people who do not smoke has increased from
you reach your goals. The customer must be 56% to 71%. Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use
told what to do – order now – must respond in England 2009
today … http://www.ic.nhs.uk/webfiles/publications
7Activity. Health%20and%20Lifestyles/sdd2009/SDD_2009
8Tobacco Advertising Tobacco Report.pdf.
advertising began as far back as 1789 with 13Which cigarette brands are you aware
the publication of a poster depicting a of? How do you know about them? What
native American smoking a clay pipe. marketing techniques are being used?
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2350035.stm 14Activity - Use your knowledge to
It was not until the 1950s that the first design an Anti-Smoking advert. What do you
health warnings began, as the link between know about: the long and short term health
smoking and lung cancer had been effects? the environmental effects? the
discovered. cost of smoking? advertising and marketing
http://www.gasp.org.gg/history-of-smoking. strategies?
tm. 15? ? ? Recognise at least 3 adverts
9Cigarette advertising on UK television which have used stereotypical images to
was banned on 1st August 1965, but tobacco enhance the appeal of their product. Name
companies have found other ways of some of the techniques used in
promoting their products; commercials for advertising. Understand how people can be
loose tobacco and cigars continued until influenced by marketing and the media. By
1991 the end of this lesson, I will :-. Lesson
http://www.ash.org.uk/files/documents/ASH_ 2. Lesson 2. Lesson 2.
24.pdf In 1982 The British Medical
Smoking – Image, the Media, Marketing and Advertising.ppt
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Smoking – Image, the Media, Marketing and Advertising

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