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Teaching English for Academic Purposes Using CBI and TBLT

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1Teaching English for Academic Purposes 21907-smartwatch.html Free online articles
Using CBI and TBLT. GDPNU, College English with free online language learning tasks
Department 6 December 2013 Prof. Andy and activities.
Curtis, Anaheim University, USA President 22The New Smartwatch. “Samsung has
(Elect) TESOL Association. entered the newly-emerging smartwatch
2Thank You. Guangdong Polytechnic market by unveiling its multi-function
Normal University College English timepiece, the Galaxy Gear. It is a
Department Professor Freda Wu The TESOL digital watch with a difference. Wearers
International Association The largest can make telephone calls, receive emails
association of professional (English) and take photographs. It can also run
language teachers in the world Based in dozens of Android apps on its 1.6-inch
the US (Washington) Affiliates in more screen. Users navigate through different
than 100 countries. screens and functions using swipes”. (7
3Abstract. In this workshop talk we Sept 2013).
will look at how English for Academic 23Second half of first para. “What's
Purposes (EAP) language skills, competence more, it comes in a range of vibrant
and confidence can be developed with colours that add a sci-fi feel to its
non-English majors at the university-level stainless steel body. The device will be
in China. The two main approaches we will on sale from September 25th and comes with
be looking at are Content-Based a $299 price tag. Samsung beat its main
Instruction (CBI), which is now also known competitor Apple to the market. Industry
as Content and Language Integrated insiders expect Apple to reveal details of
Learning (CLIL), and Task-Based Language its smartwatch within a week or two”.
Teaching (TBTL). 24First half of second para. Analysts
4I am here to learn! A workshop not a have had mixed reactions to the Galaxy
lecture. An exchange. I will tell you what Gear. Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates
I know about CBI, CLIL, EAP etc. In suggests the product is overpriced. He
return, you can teach me about your said Samsung would need to price it at
day-to-day classroom realities Please take under $100 to get mass-market appeal. He
a small piece of paper Please do not write added: "At $300, that's probably as
your name (anonymous) Please write one key much as most people will pay for a phone
question you have about ELT in your itself."
classroom with your students. 25Second half of second para.
5Tasks and Questions. Task-Based Independent analyst Jeff Kagan said the
Language Teaching: TBLT “Practice what you Gear "is another step into the
preach” Tasks for you Questions for me future" and that Samsung continues to
Please ask questions during the workshop "push the innovation envelope".
There will also be time for questions at He predicted it would be as popular as
the end of the workshop A prompt 5pm Samsung's smartphones and tablets. A
finish! Samsung spokesperson said: "We have
6Communicative Competence: CC. created something incredible. You don't
Competence: Skills and Abilities need to get your phone out anymore. Gear
Confidence: Thoughts and Feelings takes the entirety of your digital world
Competence and Confidence = CC 1. Low and places it right where you can see.”.
Competence with Low Confidence 2. Low 26A simple text ‘analysis’. 234 words in
Competence with High Confidence 3. High two paragraphs Para 1: 114 words in eight
Competence with Low Confidence 4. High sentences. Para. 2: 120 words in eight
Competence with High Confidence. sentences. 16 sentences: Average sentence
7CBI and EAP. “In a content-based length: 14 to 15 words per sentence
approach, students simultaneously acquire Longest sentences: Approx. 20 words.
subject matter expertise and greater Shortest sentences: Approx. 10 words. Q:
proficiency in English, the medium of How would you use this text in your
instruction. Additionally, they learn to English language lesson/classroom?
master skills necessary for academic 27Making the most of the text. ‘Mining
success.” D. Raphan & J. Moser, 1994 the Material’ ‘Doing More with Less’ Using
Q: Do you use CBI in your English language the same text in many different ways Using
classes? the same text for all the different
8What is CBI? “Content-Based language modalities Using the same text
Instruction is an approach to language develop higher level ‘critical thinking’
teaching that focuses not on the language skills.
itself, but rather on what is being taught 281. Working at the word level. Mixed-Up
through the language; that is, the Words: Unscramble to words 1. the
language becomes the medium through which newly-gmneregi smartwatch market 2.
