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Such features included:
Such features included:
MUSIC Music was important as it added to the action on stage and
MUSIC Music was important as it added to the action on stage and
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Theatre History: The Ancient World – Greek Theatre

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1Theatre History: The Ancient World – 7each divided by Choral passages where the
Greek Theatre. The story of the beginning chorus sing and dance in unison.
of modern western theatre began around the 8Most of these plays were religious and
fifth century BC in Greece. Emerging from dealt with the theme of the power of the
the religious ceremonies and rituals of gods and the relationship between the many
the Greeks was the Greek tragedy or play. Greek gods and men. Other themes included
It was a slow process of development, suffering, the role of evil, fate versus
although many of the plays are so great free will, and deep tragic events where
they are still performed today. the hero usually dies in the end. Later,
2DIONYSUS – The Wine God. The Greeks Greek comedy plays were produced which
had many gods such as Dionysus, the god of were energetic and lively. Aristophanes
wine, pleasure and fertility. Every year (448 – 380 BC) was one of the best known
in the city of Dionysia, the Greeks held comedy playwrights.
competitions and festivals to honour this 9Greek Style. As plays were performed
important god. It was a week long feast of to an incredible 15,000 to 100,000 people
fun, plays, rituals, food, drinking, at a time, many features developed to
dancing and worship. Thousands of people overcome the problem of being seen or
gathered together to celebrate and heard by such loud crowds. Greek theatre
participate in the outdoor festivities was big!
which were often bordering on riotous. 10Such features included: MASKS Actors
3The Theatre of Dionysus. The first wore large masks which represented what
theatres were outdoors and included an type of character they were playing and
altar to Dionysus. Actors could go allowed the audience to tell them apart
backstage to change costumes and masks. easily. They could also become another
The plays were presented by a chorus of character with a simple mask change, and
people who performed as a group not as males could play female roles.
individuals. The chorus would dance, sing 11COSTUMES Actors wore high platform
and speak in unison. shoes to add height and brightly coloured
4The Theatre of Dionysus was built clothes and sometimes, head pieces. Thus
beneath the Athenian Acropolis and was the appearance was often larger than life.
very central. Spectators originally sat on 12ACTING Many of the plays were
a slope which was later built up with delivered in singing, dancing and poetry.
stone seats, like a semi-circle stadium. A Because small details could not be seen
permanent building was set up called a from far away, actions on stage were
scene house and this provided the deliberate, slow, easily recognised and
background ‘scenery’ for plays. Instead of simple. Voice skills needed to be well
building new sets for different plays, developed so that words could be heard by
other techniques were used. all and being able to project one’s voice
5If the action was supposed to be was essential.
taking place by the sea, for example, the 13CHORUS Although the first Greek
actors would mention it in their dialogue, performances featured only a chorus of
rather than have painted backdrops of the actors, later individual characters broke
sea as later would happen. If something away and took on major roles. The chorus
happened, it was often ‘backstage’ or was still kept and their role was to
indoors and again it would be mentioned in divide the episodes of the play, give
the dialogue or proof would be brought advice and express opinions about the
back, such as a dead body. Ancient Greek actions of the characters, reflect
Theatre was not meant to be audience feelings and add to the
representational or pretending to be excitement, mood and drama of the
realistic. performance. The chorus remained on stage
6Greek Drama. The three greatest at all times.
playwrights are thought to be Aeschylus 14MUSIC Music was important as it added
(525 - 456 BC), Sophocles (496 – 406 BC, to the action on stage and accompanied the
and Euripides (480 – 406 BC), who along chorus.
with others also competed in the drama 15THE MESSENGER The Messenger would
competitions in the fifth century BC. All report actions that took place on stage.
three wrote tragic plays. These would be extended speeches, like
7Tragic Plays. Typical features of a stories, usually telling of violent
Greek tragedy included: A prologue or actions that could not be performed on
introduction where background information stage.
is explained and introduced Five episodes
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Theatre History: The Ancient World – Greek Theatre

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