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A year
A year.

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«Жизнь в пустыне» - Cheetahs. Jackals. Lions. The Kalahari Desert is a large arid sandy area in Southern Africa. The Kalahari supports a variety of fauna and flora. Acacia tree. The Arabian Desert has the most sand and lots of sand dunes. Arabian desert. Gobi desert. Previously havens for wild animals from elephant to giraffe.

«Spring, summer, autumn and winter» - DRAW PICTURES. SEASONS. Jill. June. SPRING. February. May. April. Bill. March. Mary. PLAY CHESS. Pam. SUMMER. Do you like to read books in autumn? AUTUMN. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. WINTER. September. IN WINTER IN SPRING IN SUMMER IN AUTUMN. Winter is white. Jessica. August. November. Do you like autumn?

«About weather» - How many different types of weather can you name? New language (7minutes). What’s the weather like today? Let’ check our homework (page 62, exercise 1). Speaking (7 minutes). They promised a hot clear day. It snowy in Russia, In China it’s not. Find the right translation. Pupils look at the blackboard and say the new words.

«Seasons and weather» - It is raining. It is cold. It is hot. It is snowing. It is windy. It is freezing. There is a tornado. It is warm. Seasons and weather. It is cool. Rainbow. It is smoggy. It is sunny.

«The Earth» - Earthquake. A tornado. To shake (shook, shaken) – трясти, трястись. The Earth is a beautiful place to live on. What is the disaster. Drought. Tornado. The Earth is a Dangerous Place. A volcano. Damage – вред, повреждение. Listen to the text and complete the table. Every year different natural disasters happen in our planet.

«The green movement» - "Green" movement in the world. Management of each such branch in which head there is a chief executive, carries out national board. It became the first African who has headed this organization. Green color which is used by participants of movement as the general emblem, serves as a symbol of the nature, hope and updating.


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