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The Shareholder Value of Brand
The Shareholder Value of Brand
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The Shareholder Value of Brand

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1The Shareholder Value of Brand. 6recommendation Strategic shareholder
Prepared for: MSI Conference: A Hard and communication. The final outcome of this
Soft Look at Building Strong Brands Tony process is a set of two composite scores
Siesfeld March 15, 2002. All rights are which explain about 80% of the variability
reserved. Members of MSI and academic in the dependent measure.
researchers may make limited copies of 7Shareholder relevance of brand:
this presentation, electronically or in Structural model Shareholders seem to rely
print, solely for their internal, on many sources of information in
non-commercial use. Any other use of this evaluating their investment options.
presentation—including reproduction for Shareholder Value. Financial Elements.
purposes other than those noted above, Brand Elements. Brand Performance. Leading
modification, distribution, or indicator. Actual Financial Performance.
republication—without prior written Expected Financial Performance. Brand
permission of the Author is strictly Recognition. Market Value/ Revenue
prohibited. Expected Return P/E Ratio. Source: Mercer
2Presentation overview. Brand has value analysis.
for many stakeholders, including 8Brand influence on valuation Brand
shareholders The shareholder value of recognition and brand performance account
brand can be measured The shareholder for 28.5% of shareholder value. Drivers of
dollar value of brand can be determined Shareholder Value (MV/R). Percentage
The sources of the brand’s value can be Impact (MV/R). Source: Mercer analysis.
determined Brand strength appears to be an 9Brand and shareholder value The
important leading indicator of shareholder greatest market rewards go to the best
value growth. brands; there is little reward in being
3Brand has value for customers Brand is near-best. Brand as Driver of Shareholder
a most powerful market share driver and Value (3/01)2. Market Value to Revenue
influence on customer choice. Miserable Ratio. Brand Score1. 20. EMC. Cisco. 15.
Moments Are Very Costly. Buying Share Is Oracle. Microsoft. 10. Sun. 5. IBM. Dell.
Also Costly. In this case, brand had a Compaq. 0. 25. 45. 65. 85. Source: Mercer
greater impact on customer demand than the analysis. 1Brand Score is a linear
combination of all the most favorable combinations of secondary data on
price and service elements. Strong Brand corporate reputation, Interbrand ranking
Matters. Promise Alone Is Not Enough. and ratings of elements of the value
Exceptional Service Gets Noticed. Change proposition (e.g. product quality,
in Demand. 3 days. Out-of-Stock innovativeness, quality of employees, best
Availability. One week. Two weeks. One company to work for) controlling for
month. Change in Demand. 15% lower price, financial performance. 2Example of 40
= Perf. Price Performance. 10% lower companies.
price,= Perf. = Price, 10% Better Perf. = 10Brand is a leading indicator of
Price, = Perf. Change in Demand. A. B. shareholder value Corporate brand
Brand. C. Change in Demand. D. 4% of net performance is a leading indicator of
sales. E. 3% of net sales. Marketing stock price performance. Stock Price
Dollars. 2% of net sales. 1% of net sales. Appreciation One Year After Corporate
Change in Demand. 90% accuracy, one hour. Brand Evaluation. Stock Price Appreciation
Technical Support. 75% accuracy, one hour. One Year After (10/1999-10/2000).
90% accuracy, 1/2 day. 75% accuracy, 1/2 Corporate Brand Score in October 1999.
day. Source: Mercer study, retail market 200%. 150%. 100%. 50%. 0%. -50%. -100%.
space. 6.3%. 4.8%. 2.8%. 0.0%. 0%. 5%. 25. 50. 75. 100. EMC. Sun. Cisco. Compaq.
10%. 15%. 6.1%. 5.7%. 4.2%. 0.0%. 0%. 5%. Applied Materials. HP. Micron Tech. Texas
10%. 15%. 26.0%. 3.4%. 0.4%. 0.3%. 3.7%. Instr. Intel. Dell. Gateway. 3COM. SGI.
0.0%. 0%. 5%. 10%. 15%. 20%. 25%. 30%. Apple. Source: Reuters, Mercer analysis.
