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Top 10 Best Parks in London
Top 10 Best Parks in London
Take a break and explore the city's delightful parks, from
Take a break and explore the city's delightful parks, from
Richmond Park
Richmond Park
Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Heath
Regent’s Park
Regent’s Park
Victoria Park
Victoria Park
St James’s Park
St James’s Park
Lee Valley Regional Park
Lee Valley Regional Park
Green Park
Green Park
Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens
Bushy Park
Bushy Park
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Top 10 Best Parks in London

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1Top 10 Best Parks in London. Шайдурова 8along the River Lee, from East India
Валентина Федоровна Учитель английского Docks, past Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
языка ГБОУ «Школа №106» Санкт-Петербург. and up to Ware in Hertfordshire. This huge
2Take a break and explore the city's park offers green spaces, nature reserves
delightful parks, from picnic-perfect Hyde and ample opportunity for sports.
Park to the countryside of Richmond Park. 9Green Park. Green Park was once
3Richmond Park. As well as being the purchased by Henry VIII as a hunting
largest park in London , Richmond Park is ground and in all honesty, the space
also home to over 650 deer. And on top of itself is quite unremarkable. However, it
the wildlife that there is on show here, is close to a number of other great
there are also play areas, a golf course attractions and a stroll through its
and a fishing pond. greenery can be rather pleasant on a
4Hampstead Heath. Hampstead Heath is bright London day. St James’s Palace,
quite unlike the other parks in London. It Spencer House, Buckingham Palace,
has been left to grow into a wild mass of Piccadilly and Constitution Hill are all
trees and vegetation, but this adds to its within walking distance of the park.
charm. The north London park is the 10Kensington Gardens. Take a stroll
perfect picture of the countryside an d it through this beautiful Royal Park in
the ideal place to take a stroll and Central London, home to Kensington Palace,
escape the city. the Albert Memorial, the Peter Pan Statue,
5Regent’s Park. Another well-known and beautiful flowers, green grass for
popular park in the capital, Regent’s Park picnics, and the Diana, Princess of Wales
is a great place for a day outside. memorial playground.
Designed by architect John Nash in 1811, 11Greenwich Park. Not only is Greenwich
the space is a huge open area which is Park perfectly placed for a visit to
perfect for all manner of sports. either of the National Maritime Museum or
6Victoria Park. Vicky Park’, as it is Royal Observatory (two fantastic London
affectionately known by locals, is a large institutions in their own right), but the
open space with plenty of facilities for scene from the hill affords you some of
sports an d lots of room to run around and the best panoramic views of the entire
blow off some steam. The park is situated city.
in Tower Hamlets and during the summer 12Bushy Park. Visit the historic Bushy
concerts take place here. ‘. Park, the second largest of London's Royal
7St James’s Park. Regal St James's Park Parks, and discover a wealth of wildlife,
is surrounded by three Royal palaces. grassland, ancient trees, woodlands, ponds
Spanning 23 hectares (58 acres) it has a and streams near Hampton Court Palace.Read
lake - home to the park's famous pelicans. More.
You can watch them being fed at 2.30pm. 13Источники.
It's also home to Horse Guards Parade and http://www.visitlondon.com/things-to-do/op
the Mall – the setting for countless nspace/best-parks-in-london.
ceremonial parades – and the stylish. http://www.themontcalm.com/blog/10-best-pa
8Lee Valley Regional Park. Lee Valley ks-in-london.
Regional Park stretches 26 miles (42 km)
Top 10 Best Parks in London.pptx
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Top 10 Best Parks in London

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