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The Shrinking Aral Sea Lesson Objectives
The Shrinking Aral Sea Lesson Objectives
Aral Sea Basic Facts/Recap
Aral Sea Basic Facts/Recap
Resulting Tragedy
Resulting Tragedy
How do we fix it
How do we fix it
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The Shrinking Aral Sea Lesson Objectives

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1The Shrinking Aral Sea Lesson 11of charging fees for water? 1. People who
Objectives. Students will be able to: 1. live/lived along the sea shore 2. The
Explain what has happened in the past to government 3. Farmers 4. All of the above.
drastically change 2. Analyze the proposed 12Use hybrid and drought resistant
solutions to the Aral Sea environmental crops. PROS Plants would use less water.
issues. 3. Project the future of the Aral CONS Other varieties tend to be more
Sea through persuasive writing. expensive for farmers to purchase. Some
2The Shrinking Aral Sea Lesson people do not like scientifically created
Directions. 1. Go to crops. Description: There are many
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06BRxu3Zvb0 varieties of cotton, and some require less
2. Read each slide and listen to the voice water than others. Additionally, scientist
over for each as you do so. 3. Answer each have created alternate types that require
prompted question. 4. Complete short very little. Why can't people use those
answer prompt at the end of this varieties? Play Voice Over.
presentation. 13Why do people resist the move to using
3Aral Sea Basic Facts/Recap. Once the different types of crops? 1.
fourth largest freshwater sea in the world Scientifically created crops are expensive
at over 26,000 sq. miles, the words Aral 2. Some people don't like GMO foods 3.
Sea mean Sea of Islands. Served Kazakhstan People would have to buy new machinery 4.
to the north, Uzbekistan to the south, and All of the above.
its fishing industry helped feed nearby 14Use crops native to a desert climate.
Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. PROS No additional water would be needed
Once fed by the Amu and Syr Rivers, until on a regular basis. It would be easier to
they were both diverted to support the care for the plants. Salinization to the
cotton industry in Uzbekistan when the land would stop. CONS These types of crops
area was part of the former Soviet Union. are not worth as much money to farmers,
Play Voice Over. whereas cotton is worth quite a bit.
4Resulting Tragedy. The Aral Sea is now Farmers want to earn as much as possible.
less than 10% of its former size (26,000 Description: There are many types of
sq. miles to under 2,500 sq. miles). The plants that grow well and naturally in a
Northern portion has been stabilized, but desert. Farmers should just grow what the
the Southern part is almost gone except a land would naturally allow them to grow.
small strip in the west. Summers are Play Voice Over.
extremely hot and dry, and winters are 15Which of the following is not a
longer and colder, making agriculture more benefit to growing desert crops in the
difficult. The combination of salination Aral Sea Region? 1. They're worth more
of the land, overuse of fertilizers, and money 2. They use less water 3. Farmers
testing of chemical weapons have left the don't have to work as hard on them 4.
land and water polluted and dangerous. Using these crops would reduce
Play Voice Over. salinization.
5How do we fix it? Play Voice Over. 16PROS In a matter of decades all the
Play Voice Over. water would return. Health of the region
6Improve and repair current irrigation. would greatly improve. CONS Estimates
PROS Much of the water could be saved, suggest it would cost between 30-50
allowing farmers and the government to billions dollars. Some countries are less
return about half of the river water to willing than others to help restore the
the Aral Sea. CONS It would be very Aral Sea. Build dams to divert more river
expensive. The major rivers are located in water back to the Aral Sea. Description:
multiple countries. Description: It is Other dams could be built on the Amu and
estimated that up to 70% of water that is Syr rivers, as well as other rivers in
diverted for farming is wasted and simply different countries, to divert water back
evaporates because of a poorly built in the Aral Sea. It is estimated that the
irrigation system. For example, only 12% Aral Sea could return entirely in 20-30
of the canals in Uzbekistan are resistant years if this were done. Play Voice Over.
to water loss. Play Voice Over. 17What needs to happen to get more water
7What percent of water that is meant into the Aral Sea? 1. People need to leave
for the Aral Sea actually makes it there? their hoses running 2. Countries need to
1. 10% 2. 20% 3. 30% 4. 40%. donate money 3. More Cotton needs to be
8Desalinate what water is left. PROS It grown 4. Dams need to be removed on the
would make the water healthy again for Amu and Syr.
humans. Fish and plant life would return 18Utilize international efforts for
to the sea. CONS It would be extremely restoration. PROS The more countries
expensive, and in countries that cannot helping, the less the financial burden for
afford it. It would use a lot of energy individual nations. It could create a
that could be bad environmentally. shared sense of responsibility for the
Description: Much of the water in the Aral sea. CONS There are some countries not
Sea right now is too salty for humans or willing to help, for example Uzbekistan
animals. The water could go through the who is currently diverting much of the
desalination process, making it fresh water for their cotton crops. Description:
water again. Play Voice Over. If the Aral Sea is ever going to actually
9What is bad about desalination? 1. It return, it is going to require a joint
makes water clean. 2. It cost a lot of effort from many countries, particularly
money. 3. Afterwards plant life would from the countries within the region
flourish. 4. Afterwards fish would fill (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,
the sea. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan). Other global
10Charge farmers for water. PROS Farmers agencies are helping as well such as the
would stop wasting water they don't need. World Bank. Play Voice Over.
It would generate income that could be 19Which organization has already done
used for restoration efforts. CONS Farmers much work to help restore the Aral Sea? 1.
might stop farming if it became too The United States 2. The United Nations 3.
expensive. Description: The government is The World Bank 4. The Aral Sea Federation.
currently providing the water for free to 20How do we fix it? E-mail
encourage farmers to keep farming. They JosephJamesSchmidt@gmail.com you answer to
could start charging fees, which would the following question: What do you
decrease water waste as farmers would not believe the future holds for the Aral Sea?
want to pay for what they aren't using. What actions should be taken? Play Voice
Play Voice Over. Over.
11Who would be unlikely to be in favor
The Shrinking Aral Sea Lesson Objectives.ppt
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The Shrinking Aral Sea Lesson Objectives

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