2.3%. 1.1%. 0.0%. 0%. 15%. 10%. 5%. 2.1%. 11Why does this matter? How might it
0.5%. 0.3%. 0.0%. 0%. 15%. 10%. 5%. help you? The shareholder value of brand
4Brand influences customer choice Brand is both a leading and a lagging indicator
is not a luxury... the bottom-line impact shows its strengths, weaknesses and
of a strong brand can be substantial. opportunities for improvement is an
Corolla vs. Prizm: Revealed Brand Equity. outside assessment of effectiveness of
Toyota and GM joint venture Corolla and company activities It is easy to
Prizm were same product Both cost calculate... done with available data
approximately $10,300 to build Consumers fairly straightforward modeling ...within
regarded a Toyota as “superior to a GM limits best with corporate/master brands
vehicle in the same class”. Toyota large cap, mature companies within a
commanded a $300 price premium Toyota single country.
earned $108 MM more than GM in operating 12Appendix.
profits Its dealers earned $128 MM more 13Brand valuation Several methods of
than GM dealers. Results. Toyota Corolla. brand valuation exist, each with its own
Geo Prizm. Wholesale Price ($). Price advantages and disadvantages. General
Premium. Volume Benefit. Quantity Sold. Approaches to Brand Valuation.
5Brand’s influence on customer choice 14Competitive set: Example 1. 3COM
can be measured The costs and benefits of Analog Devices Apple Applied Materials
consideration and choice can be explicitly Automatic Data Processing Broadcom Cisco
quantified – both for ROE and strategic Comdisco Compaq Computer Associates
resource allocation purposes. Demand Curve Computer Sciences Corp Dell Electronic
Shift Resulting from Greater Brand Equity Data Systems. eMachines EMC Exodus
(All else being equal). Positive Brand Communications Gateway Hewlett-Packard
Equity Elements for Brand A over B. Brand Hitachi IBM Inktomi Intel Iomega JDS
Equity Sub-Elements of Customer Advocacy. Uniphase Micron Electronics Micron
Warmth. “Owns” the customer problem. Technology Microsoft. NCR Corp NEC Novell
Stature. Proactively solves problems. Oracle Seagate Technology Silicon Graphics
Brand A. Meets individual needs. Returns Solectron Sony Storage Technology Sun
calls same day. Sound company. Quality Microsystems Texas Instruments Unisys VA
products. Responsive service reps. Brand Linux.
B. Quantity (share). Varies by customer 15Data sources: Example 1 We selected a
segment. Varies by customer segment. Brand group of factors influencing brand equity
equity shifts demand for Brand A over and reviewed numerous third-party sources
Brand B. Brand equity elements are to evaluate the competitive set.
responsible for the demand shift. Each Financial. Brand-Related. Reputation.
equity element has specific Other. Fortune Most Admired Financial
sub-components. Price. Times/PwC World’s 50 Most Respected
6Shareholder relevance of brand: Companies Fortune Management Quality Worth
Example 1. Problem Definition. Initial 50 Best CEOs Industry Week 100 Best
Modeling. Final Results. Assess of the Managed Companies. # of Registered Patents
relative importance of financial and Fortune Innovativeness R&D Revenue
non-financial elements in determining Ratio InfoWeek 500 Best Tech Users
shareholder value Derive financial Knowledge Management World 100 Companies
measures used by analysts in evaluating that Matter Most Admired Knowledge
companies Combine “soft” variables using Enterprises Fortune Social Responsibility.
data reduction methodologies Validate the Fortune Investment Value Fortune Financial
derived measures Define the dependent Soundness Fortune Use of Assets.
measure: log of market value on revenue. Interbrand 75 Advertising/Revenue Ratio
Frame the analysis in a financial context Red Herring 100 Business Week IT Top 200
Choose the appropriate competitive context PC Magazine’s 100 Most Influential
Use multiple methods to structure the Companies Fortune Product Quality PC World
model: Structural Equation Model to gain Best Products Computerworld 100 Best
insight on the relationship between Places to Work in IT Fortune Talent
financial and non-financial elements of Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For
the model Partial Least Square analysis to ZDNet Smart Business 50 Business 2.0 Top
maximize the predictive power of the 100 InfoWeek Top 100 e-Business Innovators
model. Score card: Strengths and Interactive Week Internet 500 Fortune e-50
weaknesses versus the competition The Standard 100 USA Today Internet 100.
Investment and resource allocation
The Shareholder Value of Brand.ppt
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The Shareholder Value of Brand

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