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Смотреть для 4 класса на любую

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1Junk Food Science News Report KS3/4 7news-report-lesson) Discuss the following
Lesson. CPD Slides. questions How did the teacher introduce
2Outcomes. Be aware of the Junk Food the context? How did the children develop
Science Project videos and associated and share the ideas introduced in the news
curriculum and CPD resources Be aware of report video? How did the teachers engage
the Junk Food Science News Report KS 3 and the students in discussion? How did the
4 Lesson videos and associated curriculum children make their decisions? What
resources Planned how you will use the alternatives to banning did the children
News Report resources with your class. generate? How did the teachers conclude
3Project Team. Teachers TV Centre for the lesson? What aspects of the curriculum
Science Education, Sheffield Hallam are covered by the lesson?
University Illumina. 8Starter. Watch Eating Whatever You
4Project Aims. To support the teaching Like?’ video
and learning of Food and Healthy Eating (www.teachers.tv/videos/eating-whatever-yo
through the use of innovative contexts, -like) and then discuss the following
curriculum and CPD videos and resources. question Would you use this to introduce
5Resources. Student Classroom Videos the lesson before introducing the starter
Teachers’ Notes Classroom PowerPoints activity?
Classroom paper-based resources CPD videos 9Main Lesson Activities. Watch ‘News
CPD PowerPoints. Report’ video
6News Report KS3/4 lesson resources. www.teachers.tv/videos/news-report What
‘Eating Whatever You Like?’ video arguments and evidence were used to
www.teachers.tv/videos/eating-whatever-you support the ban? What arguments and
like ‘News Report’ video evidence were used to oppose the ban? How
www.teachers.tv/videos/news-report News would you use the video to enable your
Report KS3 and 4 Lesson Activity Sheets – students to record and discuss the
download these at arguments for and against? How would you
www.teachers.tv/videos/junk-food-science introduce the ideas of ‘fact’ and
News Report KS3 and 4 Lesson Teacher Notes ‘opinion’? How would you facilitate group
– download these at decision making? How would you encourage
www.teachers.tv/videos/junk-food-science students to develop alternative ideas to
Presentation for use in class – ‘News banning?
Report KS3 and 4 Lesson Sample Slides’ – 10Plenary. How would you debrief the
download this at group discussions and decisions? How would
www.teachers.tv/videos/junk-food-science you consolidate the learning?
CPD Video – ‘Teaching the KS3/4 News 11Additional Activities and Resources.
Report Lesson’ – There are range of additional ideas
www.teachers.tv/videos/teaching-the-ks3-4- provided in the Teacher’s Notes to help
ews-report-lesson Download these resources you develop a cross-curricular topic on
from the Teachers TV website to use in Healthy Eating, including Extension work,
this session. Additional activities Science upd8
7CPD video. Read the Teacher’s Notes activities Links to other Teachers TV
and then Watch the CPD video videos How would you use these additional
(www.teachers.tv/videos/teaching-the-ks3-4 ideas?
Смотреть для 4 класса на любую.ppt
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Смотреть для 4 класса на любую

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