something new is learned. In the CBI tvgnieaa through different screens 3. a
approach the student learns the TL [Target range of ratbinv colours 4. add a sci-fi
Language] by using it to learn some other feel to its esstnalis steel body 5. The
new content”. Olenka Bilash. iedevc will be on sale from September 25th
9Engagement and Motivation. “The theory 6. ereval details of its smartwatch.
behind CBI is that when students are 292. At the sentence level. Put a slash
engaged with more content, it will promote mark where the spaces should be
intrinsic motivation. Students will be Samsunghasenteredthenewly-emergingsmartwat
able to use more advanced thinking skills hmarketbyunveilingitsmulti-functiontimepie
when learning new information and will e,theGalaxyGear.
focus less on the structure of the Itisadigitalwatchwithadifference.
language. This approach is very Wearerscanmaketelephonecalls,receiveemails
student-centered as it depends entirely on ndtakephotographs.ItcanalsorundozensofAndr
the students’ ability to use the idappsonits1.6-inchscreen.
language”. 303. Punctuation. Punctuate the text and
10Some of the Pros of CBI. British add capitals users navigate through
Council CBI can make learning a language different screens and functions using
more interesting and motivating. Students swipes what's more it comes in a range of
can use the language to fulfil a real vibrant colours that add a sci-fi feel to
purpose, which can make students both more its stainless steel body the device will
independent and confident. CBI is very be on sale from september 25th and comes
popular among EAP (English for Academic with a $299 price tag.
Purposes) teachers as it helps students to 314. Vocabulary. Choose the correct one
develop valuable study skills such as note in each pair Wearers can make telephone
taking, summarising and extracting key calls, receive emails and take
information from texts. photographs. It can also run / ruin dozens
11Some of the Cons of CBI. Because CBI of Android apps on its 1.6-inch screen.
isn't explicitly focused on language Users navigate / invigorate through
learning, some students may feel confused different screens and functions using
or may even feel that they aren't swaps / swipes.
improving their language skills. Use of 325. More Vocabulary. Analysts have had
too much L1 in group work: A continuum: (9) ____________ reactions to the Galaxy
From All L1/MT to Almost All L2/TL It can Gear. Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates
be hard to find information sources and suggests the product is overpriced. He
texts that lower levels can understand. said Samsung would need to (10)
Some students may copy directly from the ____________ it at under $100 to get (11)
source texts they use to get their ____________ -market appeal. He added:
information. "At $300, that's probably as much as
12Using CBI in language classrooms. It most people will pay for a phone (12)
is not enough to simply integrate content ____________."
into the language classroom, it must be 33Cloze Testing: Gap-Filling. tablets
done effectively. Stoller (2002) lists mass entirety mixed push price incredible
eight practices that allow for natural itself.
content integration: 1. Extended input, 346. Comprehension. True/False a.
meaningful output, and feedback on Samsung has introduced to the world its
language and grasp of content 2. third and best smartwatch. b. The watch
Information gathering, processing, and can run 16 apps on its screen. c. The body
reporting. of the watch is made of stainless steel.
13Practices 3, 4 & 5. 3. Integrated d. Samsung has probably beaten Apple to
skills: using reading, writing, speaking the market by a few weeks.
and listening in natural classroom 35True/False. e. An expert said the Gear
activities 4. Task-based activities and was too expensive to sell well. f. Another
project work, enhanced by cooperative expert praised how innovative the Galaxy
learning principles 5. Strategy training: Gear was. g. The expert said it wouldn't
to produce more metacognitively aware be as popular as smartphones. h. Samsung
strategic learners Q: Which of the above said you would still need to get your
do you use in your English language class? phone out. A: F; B: F; C: T; D: T; E: T;
14Practices 6, 7 & 8. 6. Visual F: T; G: F; H: F.
support: ie. Images, graphic organizers, 367. Higher-level comprehension. 1. What
language ladders etc. 7. Contextualized is the synonym for "watch" in
grammar instructions 8. Culminating the first sentence? 2. What is the size of
synthesis activities: knowledge is the watch's screen? 3. How do people move
displayed in writing and orally Q: Which through the screens on the watch? 4. What
of the above do you use in your English gives the watch a more sci-fi feel? 5. Who
language class and why? Q: Which of the expected Apple's product to come out soon?
