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Starting Guide to Postgraduate Degrees by Research
Starting Guide to Postgraduate Degrees by Research
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Learning Management System (LMS)
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Wishing you all the best
Wishing you all the best
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Starting Guide to Postgraduate Degrees by Research

содержание презентации «Starting Guide to Postgraduate Degrees by Research.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Starting Guide to Postgraduate Degrees 16Data collection. The Supervisor shall
by Research. School of Graduate Studies assist and supervise the student in the
(SGS). 1. preparation of the thesis/dissertation and
2Postgraduate Research Programmes to ensure that the thesis/dissertation
Offered. Doctor of Philosophy (Business meets required standards. During this
Administration) – PhD (BA) Doctor of stage of the research process, the student
Philosophy (Education) – PhD (EDU) Doctor is required: To meet the Supervisor
of Philosophy (Information & regularly during every semester. To submit
Communication Technology) – PhD (ICT) a half-yearly progress report by the first
Industrial Doctorate – IndD Master of week of January and the first week of July
Science (Management) (By Research) – MSc (pls refer to slide 12) and will be graded
(Management) (By Research). 2. as “S” (Satisfactory) or “U”
3Admission Requirement. 3. Programme. (Unsatisfactory). A student who has
Entry Requirement. PhD. Posses a obtained grade “U” (Unsatisfactory) for 3
recognised Master Degree in relevant consecutive semesters will be referred to
fields approved by AeU Senate. Master. the Academic Advisor. 16.
Regular Entry Posses a recognised Bachelor 17Stage 3. 17.
Degree in relevant fields approved by AeU 183.1 Thesis / Dissertation Report
Senate. Open Entry At least 35 years old Writing. Guidelines for Thesis /
on 1st January of the year of application Dissertation Writing. 18.
and Possess relevant working experience 19Stage 4. 19.
and Possess a recognised 204.1 Thesis / Dissertation Submission.
Diploma/STPM/HSC/Matriculation or its Notice of Submission of
equivalent qualifications approved by AeU Dissertation/Thesis A student is required
Senate. English Proficiency All full time to give 3 months notice to SGS of his
international students are required to intention to submit the
achieve a level of English Language thesis/dissertation by using Notice of
Proficiency equivalent to International Submission of Thesis/Dissertation Form.
English Language Testing System (IELTS) of This form must be accompanied by a Table
5.5 or Test of English as a Foreign of Contents (TOC) and Abstract of the
Language (TOEFL) overall score of 550 or dissertation/thesis. Submission for
the AeU Certificate of Intensive English Checking of Format An unbound copy of the
or any other equivalent qualifications thesis/dissertation shall be submitted to
approved by the Senate of the University the School to be checked for conformity to
before he/she is allowed to graduate. the format requirements.
English Proficiency All full time Thesis/Dissertation Submission for
international students are required to Examination 5 soft bound copies of the
achieve a level of English Language completed dissertation/thesis and power
Proficiency equivalent to International point slides must be submitted to the
English Language Testing System (IELTS) of School. 20.
5.5 or Test of English as a Foreign 214.2 Nomination and Appointment of
Language (TOEFL) overall score of 550 or Thesis/Dissertation Examiner. Dean of SGS
the AeU Certificate of Intensive English with recommendation from Dean of
or any other equivalent qualifications respective School & Supervisor to
approved by the Senate of the University nominate the Examination Committee.
before he/she is allowed to graduate. Nomination of Examiner for
4How to apply? 4. Online Application Thesis/Dissertation Form The Examination
Visit to AeU website at www.aeu.edu.my Committee for Master’s degree shall
Click “Application” Complete and submit comprise of: Dean or his representative as
the online application form Required Chairman 1 Internal Examiner 1 External
Documents 1 Certified true copy of IC (A4 Examiner The Examination Committee for
size, front and back at 1 page) / Passport Doctoral degree shall comprise of: Dean or
(A4 size) 2 copies of recent his representative as Chairman 1 Internal
passport-sized colour photograph with name Examiner and 2 External Examiners SGS to
written on reverse Certified true copies propose the appointment of the Examination
of the relevant degrees and academic Committee to PSC and Senate for approval.
transcripts (if certificates / academic 21.
record are in language other than English, 224.3 Recommendation of
it must be accompanied with approved Thesis/Dissertation Evaluation by
translation) Certified true copies of Supervisor & Examiners. The Supervisor
TOEFL, IELTS or intensive English & Examiners to examine the
programme certificate (if any) 1 copy of thesis/dissertation (2 months).
