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A bit of history
A bit of history
The NIIFI case
The NIIFI case
The NIIFI case
The NIIFI case
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Structural Funds for e-Infrastructure development: opportunities and challenges

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1Structural Funds for e-Infrastructure 6• HPC • Cloud • Storage • VC • middleware
development: opportunities and challenges. … 6.
TNC BoF on Using Structural Funds in the 7The NIIFI case – the figures. NIIFI
domain of Research and Education Networks: case: (~ 1 % of everything): ? 150 M€ / yr
Past experience and Future prospective SF for RI from MFF assumably available ?
Dublin, 19 May 2014. Lajos Balint, ~50 M€ / yr for e-Infrastructure, ~15 M€ /
NIIFI/Hungarnet yr for RN NIIFI e-RI development projects
<lajos.balint@niif.hu> on SF basis (e-RI !): Finished (2009-12):
2A bit of history. 2007-13: FP7 50 B€ + ~2 x 10 M€ (e-Infrastructure, Edu
SF slowly entering RI (HU: ~20 M€ for applications) Running (2014-16): ~2 x 5 M€
e-RI) 2011-12: Horizon2020 (FP8!) / MFF (HPC/1, Edu applications) Coming
preparations: ”RI funding by SF only (!)” (2015-18): ~4 x 10 M€ (EduCloud, HPC/2,
Background: SF serves infrastructure DCH, Edu apps…) Maglaris model: NIIFI ~1M€
developments (road, rail, energy … / yr GEANT ? ~ 100 M€ / yr RN (i.e.VM on
infocomm.) 2013-14: joint handling of NIIFI / yr: 20 M€ CAPEX + 80 M€ OPEX in
R&D and RI – – harmonised FW + SF RN, 3x in e-RI) Successful period – but
(ESIF) funding ~80 B€ Horizon2020 + ~100 not yet exploiting the opportunities!
B€ SF! (7 years) Umbrella / framework: (< 50 %!) Fast widening/expansion is
ERA. 2. needed! (not only in Hungary) Problem:
32014-2020 status: e-Infrastructure is expert workforce (developer, operator,
key component of the European Research broker, advisor …). 7.
Area (mobility, openness, RI, joint 8Conclusions: Funding e-RI development:
programs, global hub …) Distributed / no more a bottleneck ! NRENs should
integrated resources in the ERA (humans, discuss: - how to best exploit the SF
funds, tools, info) Exceptional role of opportunities - how to convince / motivate
e-Infrastructures (glue): e-RI ? RI ? R ? MS governments NRENs should consider: -
R&D ? R&D&I ? Competitiveness Vertical & horizontal extension:
… Widely recognised role, function, increasing SF need! - Greening,
importance ! 3. innovation, PCP: also increasing SF need!
4Supportive treatment – chances of Specific issue wrt. EC rules on regional
sustainability. e-Infrastructures: high use of SF: higher priority of convergence
priority (both EU & MS) ! (but still regions Major issues needing NREN move:
low R&D spending wrt. GDP levels) Cost expert workforce + business model + CAPEX
side: Maglaris model - 1:10:100 (100M€ … / OPEX issue. 8.
1B€ … 10 B€ / yr in RN!) (~20% CAPEX and 9Closing comments: Some figures may
~80% OPEX: good assumption) Financial somewhat be incorrect There are a lot of
resources: Horizon2020 + SF + MS funds + question marks (eg. MS attitudes) but
PPP + users Scenarios: weakening – Attractive opportunities – demanding
sustaining – strengthening Sustainability: challenges … A new situation: no lack but
by strengthening only = fly or die abundance of funds A promising future …
(political / legal / technical + Are we ready? Let’s try to do our best to
organisation + expertise + funding!). 4. exploit the SF option – for the benefit of
5Some remarkable figures. MFF plan vs. the widest possible community ! 9.
Maglaris assumptions (0,1 : 1 : 10 B€ / 10Explanatory addition wrt. NRENs’
yr) (business model needed: costs & opportunities: A Summary Table of the
resources levels / structure) Assumption annual rough averages [M€]: * OPEX
here: <2% Horizon2020, <20% MS, included ** NRENs to estimate their share
>80% SF, <2% PPP for RI MFF: SF / yr – and start planning / negotiating …
~ 100 B€ / 7 ~ 15 B€ RI ? 5 B€ e-RI ? 1,5 Maglaris. Horizon2020. SF. NIIFI. G?ANT.
B€ RN e-RI / RI ratio (FP7): 0,57/1,72 B€ 100*. 40. 1. RN. 10 000*. (40). 1500**.
RN / e-RI ratio (FP7): 27% (HPC 37%, VRE 15. e-RI. 120. 5000**. 50. RI. 400. 15000.
15%, Data 21%) Compare 1,5 B€ / yr SF for 150. 10.
RN with Maglaris’ 10 B€ / yr cost: SF 11Last minute addition on the OPEX
covers 15% of full annual RN cost: close issue: ”Broadband State-Aid Rules …”
to ”optimum” (Optimum is around 20 / 80 % (DG-CNECT / wik draft): ”[SF (ESIF)] … to
in case of 4-5 years life-span) cover (part of) the end users’ costs of
(Difference to be covered by Horizon2020, installation or purchase of broadband
MS, PPP funds) Practice: somewhat devices, or of monthly subscription … [de
different but can be improved! (eg. minimis: <66 K€ / user / yr]” A tool
NIIFI). 5. for transition to a good business model?
6The NIIFI case. NIIFI developments on 11.
SF basis in 2009-2012 ~ 20 M€ • DWDM on DF
Structural Funds for e-Infrastructure development: opportunities and challenges.ppt
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Structural Funds for e-Infrastructure development: opportunities and challenges

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