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Overview of DDC 23
Overview of DDC 23
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
370 Education
Food and clothing
Food and clothing
Food and clothing
Food and clothing
796 Athletic and outdoor sports and games
796 Athletic and outdoor sports and games
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
Relative Index record for “Cancer—humans—medicine” in ESS 4.0 (MARC 21
Relative Index record for “Cancer—humans—medicine” in ESS 4.0 (MARC 21
WebDewey 2.0 http://dewey
WebDewey 2.0 http://dewey
Icons for built numbers and Manual notes
Icons for built numbers and Manual notes
Manual note record for 741
Manual note record for 741
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
Class record for 616
The Dewey ecosystem
The Dewey ecosystem
Linked Open Data Cloud http://richard
Linked Open Data Cloud http://richard
Linked data in dewey
Linked data in dewey
Linked data in dewey
Linked data in dewey
Linked data in dewey
Linked data in dewey
The Future of DDC Is Now
The Future of DDC Is Now
Using BISAC mappings to add context
Using BISAC mappings to add context
Using translations to provide multilingual access
Using translations to provide multilingual access
The Future of DDC Is Now
The Future of DDC Is Now
The Future of DDC Is Now
The Future of DDC Is Now
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The Future of DDC Is Now! Uncovering the Mysteries of DDC 23 and Beyond

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1The Future of DDC Is Now! Uncovering 36pen, portable, tablet, wearable computers;
the Mysteries of DDC 23 and Beyond. Joan workstations; comprehensive works on
S. Mitchell Editor in Chief, DDC OCLC midrange and personal computers? *Use
mitchelj@oclc.org. ILF Conference 15 notation 019 from Table 1 as modified at
November 2011 Ft. Wayne, IN. 004.019.
2Outline. Overview of DDC 23 WebDewey 37Specific types of personal computers:
2.0 The future is now: DDC 23 in the big DDC 23. 004.16 *Personal computers . . .
picture. Class here specific types of personal
3Overview of DDC 23. computers . . . . . . 004.167 *Handheld
4DDC 23: A few highlights. Major computing devices . . . Class here
updates in religion (Islam and Orthodox specific types of handheld computing
Christianity), law, education, food and devices *Use notation 019 from Table 1 as
clothing, graphic arts, cinematography and modified at 004.019.
videography, ancient and modern world 38Specific music styles (1). DDC 22:
Overhaul of groups of people A host of new 781.66 †Rock (Rock ‘n’ roll) Including
numbers (e.g., bullying, cloud computing, acid, folk, hard, punk, soft rock DDC 23:
end of Mub?rak administration) Structural 781.66 †Rock (Rock ‘n’ roll) Class here
changes to support machine display and specific rock styles †Add as instructed
retrieval, and classifier efficiency. under 781.63–781.69.
5DDC 23: Some themes and examples. 39Specific music styles (2). Class here
Groups of people Viewpoint Digital trends specific X styles added under: 781.642
Types/styles Structure. †Country music 781.643 †Blues 781.644
6Groups of People. †Soul 781.646 †Reggae 781.648 †Electronica
7“kinds of persons” ? “groups of 781.649 †Rap.
people” T1—08 Groups of people 305 Groups 40Specific music styles (3).
of people “persons treatment” ? 781.63-781.69 Other traditions of music
“biography” T1—09 History, geographic Add to each subdivision identified by † as
treatment, biography Table 2 Geographic follows: . . . 17 Hybrid styles Fusion of
areas, historical periods, biography. two or more styles from different
Groups of people (1). traditions of music to create a new style
8Groups of people (2). T1—081 People by Add to 17 the numbers following 781.6 in
gender or sex T1—0811 Men T1—0865 People 781.62–781.69, e.g., fusion with folk
by marital status T1—0867 Transgender and music 172, folk rock 781.66172 See Manual
intersex people T1—0925–0928 New numbers at 781.6: Hybrid styles . . .
for collected biography of groups of 41Structural changes. Standard
people. subdivisions Dual headings Unbalanced
9Groups of people (3). Ripple effect of spans Data format.
changes throughout DDC 23, especially for 42Identification of standard
groups of people in 155, 305–306, 331, and subdivisions. Revisions to internal tables
362 Reversal in preference order in under T1—08, T1—0901–0905, and T1—093–099
302–307 to topic/group, e.g., friendship (not standard subdivisions) Contents of
in women 302.34082, not 305.4 Women. table under T3B—1–8 moved to subdivisions
10Viewpoint. of T3B—1 Poetry (standard subdivisions
11370 Education. without initial 0) New note highlighting
flickr.com/photos/crystiancruz/3390704159 special expansions under standard
by Crystian Cruz on Flickr. subdivisions.
