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Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC
Additional explanation available on the WEB
Additional explanation available on the WEB
Thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention
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Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC

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1Standardization Activities on Smart 7Community Issues. Trade-offs. Note: Items
Cities in ISO and IEC. Dr Yoshiaki in the tables are indicative examples.
Ichikawa, Chairman of ISO/TC 268/SC 1 and Perspective. Items. Residents. Residents.
IEC TC 111. Residents. Residents. Convenience.
2 Comfort. Safety. Resilience. Community
3Structure of ISO/TC 268. Structure. Manager. Community Manager. Community
Officers. Scope. TC268 Sustainable Manager. Efficiency. Economic vitality.
Development in Communities. Management Demographic sustainability. Environment.
System. WG1. Global City Indicators. WG2. Environment. Environment. Environment.
TC268/SC1 Smart Community Infrastructures. Climate change. Conservation of natural
WG1 Infrastructure metrics. Smart resources. Biodiversity. … Items
Community Infrastructure Metrics. Common (indicative). Colloquial description.
framework for development and operation of Example (indicative, for discussion).
smart community infrastructures. AHG1 Service quality. can be used in anywhere.
System Aspects. 2. Chairman: France Population per public tap or standpipe
Secretary: France. Convenor: France. Area coverage rate of mobile phone network
Convenor: Canada. Chairman: Japan Vice Average distance to nearest public
chairman: China Secretary: Japan. transport station/stop. Operational
Convenor: Japan. Convenor: Japan. efficiency. Operational efficiency.
TC:Technical committee, SC: Subcommittee, Operational efficiency. can be used any
WG: Working Group, AHG: Ad-hoc Group. time. Operating hours (24h365days). no
4Scope of ISO/TC 268/SC 1. need to wait. Frequency of train services.
Standardization in the field of smart ease of use. Information Extent of
community infrastructures, including basic complexity of the procedure to use
concepts to define and describe smartness (contract, payment,etc). Maintainability.
of community infrastructures as scalable everyone can use. Extent of barrier-free
and integrable systems, harmonized metrics multiple language. Resilience. Resilience.
for benchmarking, usage of the metrics for Resilience. Resilience. no limit of use.
application to the diverse types of Energy consumption per capita. no
communities, and specifications for congestion (sufficient supply). Congestion
measurement, reporting and verification, level (e.g.120% of capacity) Bandwidth,
ensuring avoidance of overlaps and speed of communication. tasty. Amount of
contradictions with ISO/TC 268 materials that have negative effect on
deliverables. The proposed standards will taste. can use as expected or scheduled.
focus on technical aspects of community Rate of train delay. … … …
infrastructures including energy, water, 8Proposed roadmap for deliverables.
transportation, waste and ICT that support 2013 (expected). 2014 (expected). TR 37150
the operations and activities of Review of existing activities. - Review of
communities. The concept of smartness is relevant activities - Directions for
addressed in terms of performance relevant future standardization. TS 37151 General
to technologically implementable principles and requirements. -Basic
solutions, in accordance with sustainable concept in community level -Neutral
development in communities as elaborated against specific infrastructure.
in ISO/TC 268. 3. Application to particular types of
5Outline of ISO/TC 268/SC 1. Title. community infrastructures. - Apply the
Smart community infrastructures. Creation. general principles & requirements (PWI
2012. Chairperson. Dr. Yoshi Ichikawa 37151) to energy, water, transportation,
(JP). Vice-Chair. Dr. Biyu Wan (CN). waste and ICT as the first step.
Secretary. Mr. Isao Endou (JP). TPM. Mr. Application to diverse types of
Gerrit Harjung (ISO/CS). P-Members (16). communities. - Apply the general
Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, principles & requirements (PWI 37151)
Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, to typical categories of communities.
Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Related areas. - MRV, System aspects, etc.
Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. O-Members 7.
(09). Brazil, Czech Republic, Egypt, 9IEC SEG on Smart Cities. SEG (Systems
Finland, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Evaluation Group) on Smart Cities will be
United States, UAE. Liaisons. ISO/TC 207, set up to; Make an inventory of existing
IEC/TC 111, ITU-T, GCIF, OECD, WBCSD. standards and standardization projects in
Meetings. Preliminary meeting: May 2012, progress in IEC, ITU-T and ISO. Monitor
Tokyo, Japan 1st plenary meeting: July TC/SC work in IEC to highlight any overlap
2012, AFNOR, France 2nd plenary meeting: of work or potential inconsistencies,
July 2013, Bornholm, Denmark. 4. Liaise with ISO, ITU, and other
6General Understanding on the Smart organizations, fora and consortia.
Community Infrastructures in TC 286/SC1. Represent IEC in the coordination and
(1) Example of “Community cooperation with other organizations, fora
Infrastructures" (2) and consortia in the field of smart
"Performances" reflected to cities. Draw a roadmap in IEC with a
Smartness. Smartness should be discussed timeline that includes a reference
taking into account the balance between architecture and prospective
multiple viewpoints of residents, standardization projects. The evaluation
community managers and environmental. group’s tasks also includes alignment of
Energy. Water. Mobility. Waste. ICT. 1. terms and definitions in electrotechnical
Residents viewpoint. 2. Community managers field referring to smart cities, providing
viewpoint. 3. Environmental viewpoint. 1. an efficient and transparent platform for
Power grid, Gas, Fuels (gas station), ... information exchange and communication
2. Water treatment process, Industrial between IEC and other relevant stakeholder
water, Treated water, Water Reuse. 3. Road groups. Participation in SEGs is open, but
traffic, Railroad, Airport, Port, River, specific invitations will be made to ITU-T
... 4. Waste recovery, Recycling, .. 5. and ISO to take part in the Smart Cities
Multi-purpose big data, Distributed SEG. For more information
sensors, Monitoring, Wifi. Reliability, http://www.iec.ch/tcnews/2013/tcnews_0113.
Availability, Service quality, Safety, tm
etc. Operational efficiency, Resilience, http://www.iec.ch/tcnews/2013/tcnews_0213.
Expandability, Security, etc. Climate tm.
change, Biodiversity, Resource efficiency, 10Additional explanation available on
Air pollution, Water shortage, etc. 5. the WEB. http://www.ubraintv.com/.
7Recognize the difference or gap ichikawa.
between “Community needs or issues” and 11Thank you for your attention. E-mail:
“Infrastructure performance or yoshiaki.ichikawa.rb@hitachi.com.
requirement”. Infrastructure Performance.
Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC.ppt
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Standardization Activities on Smart Cities in ISO and IEC

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