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Strategic Directions 2016-2020
Strategic Directions 2016-2020
Breadth of ISO’s work in recent years
Breadth of ISO’s work in recent years
Great things happen when the world agrees
Great things happen when the world agrees
Great things happen when the world agrees
Great things happen when the world agrees
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Updated – ISO 2014 activites

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1Updated – ISO 2014 activites. Anna 7many global challenges facing leaders
Koroleva, ISO/CASCO EASC meeting, Minsk, today : Environment Global warming
7-18 June 2015. Scarcity of resources Emerging economies
2Agenda. ISO in figures ISO Strategy and shift in economic global power
2016-2020 Global challenges and ISO ISO Urbanization The rise of the digital
General Assembly Conclusions. consumer ISO has established new technical
3ISO – A global system (figures for groups over the last 5 years in response
2014). Vision and strategy. 3511 technical to global issues.
bodies 4696 documents under development 8Breadth of ISO’s work in recent years.
1995 technical meetings held in 46. 163 New ISO groups touching upon
national members 98% of world GNI 97% of sustainability pillars of: Environment
world population. Collection of 20’493 ISO Economic Societal. 2011 Project, programme
Standards. Learning and growth. 700 & portfolio mgt Additive manufacturing
organizations in liaison. 1468 standards Facilities management Outsourcing Risk
produced in 2014. Internal process. management Bionics Fireworks Coal bed
Financial. Central Secretariat in Geneva methane Carbon capture and storage 2013
138 FTE staff from 19 countries. Learning Sludge recovery, recycling, treatment and
and growth. disposal Biotechnology Sustainable
4EASC & ISO. All 12 members of the purchasing Anti-bribery management system
EASC are members of ISO 7 Members bodies, – Requirements Innovation process:
i.e. 5,9 % of the total MB 5 Correspondent interaction, tools and methods Management
members, i.e. 12,8 % of the total MC 7,4 % consultancy Fine bubble technology Water
of the total of membership of ISO 1,2 % of re-use Occupational Health & Safety MS
the total membership of TC/SC/PC requirements Clean cookstoves and cooking
secretariats 5 % of the total solutions Collaborative business
P-memberships in TC/SC/PC Involvement of relationship management – Framework Chain
EASC members in ISO governance 2 in of Custody of Forest Based Products –
Council (GOST R – Russian Federation, SARM Requirements Educational organizations
- Armenia) 8 in CASCO, 6 in COPOLCO and 11 management systems - Requirements with
in DEVCO 3 former Presidents – 2011-12, guidance for use. 2012 Railway
1977-79 and 1962-64. applications Sustainable development in
5ISO sponsorship & training communities Plastics and rubber machines
programmes. Workshops / Training attended. Compliance programs Forensic sciences
EASC countries. Regional workshop on Customer contact centres Light and
Economic benefits of standards: how to lighting 2014 Brand evaluation Online
assess and quantify the impact of reputation Domestic gas cooking appliances
standards using the ISO methodology, Security Feed machinery 2015 Guidance on
Singapore, 31 March- 04 April Total unit pricing Audit data collection. Page
participants: 2. Kazakhstan (2). 8.
Participating in ISO/TC meetings: 938th ISO General Assembly. 38th ISO
sponsorship programme for NSBs in General Assembly takes place in Seoul,
developing countries: Sponsorships to Republic of Korea, 16-18 September 2015.
ISO/CASCO WG 42 (17011) first meeting, Registration is open and all delegates are
Geneva, Switzerland, 11-13 November Total requested to register online by 31 July
participant: 1. Uzbekistan (1). ISO 2015. Information, including registration
Secretaries week: understanding ISO to the ISO week in Seoul, can be found on
procedures and using ISO IT tools for the official website of the event:
technical work, 16th ISO Secretaries week, www.iso2015.org. Page 9.
Geneva, Switzerland, 10-14 February Total 10DATE. MORNING. AFTER NOON. EVENING.
participant: 1. Russian Federation (1). Tuesday Sept. 15th. TMB (for TMB members)
Regional Forum on strategic topics in DEVCO (for DEVCO members). TMB (for TMB
standardization management for CEOs of NSB members) DEVCO (for DEVCO members).
in Central and Eastern Europe and Central WELCOME RECEPTION. Wednesday Sept. 16th.
Asia, Astana, Kazakhstan, 5-7 August 2014 GA BREAK-OUTS. GENERAL ASSEMBLY DEVCO CAG
Total participants: 12. Armenia, (after GA) (for DEVCO members). .
Azerbaijan, Belarus (2), Georgia, Thursday Sept. 17th. GENERAL ASSEMBLY
Tajikistan (2), Uzbekistan (2) Local CSC/FIN (lunch time) (for CSC/FIN
Participants: Kazakhstan 3. Good practices members). GENERAL ASSEMBLY. GALA DINNER.
on Education about Standards: Awareness Friday Sept. 18th. OPEN SESSION. OPEN
for NSB and Academia: Regional workshop on SESSION. .
Enhancing collaboration between NSBs and 11Conclusions. Standardization is the
Academia, Belgrade, Serbia, 8-10 October greatest thing most people have never
2014 Total participants: 17. Armenia (2), heard of. It is of strategic importance to
Azerbaijan (2), Belarus (2), Kazakhstan, countries, businesses, societies and
Kyrgystan (2), Moldova (2), Tajikistan individuals. Standards can help address
(2), Ukraine (2) and Uzbekistan (2). Good raising global issues. Standards need to
standardization practice: Awareness for be developed in ways that are simpler,
NSB and their Stakeholders: Regional faster and better. A standard is useless
course on Good Standardization Practice, if it sits on the shelf and no one uses
Vilnius, Lithuania, 6-7 October 2014 Total it, or if they don’t know that it exists.
participants: 7. Armenia, Azerbaijan, We need to actively encourage good
Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan implementation of ISO standards.
Ukraine. Marketing and communication on 12Thank you for your attention !
ISO standards for NSB Regional Marketing koroleva@iso.org For more information on
and Communication workshop on ISO : www.iso.org Follow-us on social
International Standards, Warsaw, Poland, media! www.facebook.com/isostandards
8-12 December Total participants: 11. twitter.com/isostandards
Armenia (2), Azerbaijan (2), Georgia, www.linkedin.com/company/iso-international
Kazakhstan (2), Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, organization-for-standardization.
Ukraine (2). 13Great things happen when the world
6Strategic Directions 2016-2020. agrees.
7Global challenges and ISO. There are
Updated – ISO 2014 activites.pptx
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Updated – ISO 2014 activites

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