12Generalize targeted areas in education 43New note highlighting special
from an international viewpoint. Levels of expansions under standard subdivision
education Kinds of schools Specific notation. 401.4 Communication; semantics,
subjects in primary education Policy pragmatics, languages for special purposes
issues in education. Notation 014 from Table 1 as modified
13Levels of education (1). 372 Primary below . . . (similar entry also appears
education (Elementary education) 373 under T4—014).
Secondary education 374 Adult education 44Dual headings: Definition. A heading
378 Higher education (Tertiary education). with two separate terms, the first of
14Levels of education (2). 372.24 which is the main topic and the second of
Specific levels of primary education which is the major subordinate topic,
372.241 Lower level Class here grades 1–3 e.g., 570 Life sciences Biology Main topic
372.242 Intermediate level Former heading: and major subordinate topic share the same
Upper level Class here grades 4–6 . . . number and most of the subdivisions.
372(.243) Upper level (Optional number; 45004–006 Data processing Computer
prefer 373.236) Class here lower secondary science 570 Life sciences Biology 943
level . . . Central Europe Germany. Dual headings: DDC
15Kinds of schools. 371.05 Public 22.
schools distinguished by source of 46004–006 Computer science 004–006 Data
funding, locus of control, and mandate processing Computer science 570 Biology
[formerly 371.01] Class here academy 570 Life sciences Biology 943 Germany and
schools, charter schools. neighboring central European countries 943
16Specific subjects in primary education Central Europe Germany. Dual headings: DDC
(1). 372.6 Language arts (Communication 23.
skills) New option in English-language 47Elimination of unbalanced spans: DDC
edition: (Option: Class here language arts 22. 449 Occitan, Catalan, Franco-Proven?al
[communication skills] in a language other .01-.8 Subdivisions of Occitan, Langue
than English; in that case, class language d’oc .709449 Proven?al dialect.
arts [communication skills] in English in 48Elimination of unbalanced spans: DDC
372.6521) New option in German-language 23. 449 Occitan, Catalan, Franco-Proven?al
edition: (Option: Hier auch .01-.09 Standard subdivisions of Occitan,
Sprachkompetenz Langue d’oc .1-.8 Subdivisions of Occitan,
[Kommunikationsfertigkeiten] in einer Langue d’oc .709449 Proven?al dialect.
anderen Sprache als Deutsch; klassifiziere 49DDC data format. Moved to 4th
in diesem Fall Sprachkompetenz generation Editorial Support System (ESS)
[Kommunikationsfertigkeiten] in Deutsch in developed at OCLC Moved from proprietary
372.6531). internal format to MARC 21 classification
17Specific subjects in primary education and authority formats Moved from
(2). 372.652–.659 Specific foreign, proprietary XML distribution format to
official, second languages Subdivisions MARCXML + Semantic Web formats.
are added for any or all topics in heading 50Class record for 616.994 in ESS 4.0
Add to base number 372.65 notation 2–9 (MARC 21 Classification Format).
from Table 6, e.g., Spanish 372.6561, 51Class record for 616.994 in ESS 4.0
English as a second language 372.6521; (MARC 21 Classification Format). 750 #7 $a
then add further as instructed under Cancer $x humans $x medicine
372.3-372.8, e.g., methods of teaching $0(OCoLCD)och00023170?$2?ddcri?
Spanish 372.6561044 follows: 04 General $9?as=AP?$9?ps=PE.
topics 041 Language arts in foreign, 52Relative Index record for
official, second languages Add to 041 the “Cancer—humans—medicine” in ESS 4.0 (MARC
notation following 372.6 in 372.61-372.64, 21 Authority Format).
e.g., Spanish composition 372.656104123 53WebDewey 2.0
042 Place of subject in education . . . http://dewey.org/webdewey.
18Policy issues in education. 54WebDewey 2.0 Design Goals. Modern
379.1282–.1289 Support by specific interface Support for search, browse,
regional intergovernmental organizations number building, and personalization
Add to base number 379.128 the numbers Generic user interface script to allow use
following 341.24 in 341.242-341.249, e.g., of more than one language version and
support by European Union 379.12822. connection to multiple terminology sets
19Food and clothing. /. /. Local controls (links to terminology sets,
flickr.com/photos/toremor/3503221311 by segmentation marks/instructions,
tmorkemo on Flickr. connections to OPACs, etc.).
flickr.com/photos/30475026@N08/4506640923 55WebDewey 2.0: November 2011
by thepresidentwearsprada on Flickr. enhancements. New opening screen
20Cooking specific meals: DDC 22. 641.52 Additional preferences for initial screen
Breakfasts 641.53 Luncheons, lunches, Removal of dead links Links to posted
brunches, teas, suppers 641.532 Brunches updates from every page Icons for built
641.534 Box and bag lunches 641.536 numbers and Manual notes History of
Afternoon teas 641.538 Suppers Class numbers.
evening meals that constitute the main 56Icons for built numbers and Manual
meal of the day in 641.54 641.53 Snacks notes. Manual note. Built number.
