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History of UK political parties
History of UK political parties
Conservative & Unionist Party
Conservative & Unionist Party
Conservative & Unionist Party
Conservative & Unionist Party
Developed from the group of MPs known as the Tories in the early
Developed from the group of MPs known as the Tories in the early
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The Parties

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1The Parties. Political System in the 7Social Democratic and Labour Party and
UK. Sinn F?in.
2Logos: 8The pairing system. An MP of one party
3Britain is normally described as is 'paired' with an MP of another
having a 'two-party system'. Britain is party=>neither of them bother to turn
unlike most other countries in that its up for the vote=>the difference in
parties were first formed inside numbers between one side and the other is
Parliament, and were only later extended maintained, while the MPs are free to get
to the public at large. on with other work.
4Parties do not extend into every area 9Conservative & Unionist Party.
of public and social life in the «Change to Win – Win for Britain». David
country=> Universities have their Cameron.
Conservative , Labour and Liberal Democrat 10The Conservative Party is. the second
clubs It is usually a party's MPs who have largest political party in the United
the most control over party policy and the Kingdom the most successful political
biggest influence on the choice of party party in history in terms of election
leader. victories One of the oldest political
5History of UK political parties. UK party in the world. Since World War I the
political parties emerged in the mid-19th Conservative Party and its principal
century. From then until the 1920s, the opponent, the Labour Party, have dominated
Conservative and the Liberal parties British political life.
dominated the political scene. From the 11Developed from the group of MPs known
end of the War in 1945 the Conservative as the Tories in the early nineteenth
and Labour parties have dominated British century=> the term “Tory”. Although it
politics, alternating power between them was in government for two-thirds of the
ever since. These 3 parties dominate the twentieth century, it has been in
UK delegation to the European Parliament. opposition in Parliament since losing the
6During the eighteenth century Members 1997 election to the Labour Party under
of Parliament tended to divide themselves Tony Blair.
into two camps, those who usually 12Guiding principles: the promotion of
supported the government of the time and private property and enterprise the
those who usually did not=>alternative maintenance of a strong military the
government. preservation of traditional cultural
7There are nationalist parties in values and institutions.
Scotland (the Scottish National Party) and 13“The Conservative Party is ambitious
Wales (Plaid Cymru –”Party of Wales”) and optimistic about the future of
Northern Ireland has a number of parties Britain. Our country faces difficult times
divided predominantly on ethnic and ahead which require strong leadership.”
religious lines, including the Ulster Chamali Fernando, Friday, September 25th,
Unionists, the Democratic Unionists, the 2009 .
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The Parties

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