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The Tourism Geography of East Asia

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1The Tourism Geography of East Asia. 7Luzon Manila Beach resorts The Visayas
2Learning Objectives. 1. Describe the Palawan Mindanao.
major physical features and climates of 8Thailand. Resources: Bangkok Chiangmai
the region and understand their importance Phuket Eastern Thailand. Demand Supply.
for tourism; 2. Recognise that the 9Indo-China. Cambodia Laos Vietnam
economies of the countries in the region Reconstruction after war Resources (Hanoi,
show many contrasts, ranging from the Saigon, beaches) Burma Political issues.
advanced to the least developed; 3. 10Japan. Demand Domestic Outbound
Appreciate that outbound and domestic Inbound. Industrial nation Four main
tourism and recreation are of growing islands Character It is remarkably
importance to the more prosperous homogenous, with one language, few social
countries of East Asia; 4. Recognise the divisions and no large ethnic minorities
effect of crises such as SARS and It has enjoyed political stability since
terrorism on demand for tourism in the 1945; Respect for tradition co-exists with
region; 5. Show that inbound tourism is admiration for the new There is a
being encouraged by most countries in the readiness to adopt the latest
region as a source of foreign exchange and technological innovations Society is bound
employment; 6. Recognise that the tourist by discipline and respect for authority,
appeal of East Asia is mainly cultural, but leisure is seen as increasingly
although beach tourism and event important.
attractions are growing in importance; 7. 11Japan: Supply. Transport Accommodation
Be aware of the extent of the cultural and organisation. Resources: Tokyo Kyoto
environmental impacts on host communities; Nikko, Nara, Ise Inland Sea Kyushu
8. Recognise the importance of Hokkaido Okinawa.
infrastructure on tourism development; 9. 12China. Large population Restructuring
Demonstrate a knowledge of the tourist Outbound tourism will dominate world
regions, resorts, business centres and tourism Large landmass. Demand Inbound
tourist attractions of East Asia. Domestic outbound.
3East Asia: Introduction. Rapid 13China: Resources. North Xian Great
economic growth Rapid tourism growth Wall of China Chengde Beijing. East
Varied tourism products Colonial Central Shanghai Historic Cities Yangtze
influences Traditional cultures. West Tibet South Guilin Kunming Gwangzhou
4Singapore. Stable and prosperous Hainan.
Singapore Airlines Strong tourism market 14Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong SAR of
Resources · A number of zoos and wildlife China Colonial influence: Free port status
parks · The waterfront area of Clarke and a free-wheeling private enterprise
Quay, with its leisure theatre and economy Border controls with the rest of
shopping developments · The Suntec China, although visa controls are being
conference and exhibition centre · The relaxed The Hong Kong dollar as its
beach resort of Sentosa Island, which official currency; English as an official
includes a number of Asian-style theme language Its own tourist authority for
parks and · The Esplanade Centre for the promotion and development – The Hong Kong
performing arts, epitomising Singapore’s Tourism Board (HKTB.). Major destination
drive to become a cultural destination. Resources Shopping for consumer goods and
5Malaysia. Multicultural Cultural Chinese items such as jade The sampans and
areas: · Peninsular or West Malaysia, floating restaurants of Aberdeen Themed
known under British rule as Malaya, which attractions such as the Sung Dynasty
is the southernmost peninsula of mainland Village and the Middle Kingdom (showcasing
Asia · East Malaysia, consisting of the China’s history), Ocean Park, and the
states of Sabah and Sarawak, which form Space Museum The outlying islands with
part of the island of Borneo Resources: · their temples and peaceful countryside,
The beaches of West Malaysia · A variety providing a relief from the hectic pace of
of cultural attractions · Facilities for urban Hong Kong Macau.
conferences and meetings including the 15Taiwan, Korea and Mongolia. Taiwan
Putra World Trade Centre and the Malaysian Resources Taipei. The Taroko Gorge, on the
International Exhibition Centre The East West Highway crossing the island Sun
wildlife resources of the interior Moon Lake, a favourite resort for
mountains and rainforests. Brunei. Taiwanese holidaymakers The beaches of the
6Indonesia. Resources: Java Sumatra east coast and offshore islands. Korea
Bali Lombok Lesser Sunda Islands Sulawesi. Political division South Korea Economic
Large Muslim nation Demand Supply. growth Demand Resources Seoul Pusan Cheju
7Philippines. Spanish and American Island Mountains North Korea Mongolia.
influences Demand Supply. Resources: South
The Tourism Geography of East Asia.ppt
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The Tourism Geography of East Asia

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