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Transport logistics in the clinic area

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1Transport logistics in the clinic 7reception Pharmacy goods/ Wire rack,
area. Provisioning alternatively: K?nguruh
2Transport logistics in the clinic sliding rack with ISO reception Clean
area. 1. Basic idea ? a consistent laundry/ Wire rack Provisioning Medical
transport system ? flexible in interface supplies/consumer ISO modules Wire rack
areas ? unit for the daily clinic routine Central store All points of consumption
made from stainless steel. HHA/BBK goods/Provisioning Big bags -
21.10.05. alternatively: K?nguruh sliding rack with
32. Designs - ATW - ? Transport casing ISO reception Sterile goods/ Container /
(9 STU) with grid basement in front. Baskets K?nguruh sliding rack with slides
Transport trolley for e.g. waste bags. or Central sterilisation Operating theatre
laundry bags. HHA/BBK 21.10.05. areas Provisioning/Disposal STU Dirty
42. Designs - ATW - ? Transport casing laundry/ Laundry bags hinged wire rack all
(9 STU) with grid basement. For the points of consumption Laundry collecting
transport of various goods. HHA/BBK points Disposal Waste/ Waste bags, hinged
21.10.05. wire rack all points of consumption Waste
52. Designs - ATW - ? Transport casing collecting points Disposal Paperboard
(with grid basement) and K?nguruh insert 9 containers. HHA/BBK 21.10.05.
STU. HHA/BBK 21.10.05. 84. Special designs / Interfaces ?
62. Designs - ATW - ? Transport casing Transport trolley for AWT units. HHA/BBK
(with grid basement) and K?nguruh slide 2 21.10.05.
x ISO. HHA/BBK 21.10.05. 94. Special designs / Interfaces ?
73. Organisation / Workflow in the Transport trolley for FTS units. HHA/BBK
hospital. Goods to be conveyed/kind of 21.10.05.
Kind of packing Transport trolley, Sending 104. Special designs / Interfaces ?
point Point of consumption interior Special carriages ? Pull transport with
equipment Infusions/ Cartons Wire rack, clutch and drawbar, friction-cushioned
Pharmacy Operating theatres, wards, clutch ? Application of units in washing
Provisioning alternatively: K?nguruh plants. HHA/BBK 21.10.05.
sliding rack Area of operation with ISO
Transport logistics in the clinic area.ppt
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Transport logistics in the clinic area

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