above do you not use in your English 37The Answers. The answers Sometime more
language class and why not? than one possible answer Creativity and
15Briton’s Five Points. According to Critical Thinking 1.Timepiece 2.1.6 inches
Brinton et al (1989) 1. Research shows 3. Using swipes 4. Vibrant colors 5.
that for successful language learning to Industry insiders.
occur, “the language syllabus must take 388. Critical Thinking Skills. Higher
into account the uses the learner will Level Cognitive Skills a) Did you like
make of the target language” That means reading this article? Why/not? b) Do you
systematic focusing on those language think smartwatches will be a big success?
forms and functions which will best serve c) How does a smartwatch compare with a
the learner in his/her future language smartphone? d) Will smartwatches
use. eventually replace traditional
16Use of English: For What? What will (non-digital) watches?
your students use their English for? 39Opinion and Explanation. e) What
Where, when, and with whom? LEEP: Learning functions would you like on a smartwatch?
English for Examination Purposes 2. The f) Do you think a smartwatch is
use of “informational content which is "incredible"? g) What do you
perceived as relevant by the learner” think of the name of Samsung's smartwatch
enhances motivation in language learning – "Gear"? h) When will
and thus promotes learning effectiveness. smartwatches incorporate credit cards,
17Existing Knowledge. 3. Content-based passports, etc? i) Is a watch too small to
approaches are built upon the previous see "the entirety of your digital
experience of the learner, as they “take world"? j) What questions would you
into account the learner’s existing like to ask the CEO of Samsung?
knowledge of the subject matter” and use 40Many More Possibilities. 9. Matching
pedagogical methods which aim at overall Words: Synonyms 10. Matching phrases 11.
development of cognitive and academic MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions 12. Grammar
skills, as well as linguistic skills. with word forms For example: Samsung has
Critical Thinking Skills Memorization vs entered the newly-(1) ____ smartwatch
Creative Problem-Solving. market by unveiling its multi-function
18Context and Correctness. 4. timepiece, the Galaxy Gear. (a) emerging
Content-based approaches provide a larger (b) emerge (c) emerges (d) emergency.
framework and “context for language” 41The Driverless Car. ‘Toyota shows
development, in which the focus is not video of driverless car 8 January 2013
only on fragmented examples of “correct” “Toyota has released a video of its new
language forms, but also on “interaction driverless car. The real car will be on
and discourse patterns”. “The right show at an electronics show in Las Vegas,
answer” versus “A/one right answer” USA. The car is full of special
Plurality of Thought versus Singularity. "intelligent" safety features to
19Comprehensible Input. 5. SLA (second make sure it does not crash. It uses
language acquisition) research suggests radars and video cameras to understand
that a necessary condition for successful where other cars are”.
language learning is “comprehensible 42Second half of first para. It can also
input” which requires focusing on the "see" people and slow down to
meaning rather than the form. The avoid hitting them. The car can also
development of good receptive communicate with other cars that have the
communicative skills is the foundation on same technology. A Toyota spokesperson
which productive skills are based. Stephen said: "We're looking at a car that
Krashen: i + 1. would eliminate crashes. Zero-collisions
20From Theory to Practice. Using texts is our ultimate aim." He added that
in the classroom Criteria for selection of the car should be used with a driver, but
texts: Recent and Relevant Shorter Clear that it can also drive itself. This would
and Concise Q: What are your students be useful if the driver wants to use his
interested in? Q: How do you prefer to or her laptop, or falls asleep.
spend their time? Q: What do they spent 43Teaching English for Academic Purposes
their money on? Using CBI and TBLT. GDPNU, College English
21Technology. Department 6 December 2013 Prof. Andy
http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/technol Curtis, Anaheim University, USA President
gy.html (Elect) TESOL Association.
Teaching English for Academic Purposes Using CBI and TBLT.ppt
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Teaching English for Academic Purposes Using CBI and TBLT

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