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Ход урока
Ход урока
Ход урока
«Sunsets» by Marko Luis
«Sunsets» by Marko Luis
«Sunsets» by Marko Luis
«Sunsets» by Marko Luis
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Ecological problems are global
Ecological problems are global
Ecological problems are global
Ecological problems are global
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
Our deep forests are good for hunting
Our deep forests are good for hunting
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
save the environment
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1Урок английского языка в 11 классе. 17look like badgers.Their limbs are strong
Тема: Australian Wildlife ( Природа with hard claws.They live in the forests,
Австралии). Авторы учебника: “Happy bushes of the Eastern and Southern
English-3” Клементьева Т.Б., Д. Шэннон. Australia and Tasmania.
2Цель урока: Обобщить и 18Australian Wildlife. Wombats live in
систематизировать теоретические знания и the holes, eat grass and roots. They have
практические умения и навыки учащихся по the young twice a year and carry them in
теме. Задачи: 1.Практиковать учащихся в the pouch till 11 months.Wombats are rare
применении лексических и страноведческих animals and are put down in the
знаний по теме в устной речи, International Red book.
грамматической темы “Subjunctive Mood” в 19Australian Wildlife. Platypus is a
письменной и устной речи. 2. mammal, a monotreme. The length of the
Проконтролировать умения ведения монолога, body is 45 cm, the tail is 15 cm. It has “
диалога и полилога. 3. Развивать a duck beak”. It helps to smell and to
речемыслительную деятельность учащихся, find food. There are membranes on the
умений анализа, рефлексии, самоконтроля и paws.
взаимоконтроля. 4. Развивать навыки 20Australian Wildlife. They live near
коллективной творческой работы в группах, the water in the eastern part of Australia
проектной деятельности, формировать умения and in Tasmania. A female lay the eggs in
представлять свой материал в the hole. It was hunted because of its
мультимедийной презентации. 5. Воспитывать fur. It is under protection.
бережное отношение к природе. 21Australian Wildlife. Echidna is a
3Эпиграф урока «What lovely trees and, mammal, a monotreme. The length of the
essentially, how beautiful life must have body is 80 cm, it is covered with quills
been near there! (Anton Chekhov)». Тип with the length of 8 cm. The colour of
урока: комбинированный. Форма урока: them may be white or even black. The
«круглый стол»,урок-презентация. Методы quills protect echidnas.They live in the
обучения: частично-поисковый, bushes of Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea.
эвристический, информационно-обощающий, 22Australian Wildlife. They go for
практический. Средства обучения: hunting at night and rest during the day.
дотехнические(раздаточный материал: Echidnas eat insects with the help of the
карточки с заданием, активной лексикой, sticky tongue. They sleep when the weather
контрольные листы), технические is cool, sometimes for a month. They lay
(аудиозапись, иллюстративный материал на eggs, carry them in the pouch and feed the
слайдах, мультимедиа). Вид контроля: young with milk. Echidnas are under
минипроект, монолог, диалог по теме, protection and put down into the “Red
составление предложений с использованием book”.
изученного грамматического и лексического 235.Работа с текстом учебника. Чтение и
материала, фронтальный и индивидуальный обсуждение прочитанного в режиме полилога.
опрос, самостоятельная работа. You know that a lot of animals are
4Ход урока. 1.Организационный момент. threatened now. Read the text on page
Введение в тему урока. 2. Аудирование. ( 229-230 “Australian Endangered Species”
Звучит музыка. Учитель читает and discuss it. Prepare questions for your
стихотворение «Sunsets» by Marko Luis). partners. The text for discussion (No one
5«Sunsets» by Marko Luis. Beautiful will ever see a paradise parrot fly across
sunsets Heavenly skies If you listen the sky again. Paradise parrots are
closly you can hear Animals cries. They’re extinct. Extinction is forever. Since the
calling their daughters They’re calling settlement of Australia by Europeans in
their sons. And when they hear it, they 1788, thirty species of mammals and birds
run to their mums. Night is arriving and about 100 species of plants have
Animals are preparing to sleep. Owls are become extinct. A further 57 species og
awakening They’re starting to creep. A lot mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and fish,
of dark hours pass A mother wakes up to many hundreds of species of invertebrates,
say, “Wake up little cubs. Be prepared for and 209 plants are considered endangered
a brand new day.”. and could become extinct within ten to
6Т. – What is this poem about? - What twenty years.
