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Fish and shellfish

Fish and shellfish. sole. cod. brown shrimp. haddock. saithe. whiting. norway lobster. The North Sea is one of the world's most important fishing grounds, yielding benthic and pelagic fish, and shellfish. Some species have been overfished, but the herring is one of the species whose stocks have recovered and are currently favourable. Cod stocks, however, are so low that there is a danger that sufficient juveniles will not be produced. Generally, large fish of all species are becoming rarer. Fishing is affecting other species too. The harvesting of the shellfish spisula from the North Sea is impacting on the occurrence of the common scoter. And fishing is probably responsible for the crash in numbers of rays and for the decline in numbers of harbour porpoise. Beam trawling for benthic flatfishes is causing high mortality in benthic fauna and a shift in their age composition. However, birds profit from the large amounts of fish waste dumped at sea by trawlers.

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