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Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Taking the Russian
Картинки из презентации «Taking the Russian - English Certification Exam» к уроку английского языка на тему «Страны»

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Taking the Russian - English Certification Exam

содержание презентации «Taking the Russian - English Certification Exam.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Taking the Russian?English 18relationship between workers and
Certification Exam. Nora S. Favorov James employers, it is legitimate to divide the
E. Walker ATA Certification Graders. contemporary transitional epoch in Russia
2Core Documents. Introduction to the (from the end of the 1980’s [1P]) into
ATA Certification Exam Flowchart for Error three periods. They differ from one
Point Decisions Framework for Standardized another both in the basic content of
Error Marking Rubric for Grading Point supply and demand [4MT] and in the main
System Conventions Into English Grading opposing forces.
Standards. 19Example 1: 10 pts. deducted. From the
3 point of view of the ideal [8MT/AMB] and
4 practical struggle…. They differ from each
5 other both in the main content [2ST] of
6 ideas….
7 20Example 1: 14 pts. deducted. From the
8 [1G] point of view of the [1G] theoretical
9 [2MT] and practical struggle on the
10General Advice. Seek out editors occasion [2U] of the relationships between
Unless you’ve had many thousands of words employees and employers, the modern
of your English language writing edited transitional period of Russia (since the
and critiqued by a competent native late 1980th [2P]) lawfully [2T] can be
English speaking editor, it is hard to divided into three periods. The periods
know whether or not you write sufficiently differ from each other as for [2U] basic
well in English to be a professional content of conceptions and requirement
translator. [2WF] and for the main opposed forces as
11General Advice. Take the practice test well.
You have the option of taking a graded 212006 Source Text Example. Но Кремль
practice test in up to three passages (A – равно принадлежит ратникам Куликова поля,
general, B – technical, medical, торжествовавшим в нем победу в 1380 году,
scientific, & C – business/legal). You и участникам парада Победы мая 1945.
will get to see how the test has been Поэтому он нуждается не столько в
graded and what kinds of errors you made. «портрете», сколько в «биографии», в
It costs $50/passage to have a practice повествовании о том, как под влиянием
test graded. роста русского государства, народных
12General Advice. Replicate the движений, политических расчетов, военных
Experience At least one time take the побед складывались его
practice test: By hand; Without electronic достопримечательности.
or internet resources; Time yourself: give 22Example 2: 2 pts. deducted. But the
yourself no more than 1 hour per passage. Kremlin belongs equally to the warriors of
13General Advice. When you take the Kulikovo Field who celebrated their
test: Read the passage carefully and victory there in 1380 and to the
understand the logical flow Many failing participants in the victory parade of May
candidates clearly did not take the time 1945. It needs, therefore, more of a
to appreciate the point being made in the biography than a portrait, informing us
passage. If your translation doesn’t make how its sights were formed [2U] under the
sense to you, it’s probably wrong. influence of the growth of the Russian
14General Advice. Bring all you basic state, national movements, political
references. Even if you consider yourself reckonings, and military victories.
more or a sci/tech (B passage) type than a 23Example 2: 4 pts. deducted. But the
business/law (C passage) type or vice Kremlin equally belongs to the soldiers of
versa, you might wind up deciding to Kulikov field, who celebrated their 1380
select a passage in one of your “weaker” victory there, [1P] and to the
areas. Be sure to have a sci/tech participants in the May 1945 victory
dictionary, a business/law dictionary, and parade. Therefore, it does not need a
an idiom dictionary. “portrait” so much as a “biography” that
15General Advice. Pay attention to the tells how its sights developed [1AMB]
Translation Instructions Test passages under the influence of the growth of the
must be written in a style that is Russian state, the movements of the people
appropriate to the ultimate purpose of the [2 AMB], political calculations , and
passage. The instructions should help you military victories.
decide how formal your style should be, 24Example 2: 5 pts. deducted. But the
whether colloquialisms are permissible, Kremlin belongs equally to the fighters of
and guide you in choosing between Kulikov Field, who triumphed there [4MT]
specialized and lay terminology. in 1380, and to participants of the
162004 Source Text Example. С точки Victory Parade of May 1945. For this
зрения идейной и практической борьбы по reason, it requires not so much a
поводу отношений между работниками и “portrait” as a “biography,” a narration
работодателями современную переходную about how its sights developed [1AMB]
эпоху в России (с конца 1980-х годов) under the influence of the growth of the
правомерно разделить на три периода. Они Russian state, popular movements,
отличаются друг от друга как по основному political calculations, and military
содержанию представлений и требований, так victories.
и по главным противоборствующим силам. 25Example 2: 6 pts. deducted. But the
17Example 1: No Points Deducted. From Kremlin belong [2WF] in equal measure to
the perspective of the ideological and the soldiers of the Kulikov field
practical struggle over relations between celebrating there their victory in 1380 as
workers and employers, the present well as to those marching in the 1945 WWII
transitional era in Russia (from the late Victory Parade. That’s why it requires not
1980s) can rightfully be divided into just a “portrait” but a biography, [2O] a
three periods. They differ from one narrative on how the influences of a
another on the basis of the fundamental growing Russian state, populist [2MT]
content of their concepts and demands, as movements, political calculations and
well as the main forces in conflict. military victories have shaped its
Although I did not deduct points for the monuments and landmarks.
underlined wording, it is possible another 26Faithfulness vs. Literalness. Be
grader would have. In the first case faithful to overall meaning, not to
“(beginning in the 1980s)” would be more individual words or syntax. Учебные
natural in English. In the second case, предметы ? School objects (Academic
“in terms of” would have been preferred. subjects) Придуманные им правила игры ?
18Example 1: 5 pts. deducted. From the Thought up by him rules of the game (The
point of view of the ideological and rules of the game that he thought up…).
practical struggle regarding the
Taking the Russian - English Certification Exam.ppt
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Taking the Russian - English Certification Exam

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