Including elevenses 641.54 Dinners. 57Manual note record for 741.5 vs.
21Cooking specific meals: DDC 23 741.56. Manual note.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in global 58Class record for 616.994.
context. 641.52 First meal of the day 59Class record for 616.994: History box
(brunches, breakfasts) 641.53 Light meals opened.
(snacks; dinners, lunches, suppers, teas 60Class record for 616.993: Navigated
as light meals) 641.54 Main meal of the here from 616.994.
day (dinners, lunches, suppers, teas as 61WebDewey 2.0: Enhancements coming in
main meals). 2012. New functionality: Number building
22Updates to clothing in 391/646/687 assistance User contribution of numbers
(1). Terminology updated to match industry Data enhancements: Sears PPT mappings
practice (e.g., activewear, loungewear, updated to DDC 23 and displayed as LCSH
headwear) and geographic variations (e.g., Additional number spans (hierarchical
pants [trousers]) Relocations and displays of built numbers; explicit links
expansions to support improved in number building instructions).
developments. 62The future is now! DDC 23 in the big
23Updates to clothing in 391/646/687 picture.
(2). 646.433 Suits . . . Pants (trousers) 63The Dewey ecosystem. DDC data.
relocated to 646.436 . . . 646.436 Pants Categorized content. Linked data.
(Trousers) [formerly 646.433]. Mappings. Translations.
24796 Athletic and outdoor sports and flickr.com/photos/disneyite/1506813031/ by
games. Donna62 on Flickr.
flickr.com/photos/henrik_larsson/269283033 64Mappings and crosswalks. DDC. MeSH.
in/set-72157594327694557 by henke on SEARS. BISAC. CSH. RAMEAU. AGROVOC. SAO.
Flickr. SAB. LCSH. LCC. SWD. Nuovo Soggettario.
25Generalize targeted sports from an UDC.
international viewpoint. Guidelines for 65DDC 22. DDC translations: Anatomy of
extensions to hockey plus summer and an edition. Italian DDC 22. German DDC 22.
winter Olympic games: The sport must be French DDC 22. Swedish Mixed DDC 22. A14.
administered by an international Afrikaans Arabic Chinese French German
federation that has been recognized by the Norwegian Portuguese Russian Scots Gaelic
IOC The sport is widely practiced around Spanish Swedish. English French Italian
the world (e.g., has a regularly scheduled Rhaeto-Romansch. Vietnamese A14. French
major international tournament associated A14. Hebrew A14. Spanish A14. Italian A14.
with the sport) The sport has enough DDC Summaries. DDC Sach-Gruppen (German).
literary warrant in WorldCat. 200 Religion Class. Guide (French).
26796.96 Ice games: Ice hockey. 796.962 66746.92 in Swedish Mixed DDC 22 (using
Ice hockey 796.963 Bandy Including rink new WebDewey generic interface).
bandy 796.964 Curling 796.965 Broomball 67DDC 23 (2011). German DDC 23. DDC 23
796.966 Ringette See also 796.356 for gym Family: Editions planned / in progress.
ringette, inline ringette. French DDC 23. Italian DDC 23. Norwegian
27796.96 Ice games: Freestyle skiing and DDC 23 (2012). Arabic DDC 23 (2012).
snowboarding (1). DDC 22: 796.937 Swedish Mixed DDC 23 (2011). A15 (2012).
Freestyle skiing Including ballet, mogul, Vietnamese DDC 23 (2013). Afrikaans Arabic
trick skiing 796.938 Snowboarding. Chinese French German Norwegian Portuguese
28796.96 Ice games: Freestyle skiing and Russian Scots Gaelic Spanish Swedish . . .
snowboarding (2). DDC 23: 796.937 (2012). Indonesian A15. DDC Summaries
Freestyle skiing Including aerial and (2011). Guide (French) (2012). 200
mogul skiing; ski cross 796.938 Religion Class (2012).
