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The Role of Public Policy in Protecting Children from Violence
The Role of Public Policy in Protecting Children from Violence
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The Role of Public Policy in Protecting Children from Violence

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1The Role of Public Policy in 13the right to participate fully in family,
Protecting Children from Violence. cultural and social life. Create a safe,
2Presentation Overview. Joint Council permanent and loving family for each
Tom DiFilipo – Public Policy Jody child.
Sciortino – Clinical Interventions Morris 14Safety, Permanency & Love.
& McDaniel David Morris – Clinical Adoption vs. Foster Care Safe but not
Preventions. permanent Motivation of Foster Family
3A Human Rights Based Approach. Domestic Adoption vs. International
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Adoption Fewer protections for domestic
Family is “the natural and fundamental More protections for international.
unit of society” As such the family, 15The Colombian Model. All Placements
including children, must be protected Parents assessed by licensed social worker
United Nations Programme for the Parents must visit prior to placement
International year of the Family “the Pre-adoption education requirements Post
family provides the natural framework Placement requirements Equal status
for…the growth and development of its requirements.
members, particularly infants and 16The United States Model. Domestic
children”. Adoption Parents assessed by licensed
4A Human Rights Based Approach. United social worker, physicians, police
Nations Convention on the rights of the Emotional, physician, financial, criminal
Child Provides each child with: The right Parents must visit prior to placement Post
to survival, The right to develop to the Placement requirements Equal status
fullest, The right to protection from requirements Insurance, education, rights,
harmful influences, abuse and inheritance. International Adoption None.
exploitation, and the right to participate 17The Russian Model. International
fully in family, cultural and social life. Adoption Parents assessed by licensed
5A Human Rights Based Approach. Hague social worker, physicians, police and
Convention on Protection of Children and Federal Government Emotional, physician,
Co-Operation in Respect of Intercountry financial, criminal Parents must visit
Adoption “Recognizing that the child, for prior to placement Pre-adoption education
the full and harmonious development of his requirements Post Placement requirements
or her personality, should grow up in a Equal status requirements Insurance,
family environment, in an atmosphere of education, rights, inheritance.
happiness, love and understanding.”. 18The Russian Model. International
6Governments Role. The International Adoption 12 deaths in 52,511 adoptions .02
Community has agreed that governments have % 1 in every 4,357 adoptions.
a responsibility to set public policies 19A Common Thread. The Home Study
which protect the family and all of its Training of prospective adoptive parents
members, including infants and children. Interview of prospective adoptive parents
7The Family’s Role. The World Community Home Visit Health Statements Income
agrees; The family has the greatest Statements Background Checks
potential to protect children and provide Autobiographical Statement References.
for their physical and emotional safety. 20Parent Training. Training of
The privacy and autonomy of the family are prospective adoptive parents Parenting a
valued in all societies and is guaranteed child with a history of physical and/or
in international human rights instruments. sexual abuse Parenting a traumatized child
Preventing or responding to violence Parenting a child with Developmental
against children is challenging in the Delays Parenting the older child Search
context of the ‘private’ family. However, & Reunion Issues of the adopted child
children’s rights to life, survival and Integration into the extended family
safety do not stop at the door of the Siblings Relatives Nontraditional
family home, nor do States’ obligations to Families.
ensure these rights for children. 21The Interview. Interview Family
8Protection Against Background Education Employment
Institutionalization. Family Preservation Relationships Daily Life Parenting
Family Reunification Kinship Care Foster Neighborhood Religion Readiness for
Care Adoption Domestic International Group Adoption.
Homes Independent Living. 22The Assessment. A report integrating
9Deinstitutionalization vs. Family all elements of the Home Study into a
Life. Global Trend Towards summary statement and the social worker's
Deinstitutionalization Columbia, new recommendation. If not approved, the
child’s rights law, 2007 China, foster report may include recommended
care replacing ICA Ukraine, foster care interventions. Some prospective adoptive
Africa, preventing institutions as an parents may receive a conditional
option United States, foster care & approval. If approved for adoption, the
adoption India, street children. report includes the age range and number
10Fixing One Problem - Causing Another. of children for which the family is
United States – deinstitutionalization approved.
Homelessness (street children) Foster Care 23Role of Public Policy Summary
system overwhelmed Increase in violence Statement.
against children Increase in incarceration 24Equal Protections. Regardless of the
rates. placement (birth, kinship, foster,
11Fixing One Problem - Causing Another. adoption) A human rights approach Focus on
Colombia child rights law & creating a safe, permanent & loving
deinstitutionalization Up to 2 years to family Trained & educated
permit an adoption Lack of funding professionals Assessment of the child
Decrease in services. Assessment of the child’s best interest
12Fixing One Problem - Causing Another. Assessment of the kinship, foster or
Russia deinstitutionalization Increase in adoptive family Education of kinship,
violence. foster or adoptive family Post Placement
13The Goal of Public Policy. Provide support and supervision.
each child with: The right to survival, 25If you want to go fast, go alone If
The right to develop to the fullest, The you want to go far, travel together
right to protection from harmful African Proverb.
influences, abuse and exploitation, and
The Role of Public Policy in Protecting Children from Violence.ppt
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The Role of Public Policy in Protecting Children from Violence

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