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Exam Structure
Exam Structure
Day at the Office
Day at the Office
The Business Dialogue
The Business Dialogue
Take Electives/optionals
Take Electives/optionals
Core Subjects
Core Subjects
Level Evaluation Committee (LEC)
Level Evaluation Committee (LEC)
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Space European Network For Business Studies and Languages

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Space European Network For Business 142011-2012.
Studies and Languages Website: 15Exam Structure. 1. ”Day at the Office”
http://www.space-eu.info Digital platform 2. Business Dialogue 3. Elective subjects.
eSPACE: http://space.hogent.be/. 16Day at the Office. Valuable
2Main Objectives. To promote and competences: Ability to work independently
develop a spirit and a commitment for Critical analysis Ability to use many
quality in teaching and research in HE. To disciplines at the same time International
develop links with the business community. approach.
To increase the professional skills of 17The Business Dialogue. Based on the
students of HEIs in areas such as: written exam Businesslike dialogue
Business and Administration Social and Presentation skills English skills
behavioral science Humanities Personal International skills General business
services. skills.
3Specific objectives. Formulating 18Take Electives/optionals. Report - min
common standards and organizing common 15 pages Academic quality Analytical
examinations Awarding common European approach Realistic business problem solved
diplomas Organizing work placement Supplement your ELD or ETD Oral exam - one
Promoting student and staff mobility per elective.
Stimulating networking Developing online 19Core Subjects. Business English
courses and forums Supporting joint International Marketing Business Economics
submission of projects Encouraging International Economics Organisation and
research along the lines of the Bologna Planning.
agreement. 20Electives. Business German or French
4SPACE Structure. SPACE has three or Spanish Strategic Management EU
management bodies: The Board The Council Studies/ ICC Studies Customer Relations
country representation & Board - 1 Management Hospitality & Service
vote per country The Annual General Management International Business Law
Meeting (AGM) representing all members - Marketing Communication Logistics &
one vote per member institution. Transport Human Research Management and
5SPACE Committees. Eurobusiness. more.
Hospitality & Tourism Management. 21Online Courses. If name and e-mail are
Marketing- Communication. ICTC registered students have access to Dokeos
(Information & Communication for: European Studies Intercultural
Technology Consultancy. Mobility. ERA Communication The list of assignments is
(European Research Area). available both for students and teachers
Entrepre-neurship. Online Development. The tasks may be performed individually (4
Eurolanguages. page synopsis) or in a group (3 students
6Eurobusiness Eurolanguages Hospitality -12 page synopsis).
and Tourism Management (HTM). Organisation 22Exam Procedure. Registration is
of the specific diploma: course contents important! The candidates receive the case
subjects exams examination board. study 48 hours in advance. The case is
7Mobility. supporting mobility projects drafted in English. Students can search on
between members (students and staff) the internet, look for information in
examples of best practice information on dictionaries, read company reports,
new Socrates funded programmes supporting articles on the economy, etc.
internships (special internships for HTM 23Why take a European SPACE diploma?
students through our partner in the USA) Excellent proof of international
Investigating possibilities for double competences and interdisciplinary skills
degrees. Backed by 80 European institutions active
8ICTC (Information and Communication in internationalisation Flexible learning
Technology Consultancy). Management of the process Valuable on its own - or as extra
SPACE electronic platform eSPACE (based on diploma International career opportunities
Camillo) Organisation of hand-on sessions “Added value” when applying for a job.
ICT coordination between the committees. 24Validation. The 3 SPACE European
9Online Development. Development of new Diplomas are not the work of a single
courses and projects Training programmes government - but internationally
for members on how to use the e-learning established and recognised by more than 90
courses: European Studies (Introduction, SPACE institutions in 28 countries.
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Course) 25Level Evaluation Committee (LEC). The
Intercultural Communication Studies LEC Board Compares the exam levels very
(Undergraduate and Postgraduate Course) carefully Ensures the uniform level of
Introduction to Economics International marking Does not check the optional
Strategic Management Language course for subjects Can advise to lower or upgrade
hospitality (under development in the the marks if necessary The local examiner
eTALIA project) Entrepreneurship courses is responsible to the LEC.
(under development in the EURent project). 26TWO BEST STUDENTS. The 2 best European
10ERA (European Research Area). students in the 3 areas get an award: 200
Developing a sense for applied research in euros for the best student 100 euros for
line with the Bologna agreement Developing the second best student As well as a
research projects Managing the review special SPACE certificate.
process for the SPACE Conference 27International Meetings. SPACE
Publishing the SPACE yearly applied organises 2 annual meetings: The Annual
research Journal. Plenary Meeting and Conference (in
11Entrepreneurship. Integrating Spring): official matters to be voted –
entrepreneurship into higher education and submission of papers - peer-reviewed
training programs · Developing trainers? research forum The Autumn Meeting:
competences in entrepreneurship education emphasis on committee working for
and training · To support exchange of assessment and development of new ideas
knowledge and best practice among members NETWORKING & LEARNING BY SHARING!!!
· To identify and present frontrunners 28Next Venues. 23rd SPACE Autumn Meeting
among the members · To encourage the hosted by HU Business School Utrecht in
members to write and present papers at the Netherlands 3 - 6 October 2012 24th
SPACE conferences · To establish links AGM & Conference in Karlsruhe 2013 ,
and cooperation with SPACE partners and Germany hosted by Baden-W?rttemberg
support organizations. Cooperative State University Karlsruhe in
12Marketing Communication. Scope: All Karlsruhe 24 - 27 April 2013.
possible subjects, issues and points of 2924th SPACE Conference 2013. Theme:
view related to MC. Goals: Creation of a "EU Citizens - Educational Challenges
platform for teachers To share and update and Opportunities" Tracks: Citizens'
their knowledge about MC e.g. through Access to entrepreneurial and innovative
courses, presentations, case-studies, new Education and Research Mobility of
aspects/innovations, links … Citizens, Students, Professors,
13SPACE Exams. SPACE organises the Administrators and Researchers
following European exams: Eurobusiness (recognition of professional
Eurolanguages Eurotourism How to use the qualifications, Quality Assurance, best
EBD? practices) Intercultural Challenges and
14The EBD Handbook. Everything at your Cultural Benefits to European Society.
fingertips: Schedule 2012 Form: List of 30THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR
Participants Form: Final Report Form ATTENTION! For more details and further
Examiner’s Checklist Advice for Students information: www.space-eu.info
and Lecturers Course and Diploma Document rekr@tietgen.dk.
Space European Network For Business Studies and Languages.ppt
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Space European Network For Business Studies and Languages

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