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The History of St
The History of St
Rich Novgorod
Rich Novgorod
The fortress Oreshek
The fortress Oreshek
The window to Europe
The window to Europe
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“The history of st

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1“The history of 7the river Okhta. Словарь.
st.Petersburg”-элективный курс 8The fortress Oreshek. Словарь. Thus
предпрофильного и профильного обучения. Russia was cut off from the Baltic Sea.
Автор проекта Рябикова Зоя Шагиевна. The Baltic Sea was an important waterway
2Подготовка к творческому leading to the countries of the Western
экскурсионному проекту. Данный курс Europe. In 1700 the war be­tween Russia
призван развивать навыки исследовательской and Sweden for the age-old Russian lands,
работы. Для этого в рамках курса могут for an outlet to the Baltic began. We know
быть использованы проектные формы работы, this war as the Northern War. The Northern
подготовка докладов, сообщений и War lasted 21 years. It ended in 1721 with
разработка собственных экскурсий по Russia's victory. The beginning of the war
городу. На основе знаний, полученных на wasn't successful. But the fortress
базовых уроках английского языка и курса Noteburg (former Oreshek) was captured by
истории Санкт-Петербурга, учащиеся the Russian Army on the 11th of October in
самостоятельно могут выбрать те факты и 1702. In May of 1703 the important
исторические уголки города, о которых им strategic point was cap­tured by the
хотелось бы рассказать другим учащимся. Russian Army. It was the Nienschants
3You are welcome. We at the tourist Fortress.
company St. Petersburg are happy to 9The window to Europe. Словарь.
welcome guests from all over the world, "The window to Europe" was
those who want to know more about the opened. And Peter the Great ordered to
historical and cultural treasures of this construct a fortress. The foundation stone
”Northern Palmira” . The motto of the city of the city was laid by Peter I on the
and its tourist firm is hospitality, 16th of May (the 27th of May by new style)
excellent service and a good sense of in 1703 on Zayachy island. The city began
humor. We strive to satisfy the requests as a fortress and a port. Peter I decided
of every guest, taking his personal to move the capital from Moscow to St.
interests and preferences into Petersburg. In 1712 St. Petersburg was
consideration. declared the new capital of Russia. The
4City’s “discovery”. If you are in St. new city went up very fast. Peter I
Petersburg for the first time, we want you ordered to build houses only along the
to “discover” the city for yourself, to streets according to the plan and not at
feel the special charm of this precious random. The tsar himself supervised the
Russian gem. And if you have been here construction of the new city. The best
before, perhaps this visit will give you architects, sculptors and artists creat­ed
as much pleasure as your first one. it. And some 20-30 years later it could
5The History of St. Petersburg. compare with Europe's largest cities. St.
Учащиеся прослушивают текст на Petersburg received the poetic name of
аудиокассете с видеофильмом на английском "Northern Venice" by its
языке. remark­able architectural ensembles. At
6The History of St. Petersburg. One and present St. Petersburg is one of the most
a half thousand years ago the territory of beauti­ful cities in the world.
today's St. Petersburg and the adjacent 10Test yourself. Put in the missing
lands were inhabited by different tribes. words according to the text: 1.Then in the
They were Vod, Izhora and Korela. Then in middle of the 8-th century…..came to these
the middle of the 8th century Slavic lands. 2.St.Petersburg received the poetic
tribes came to these lands. In the 10th name of “Northern Venice” by
century these lands became part of Kievan its…..architectural ensembles. 3.In 1617
Russia. The geographic location of these the Swedes constructed the fortress
lands was very convenient. The major trade of…..the mouth of the river Okhta. 4.The
route lay across the Gulf of Finland, Northern War ended in 1721 with
along the Neva and Lake Ladoga. That route Russia’s..... 5.These lands became…..of
was called "from the Varangians to the rich Novgorod Feudal Republic. 6.The
the Greeks". That trade route linked beginning of the war wasn’t….. 7.In May of
Northern Russia to South­ern and the 1703 the important strategic ….. was
Baltic lands and Scandinavia to Bizantium. captured by the Russian Army. 8.The city
Словарь. began as a fortress and …. . 9.In 1700 the
7Rich Novgorod. From the 13th to the war between Russia and Sweden for the …..
16th centuries Sweden attempt­ed to Russian lands, for an ….. To the Baltic
capture these lands. The Novgorodians began.
tried to protect their lands. In 1323 they 11Excursion. Для лучшего усвоения
built the fortress of Oreshek. But soon материала учащимся предлагается провести
this fortress was captured by the Swedes. виртуальную экскурсию с использованием
In 1617 the Swedes constructed the видеоматериала.
fortress of the Nienschanz at the mouth of
“The history of st.ppt
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“The history of st

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