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Before They Were The Beatles
Before They Were The Beatles
In the summer of 1957, The Quarry Men were playing in a church hall
In the summer of 1957, The Quarry Men were playing in a church hall
Another great musician, George Harrison, joined to the band in
Another great musician, George Harrison, joined to the band in
Stu Sutcliffe left the band after 18 months, so it was Lennon,
Stu Sutcliffe left the band after 18 months, so it was Lennon,
It was a pivotal moment in their career
It was a pivotal moment in their career
Beginning of theEnd
Beginning of theEnd
Two months later all the members of the band were honored with Members
Two months later all the members of the band were honored with Members
The End
The End
Their original record label, EMI and the Guinness Book of World
Their original record label, EMI and the Guinness Book of World
The End
The End

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1THE BEATLES. History of the band. by 9It was a pivotal moment in their
Nikolaeva Irina 6 "A" career. The song Please Please Me soon
2Presentation. The four-member band topped the UK charts. The Beatles
from Liverpool, England, known as The progressed artistically and commercially
Beatles, became one of the most popular with each successive record. On February
rock and roll bands in history. In a 9, 1964 they appeared on the American
course of 8 years they changed not only television program The Ed Sullivan Show.
rock and roll, but also the face of all The show became the highest rated show in
music forever. Now almost all people know television history to that date. It was
the names of those great musicians. Thats also claimed that there was not one
name them here: John Lennon (John reported crime during the time the
Winston Lennon) - born October 9, 1940, performed.
Liverpool, England - died December 8, 10Beginning of the End. 1966-1968 The
1980, New York, USA Paul McCartney band released just two albums in 1966. In
(James Paul McCartney) - born June 18, the summer of that year the band was
1942, Liverpool, England. George attacked by an angry crowd in the
Harrison - born February 25, 1943, Philippines after turning down an
Liverpool, England - died November 30, invitation to breakfast at the
2001, Los Angeles, USA Ringo Starr Presidential Palace. That disastrous tour
(Richard Starkey) - born July 7, 1940, had no sooner ended when Lennon set off a
Dingle, Liverpool, England. huge wave of record burning protests when
3Before They Were The Beatles. he suggested in an interview that
1957-1959 John Lennon was just 17 when he "Christianity is dying" and that
formed his first band, The Black Jacks. The Beatles "are more popular than
The band was made up entirely of Jesus now." Their double album, The
classmates at Quarry Bank Grammar School Beatles (also known as The White Album)
in Liverpool, and almost immediately after was released in November 1968.
they started, they changed their name to 11Two months later all the members of
The Quarry Men. They played skiffle the band were honored with Members of the
music, a mixture of folk, jazz and blues Order of the British Empire, one of the
which was popular in England at the time. highest honors bestowed in the UK, usually
4In the summer of 1957, The Quarry to military and government officials. The
Men were playing in a church hall when Beatles' second movie, Help! came out in
another member of the band introduced 1965, and the soundtrack was one of the
Lennon to Paul McCartney, then a four albums the band released that year.
15-year-old left-handed guitar player. He Press here to listen to the song Help ?
was immediately invited to join, which he 12The End. 1969-1970. Disagreements and
did in October, 1957. disharmony among band members had been
5Another great musician, George gradually increasing, become especially
Harrison, joined to the band in February apparent during the White Album recording
1958. The Quarry Men broke up early in sessions. Their last recording session
1959. Lennon and McCartney continued their followed in August, 1969. In September
songwriting, but Harrison joined another 1969, Lennon told the band that he was
band called The Les Stewart Quartet. leaving. The band's breakup was announced
The Quarry Men briefly reunited when in April 1970.
Harrison's group fell apart and he 13Life After The Beatles. 1970-present.
recruited Lennon and McCartney to help him All four of The Beatles carried on with
fulfill a contract with Liverpool's Casbah successful solo careers after the breakup
Coffee Club. After that Lennon, McCartney of The Beatles. John Lennon released seven
and Harrison continued performing as albums between 1970 and 1980. An
Johnny and the Moondogs.. additional album, Milk and Honey, was
6Pre-Beatlemania. 1960-1963 In 1960 released (in 1984) after Lennon's death.
Lennon, McCartney and Harrison were joined George Harrison released a dozen solo
by drummer Pete Best and bassist Stu albums and produced films through his
Sutcliffe, a friend of Lennon's from the company, Handmade Films. Harrison died of
Liverpool Art School. They used several cancer at the age of 58 in November 2001.
different names like Long John and The Ringo Starr has released nearly two dozen
Beatles, The Silver Beetles, The Beat albums and appeared in about the same
Brothers before they became The number of films since the breakup of The
Beatles, the band which name became known Beatles. Paul McCartney has been the most
throughout the world. prolific ex-Beatle as a solo artist. He
7Stu Sutcliffe left the band after 18 continues to tour and record and he is
months, so it was Lennon, McCartney, really one of the most successful
Harrison and Best who met in June 1962 the musicians in history.
producer George Martin. Martin liked 14Their original record label, EMI and
everything about the band except Pete the Guinness Book of World Records
Best. Because of that Ringo Starr was estimate that more than 1-billion The
recruited to replace Best. In September, Beatles albums, singles and CDs have been
1962, the band's first single Love Me Do sold worldwide. In addition to the 23
was released, eventually reaching 17 in albums released during the band's life
the UK. (1960-1970) there have been more than 150
8Beatlemania. 1964-1965. By April, compilations, recorded interviews and
1964, the band's singles occupied the top videos issued. Hundreds of books have been
five spots on the Billboard Hot 100 written about their personal lives, their
chart. That summer they toured New Zealand music, and their influence on pop culture
and Australia, where their arrival in and rock music.
Adelaide was greeted by a crowd estimated 15Discography. And the list is going on
at more than 300,000. The first The The latest THE BEATLES album is LOVE,
Beatles movie, A Hard Day's Night was which was released in November 2006. The
released in 1964. Beatlemania was Beatles music still loved by hundreds of
responsible for the concept of the stadium millions of people all over the world.
concert. More than 55-thousand screaming 16The End. music by The Beatles - Please
fans (at the time, the most ever to have Please Me. - Ob-la-di Ob-la-da - No Reply
attended a single concert) packed New - Yesterday.
York's Shea Stadium in August 1965.



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