Curriculum Vitae (CV) Note: Certified true Recommendation of Thesis/Dissertation
copies for all the required documents Evaluation by Supervisor & Examiners.
(must bear the signature and official 22.
stamp of a recognised authority such as 234.4 Thesis Examination / Viva Voce.
Justice of Peace, Commissioner of Oaths, 23. SGS to conduct Viva Voce after
Barrister or Solicitor, Malaysian Embassy receiving the reports of
or Malaysian High Commissioner in your thesis/dissertation from the Supervisor
country). Kindly courier the required and Examiners. The University shall invite
documents to: Admissions & Records the Supervisor to attend the viva voce but
Asia e University No. 4, Jln Sultan his/her presence is not mandatory. The
Sulaiman 50000 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Supervisor’s role is to provide the
5How to register? Online Registration examiners with any assistance they require
Visit to AeU’s website at www.aeu.edu.my but will not take an active part in the
Click “Application” > “Application viva voce. Student will be given 30 - 60
Status” (After 2 weeks of online minutes to present to the Examination
application submission) Download Offer Committee. Following the Viva Voce a joint
Letter Click Registration Details to report should be prepared and agreed by
register and make payment Once registered, the examiners and submitted by the
the candidate will be entitled to the Chairman of the Examination Committee to
following: Learning Management System the School. The recommendation from the
(LMS) username and password E-Library Examination Committee shall be one of the
username and password AeU e-mail account following: (a) Thesis/Dissertation is
Student ID card (issued by Registry accepted (b) Thesis/Dissertation is
office) Student Handbook, Academic accepted subject to: (i) Minor
Calendar & Timeline (available at modifications being made Such minor
www.aeu.edu.my). 5. modifications might include errors in
6Learning Management System (LMS). grammar and/or syntax and/or minor changes
http://lms.aeu.edu.my/. 6. in phraseology and/or other amendments
7E-Library. http://library.aeu.edu.my. which do not significantly affect the
7. conclusion of the dissertation/thesis.
8Stages of Research. STAGE 1. STAGE 2. (ii) Major modifications being made Such
STAGE 3. STAGE 4. 1.0 Getting started. 8. major modifications might include serious
1.1 Preparation of Intent of Research 1.2 omissions of sections and/or inadequate
Appointment of Supervisor 1.3 Preparation argument in terms of the research
of Research Proposal 1.4 Proposal Defense. questions/hypotheses and/or lack of
2.1 Research / Data Collection. 3.1 Thesis adequate explanations of key concepts and
/ Dissertation report writing. 4.1 Thesis principles.
/ Dissertation Submission 4.2 Nomination 244.4 Thesis Examination / Viva
and Appointment of Thesis/Dissertation Voce…Cont. (c) Thesis/Dissertation
Examiners 4.3 Recommendation of requiring re-submission This
Thesis/Dissertation Evaluation by recommendation is used where substantial
Supervisor & Examiners 4.4 modifications (e.g. re-writing of sections
Thesis/Dissertation Examination / Viva or/and further experiments or/and profound
voce 4.5 Graduation. correction of a scientific argument) are
9Stage 1. 9. required to make the thesis/dissertation
101.1 Preparation of Intent of Research. acceptable. The thesis/dissertation
The intent of research is to identify the following revision would normally be
Supervisor by matching the student’s area considered again by all members of the
of research with the expertise of the Examination Committee for final approval.
supervisor. At the initial stage, students A student will normally only be permitted
may seek advice from the Academic Advisor to revise and re-submit a
from the respective School. The Academic dissertation/thesis once. (d)
Advisor role is to guide student in Thesis/Dissertation is rejected with no
preparing the Intent of Research in the right of revision or re-submission. (f) If
first semester. Before a supervisor can be the thesis does not meet the requirements
appointed, a student needs to submit a for the Doctoral degree but does have
2-page of Intent of Research to SGS by merits which meet the requirements for the
indicating the following; proposed title Master’s degree, the student shall be
and scope of study brief statements of given the opportunity to submit the thesis
research problems conceptual framework in revised form for the appropriate
(e.g. the variables involved, methods used Master’s degree. Recommendation from
in brief) reasons for undertaking the Examination Committee. 24.
