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The Mission
The Mission
The Mission
The Mission
The Mission
The Mission
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The Mission

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1The Mission. Reach Out and Read 11vocabulary, letter recognition 4th grade –
prepares America’s youngest children to likely on target. Family #2 No books in
succeed in school by partnering with the home Background TV on at all times
doctors to prescribe books and encourage Parents don’t read for pleasure
families to read together. Kindergarten: learning how to deal
2Reach Out and Read. Medical providers w/books, behind on language
encourage parents to read aloud and offer skills/vocabulary 4th grade – likely poor
practical advice on how to do so At every readers.
health supervision visit, children aged 6 12SO…if every child is read to daily…
months to 6 years old receive a new, More children will be ready for school …
developmentally appropriate book Waiting Fewer children will have difficulty in
rooms provide a literacy rich environment. school …More will have success in school.
3The ROR Impact Nationwide. Reach Out Fewer children will drop out of school.
and Read serves 35% of low income infants, Fewer children will abuse drugs/alcohol.
toddlers and preschoolers in the US at Fewer children will become teen parents.
over 4500 programs nationwide Low income More children will move out of poverty.
children participating score significantly 13The Foundation of Early Literacy.
higher on vocabulary tests and show Print Motivation -being interested in and
improved language development Increases enjoying books Print Awareness – creating
family engagement towards reading aloud. environments full of print Vocabulary –
4Summary of Research on ROR. ROR knowing the names of things Letter
significantly and positively influences Knowledge – recognizing letters and sounds
the literacy environment of children: in print and in verbal language Narrative
Parents read more to their children, Skills – being able to describe things and
parents and children have more positive events and tell stories. Phonological
attitudes toward reading aloud Children Awareness - Being able to hear and play
participating in ROR tend to have with smaller sounds in words.
increased language development in 14Toledo Area Early Literacy. Reach Out
comparison to non-participating children. and Read, UT Dept. of Pediatrics Toledo
5Why Early Literacy? 35% of US children Lucas County Library Read For Literacy –
entering kindergarten lack the necessary “Creating Young Readers” WGTE Early
language skills needed to learn to read Learning Help Me Grow United Way.
Children who live in print-rich 15
environments and who are read to during 16Reach Out and Read of Northwest Ohio
the first years of life are much more The University of Toledo Department of
likely to learn to read on schedule Only Pediatrics. 18 sites locally Hospital
48% of parents in the US read to their based clinics, health dept. clinics,
children daily Parents of children living private physician offices 12,000 children
in poverty lack the money, background and annually 24,000 new books Hundreds of
access to quality books for their gently used books Coordinating community
children. early literacy efforts at local programs
6Toledo Public Schools. Grade/Percent such as Help Me Grow, Polly Fox Academy,
Passing Reading Proficiency 3rd and Lucas County DD Provides early
Grade/65.6% 5th Grade/54.8% 8th literacy training for Jobs and Family
Grade/47.5% 10th Grade/77.9% (2009). Services home-based and center-based
7How Reading Aloud Helps Little Brains providers.
Develop. Fosters language development 17Lori LeGendre Program Director. Reach
Promotes reading skills Prepares children Out and Read of Northwest Ohio University
for school success Motivates children to of Toledo Department of Pediatrics 3120
love books Promotes snuggling and other Glendale, Mail Stop 1202 Toledo, Ohio
positive interactions! (emotional 43614-5809 Phone: 419-383-4007 Fax:
benefits). 419-383-6389 Email:
8 Lori.LeGendre@utoledo.edu.
9Early Literacy. “What children know 18How You Can Help. Promote early
about reading and writing before they literacy and “sharing books” among family,
actually learn to read and write”. friends and work contacts. Donate new or
10 gently used books to local early literacy
11Two 6-month olds, Two Families. Family programs. Conduct book drives at places of
#1 Literacy rich environment Baby/adult employment or worship. Volunteer at local
books, magazines, computers, newspapers early literacy programs. Make a $$
Vocabulary rich conversation, book donation to support the purchase of books
sharing, Kindergarten: expanding for young children.
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The Mission

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