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The numerals
The numerals
3. How do you say these numbers in English
3. How do you say these numbers in English
Look left, right Look up, look down Look around
Look left, right Look up, look down Look around
Look left, right Look up, look down Look around
Look left, right Look up, look down Look around
4. Read and translate the sentences
4. Read and translate the sentences
6. Write answers to these problems
6. Write answers to these problems
Спасибо за внимание
Спасибо за внимание
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The numerals

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1The numerals. Презентация к теме 6your hare, then cook him. 3. Forty is the
«Числительные» по английскому языку для old age of youth, fifty is the youth of
обучающихся СПО (закрепление old age. 4. Tests started in late 1981. 5.
грамматического материала) Преподавателя The thermometer reads 25" below zero.
иностранного языка ГБОУ СПО ЛТК КК 6. He encountered this phenomenon for the
Максаковой Марии Олеговны. first time. 7. Five times six is thirty.
21. Answer these questions. Write your 8. This substance reacts (вещество
answers in words. When were you реагирует) 100 times as fast as the other
born?______________________________ How one. 9. This substance decomposes
much do you (распадается) one tenth as fast as the
weigh?______________________________ What other one. 10. Now we proceed to (перейдем
is the number of the flat or house where ко ) the second point.
you live?_____________________________ Is 75. Do the test. 1) 25 twenty five
that an odd or an even twenti five twenty-five tventy-five 2)
number?______________________________ What fourteen 12 13 14 15. 3) 41 forty-one
is the approximate population of your forty one fortyone forti-one 4) seventy
town?______________________________ What three 71 72 73 74. 5) 32 thirty-two
is the approximate population of your thirtytwo thirty two threety-two 6) sixty
country?______________________________ seven 66 67 68 69. 7) 94 ninety-four nine
What is the normal temperature of a four nine-for ninefour 8) twenty six 26 27
healthy 28 29.
person?______________________________ How 88) 70 sewenti sewenty seventi seventy
many kilometres are there in a 9) forty-nine 46 47 48 49. 10) 2000 two
mile?______________________________. thousands two thousand two hundreds 11)
32. Correct the mistakes in these twelve 12 13 14 15. 12) Несколько тысяч
sentences. thousand. After the game I several thousands several thousand оба
heard the crowd was over twenty thousands. варианта верные 13) thirteen 18 13 17 15.
________________ We arrived on the ten 14) Миллионы долларов millions of dollars
September. ______________________________ million of dollars millions dollars 15)
There were two hundred twenty altogether. миллиард a billion a milliard оба варианта
______________________________ I got правильные.
twenty-five from forty in my test. 96. Write answers to these problems. 23
______________________________ My birthday and 36 is_____________ 24 times 8
is thirty-one August. is_____________ 80 minus 20
______________________________ My phone is_____________ 65 divided by 13
number is seven twenty three, six naught is____________ Add 10 and 6, multiply by
nine. ____________________. tenth. two 8, then subtract 40 and divide by 11. What
hundred and twenty. forty. thirty-first. have you got left?______________________
seven, two, three, six, naught, nine. Divide 33 by 11, multiply by 7, add 10,
43. How do you say these numbers in and subtract 16. What number is
English? Example: 384 - Three hundred and left?_____________________________. fifty
eighty-four -nine. one hundred and ninety-two. sixty.
212______________________________ five. fifty-four comma four. fifteen.
5330______________________________ 10Спасибо за внимание!
3,000,000______________________________ 11Использованные источники:
4.5______________________________ http://sr-week.ru/?p=14266
0.75______________________________. Two http://ru.depositphotos.com/1211058/stock-
hundred and twelve. Five thousand, three hoto-Futuristic-numerals.html
hundred and thirty. Three million. Four http://www.artsides.ru/?ItemID=3088&Se
comma five. Naugh comma seven, five. ID=57
5Look left, right Look up, look down http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/cold_wote
Look around. Look at your nose Look at /page2.html
that rose Close your eyes Open, wink and http://www.snow-w.com/vb/showthread.php?t=
smile. Your eyes are happy again. 7934
64. Read and translate the sentences. http://cl.rushkolnik.ru/docs/36/index-1283
1. Habit is second nature. 2. First catch -23.html.
The numerals.pptx
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The numerals

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