study (e.g. career enhancement, academic 254.4 Thesis Examination / Viva
requirement, self-fulfilment) Guidelines Voce…Cont. 25. Final Submission of the
for Intent of Research. 10. Dissertation/Thesis Subject to Rule 9 (4)
111.2 Appointment of Supervisor. The (9(4)(a)), (9 (4)(b)) a student whose
respective School may assign a suitable thesis/dissertation is accepted or
Supervisor or the student may nominate accepted with minor or major modifications
his/her own Supervisor by submitting a will have to submit to the School 5
Nomination of Supervisor Form , the hardbound copies of the
proposed Supervisor’s CV (latest) & thesis/dissertation (duly verified and
brief profile of proposed Supervisor. corrected) together with a compact disc
Then, SGS will propose to the Postgraduate (CD) containing a soft copy of the
Studies Committee (PSC) and Senate thesis/dissertation within the prescribed
meetings for approval (normal duration is time. The Supervisor will be responsible
2 months). Supervisor Selection Criteria to verify that all the required amendments
Role of Supervisor. 11. have been made in the dissertation/thesis.
12Progress Monitoring. Students are A student may, if necessary, apply to the
requested to discuss their research Dean for extension of time for the final
progress with their Supervisors and submit submission of his dissertation thesis. All
a half-yearly Progress Report by the first such applications must be made through the
week of January and the first week of Supervisor. The Dean may, at his
July. The Supervisor shall grade the discretion, extend the time for final
progress of the student either submission of a thesis/dissertation for up
Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U). A to 60 days but only one extension may be
student who has obtained grade “U” granted to a student. During the extension
(Unsatisfactory) for 3 consecutive period, the student must continue to be a
semesters will be referred to the Academic registered student. If after being
Advisor. 12. required by the Examination Committee, a
131.3 Preparation of a Research thesis/dissertation is not amended and
Proposal. Upon recommendation from the submitted by the student within the
Supervisor , the student shall submit the prescribed time, the thesis/dissertation
Submission of Thesis/Dissertation Proposal shall be deemed to have been rejected by
Form together with the research proposal the Examination Committee. Announcement of
and power point slide to SGS. The proposal Examination Results The examination
defense shall normally be conducted within results can only be released to the
2 months. Guidelines for Research student concerned and to a party agreed to
Proposal. 13. by the student in writing.
141.4 Proposal Defense. 14. Dean of SGS 264.5 Graduation. Award of Degree The
with recommendation from Dean of Senate shall confer a Master’s or Doctoral
respective School and Supervisor to degree to a student upon recommendation by
nominate members of Proposal Defense the University Examination Committee once
Committee: 1 Chairman 1 Supervisor 1 all the requirements for graduation have
Internal Reader 1 External Reader SGS to been fulfilled. Graduation/Conferment
propose the appointment of Proposal Requirements A student is eligible for
Defense Committee to PSC for approval. SGS conferral of a degree after fulfilling the
to conduct the Proposal Defense Session. following conditions: Passed the
Student will be given 20 minutes to Thesis/Dissertation Examination Passed the
present the proposal to the committee. Viva Voce Examination Has paid all the due
Proposal Defense Committee evaluates the fees Has fulfilled other requirements as
proposal via: Recommendation from Proposal specified by the University. 26.
Defense Committee Student can embark on 27Contacts. SGS deansgs@aeu.edu.my
the research once approved by the proposal Admissions & Records
defense committee. A student shall be admission@aeu.edu.my Finance
given 3 opportunities to pass the research finance@aeu.edu.my Information &
proposal. Failure on the third attempt Technology icts@aeu.edu.my Library
shall result on the termination of his / library@aeu.edu.my Learner Services Centre
her candidature. (LSC) lsc@aeu.edu.my. 27.
15Stage 2. 15. 28Wishing you all the best! 28.
162.1 Research / Data Collection. 6.
Starting Guide to Postgraduate Degrees by Research.ppt
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Starting Guide to Postgraduate Degrees by Research

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