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A snowman
A snowman.

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«Planet Earth» - Series comprises eleven episodes, each of which is a review of the various habitats of living organisms on Earth. "Planet Earth" received a number of awards in the UK and the U.S., as well as a number of awards at film festivals of wildlife around the world. My favorite TV show is "Planet Earth" on the Discovery Channel.

«Winter» - We can play hockey. Play snowballs Ski Skate Make snowman. In winter I like to ski with my father (mother, sister, friends). SEASONS. I like New Year because I usually get many presents. In winter we have long holidays. I think winter is the best. I like winter because it’s snowy and frosty. In winter there are many funny games.

«The Earth» - Языка Is the Earth a Dangerous Place. The Earth is a beautiful place to live on. Hurricane. Damage – вред, повреждение. Sudden shaking of the ground. A very violent wind is typical of tornado. Hurricane. Disaster. Every year different natural disasters happen in our planet. A volcano. Drought. Volcano.

«Litter problem» - The main main problem is in the attitude of our people to ecology. On the whole we want to say that the situation is not bad! It will cause negative emotions and affect our health. Litter Problem! If it is possible to plant trees and flowers. Of course we photographed some places with litter. Let’s do our best to save our town from pollution!

«The clouds» - Types of low clouds. If we take a closer look, we see that the red light is closest to the. Include picture of high clouds. Cloud type. How do clouds form. The air is cooling. Types of high clouds. Write something about the clouds. How are clouds named. Write a little bit about your area. Sunset colors.

«About weather» - Speaking (7 minutes). They promised a hot clear day. Answer questions of our lesson. Children, today we’re going to talk about the weather. How many different types of weather can you name? What’s the weather like today? Pupils look at the blackboard and say the new words. It snowy in Russia, In China it’s not.


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