Snowboarding Including big air, halfpipe, 68Linked Open Data Cloud
slopestyle snowboarding; snowboard cross http://richard.cyganiak.de/2007/10/lod/.
(boardercross), parallel giant slalom 69Linked Open Data Cloud: DDC. DDC.
skiing Class here alpine and freestyle 70Linked data in dewey.info.
snowboarding. http://dewey.info/class/641/about.
29Digital trends. 71Linked data in dewey.info: Assignable
30Sorting out digital trends: numbers from Abridged Edition 14.
004.11-004.16 Digital computers. > http://dewey.info/class/305.895/a14/about.
004.11-004.16 Digital computers 72Linked data in dewey.info: Machine
Multifunctional digital devices are representation in RDF/SKOS.
classed with their predominant function . http://dewey.info/class/305.895/a14/about.
. . a work that focuses on a specific df.
function other than the predominant 73
function is classed with the specific 74Using BISAC mappings to add context.
function. 75Using translations to provide
31Sorting out digital trends: Digital multilingual access.
photography (1). [775] Digital photography 76
Use of this number for comprehensive works 77
on digital photography discontinued; class 78New MARC fields: 083 Additional Dewey
in 770 Preparation and manipulation of Decimal Classification number. Leckere
photographic digital images relocated to Suppen und Einto?pfe [Delicious soups and
771.44. one-pot stews] 082 04 $a 641.823 $q DE-101
32Sorting out digital trends: Digital $2 22/ger 083 0# $a 641.813 $q DE-101 $2
photography (2). *Do not use notation 0285 22/ger 641.823 Stews 641.813 Soups.
from Table 1 for comprehensive works on 79New MARC fields: 085 Synthesized
digital photography; class in 770 and its classification number components. Das
subdivisions without use of notation 0285, Highlander-Kochbuch [The Highlander
e.g., digital trick photography 778.8; cookbook] 082 04 $8 1\x $a 641.594115 $q
however, use subdivisions of notation 0285 DE-101 $2 22/ger 085 ## $8 1\x $b 641.59
for specific computer applications in 085 ## $8 1\x $z 2 $s 4115 641.593-.599
photography, e.g., application of computer Cooking characteristic of specific
programs to digital trick photography continents, countries, localities T2—4115
778.8028553. Do not use notation 092 from Highland.
Table 1 for photographers; class in 80Summary. We’ve used the publication of
770.92. DDC 23 as an opportunity to look closely
33Sorting out digital trends: at the system in order to understand the
Cinematography and videography (1). 777 key changes in the new edition the reasons
Cinematography and videography . . . Class behind the changes the complementary role
here conventional cinematography of WebDewey in terms of updates,
(cinematography using film), digital additional content, and productivity tools
cinematography and videography, amateur the different representations of the DDC
and professional cinematography and the place of DDC 23 in the Dewey
videography; home video systems, ecosystem.
television photography, video art. 81Thank You! Questions?
34Sorting out digital trends: 82DDC 23: More information. DDC 23
Cinematography and videography (2). †Do webinar http://tinyurl.com/3cyqn7q
not use notation 0285 from Table 1 for 025.431: The Dewey Blog
comprehensive works on digital http://ddc.typepad.com DDC 23
cinematography and videography; class in Introduction, Glossary, New Features,
777 and its subdivisions without use of Relocations and Discontinuations, and
notation 0285, e.g., digital trick Errata available for download at:
videography 777.9; however, use http://www.oclc.org/us/en/dewey/versions/p
subdivisions of notation 0285 for specific int/default.htm Mini webinars and updated
computer applications in cinematography training materials coming in early 2012!
and videography, e.g., application of 83Some useful links. DDC 23.
computer programs to digital trick oclc.org/us/en/info/ddc23. WebDewey 2.0.
videography 777.9028553. Do not use http://dewey.org/webdewey. dewey.info.
notation 092 from Table 1 for http://dewey.info. 025.431: The Dewey
photographers; class in 770.92. blog. http://ddc.typepad.com. Classify.
35Types/styles. http://classify.oclc.org/classify2/.
36Specific types of personal computers: Questions? dewey@loc.gov (Dewey Editorial
DDC 22. 004.16 *Personal computers Class Office) dewey@oclc.org (Licensing, group
here microcomputers; laptop, notebook, purchases, LIS program).
The Future of DDC Is Now! Uncovering the Mysteries of DDC 23 and Beyond.ppt
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The Future of DDC Is Now! Uncovering the Mysteries of DDC 23 and Beyond

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