global problems are people faced to 24The main cause of extinction is the
nowdays? - Do you agree that one of them destruction of habitats. A habitat
is the protection of nature? It is really contains all that a living thing needs to
the problem of all nations in the world, survive: space, light, water, food and
is not it? We are studying australia and I shelter. Habitat destruction may occur
hope you have learnt a lot about when vegetation is cleared for
australian wildlife. Today at the lesson agriculture, forestry, cities, mines or
we are to summerize the known material and roads. It can also occur when swamps are
get some more information you have found drained or rivers are damped to store
yourselves using the material of water. About fifty species of introduced
encyclopedia and a computer great animals live in the wild in Australia.
encyclopedia and “the world around us” Today we have a far greater understanding
programme. I suggest to discuss this of the threats our wildlife faces than did
problem now. Let us divide into two groups the early settlers. Yet still we have
“biologists” and “ecologists”. You are the created added threats such as urban and
scientists, you know the nature well and industrial development, pollution, and pet
modern problems of the environment also and fur trade. Parrots, for example, are
well. You are invited to take part in the illegaly transported overseas. Often the
“round-table” discussion “save the parrots cannot adapt to the new
environment!”. environment and die. People are the only
7Each group will get the control card animals with the power to save endangered
where you will put your marks for each species. But, why save a species? Without
kind of work. Group name. Voca-bulary a variety of species, the earth may not be
practi-ce. Pronunciation. Monologue. inhabitable by humankind. Plants and
Dialo-gue. Writ-ten practi-ce. Auding. animals help to maintain the chemical
Gram-mar. Final mark. balance of the atmosphere. Forests help to
83. Активизация изученной лексики по regulate water supplies. Plants and
теме. T: Take the lists of the words you animals help to make soil. They provide
have learnt before and divide them into food and control pests and diseases. They
groups according their species. Do the also provide a constant source of wonder
work in written form. ( monotremes, and enjoyment.).
marsupials, carnivorous, reptiles, 25Let’s begin our discussion. Your
placentals, mammals, platypus, echidna, questions and your variants of answers,
lizards, kangaroos, numbuts, snakes, please. (-What is the main cause of
whales, seals, crocodiles, possums, moles, extinction? - -Can extinction be reversed?
koalas, dolphins, wombats, native cats, – - What can affect the lifespan of
native rats, mice, bats, turtles, animals and plants? – - What kind of
dingoes). Read the names of groups and threats does our wildlife face? – - If
animals correctly. Put the marks for your people don’t protect endangered species,
work into your control card. who will? – - If you could save a species,
94.Проверка домашнего задания. would you?- etc.).
Монологические высказывания учащихся. 266.Проверка домашнего задания.
Презентация групповой работы по теме « Монологические высказывания учащихся.
Животный мир Австралии». (the group Презентация групповой работы по теме «
“Biologists”). T: Why do we call an Охрана окружающей среды». (the group
Australian wildlife unusual? What are the “Ecologists”) Защита проекта «Save the
peculiarities of these animals? What have Environment!». As you know not only
you read or heard about them? Your Australian animals but the world wildlife
presentation, please. Will you listen to is threatened. What do you know about
the answers and be ready to give your mark ecological problems of your country,
for the answer. region, district? Our motto is “ Think
10«What lovely trees and, essentially, globally, act locally!”.
how beautiful life must have been near 27How to keep our Earth clean. save the
there! (Anton Chekhov)». Australian environment.
Wildlife. 28Ecological problems are global. In any
11Australian Wildlife. Whales are the part of the world you can find them. save
water mammals, placentals. There are about the environment.
80 kinds of them. The length of the whales 29save the environment. RED DATA BOOK.
is from 1 to 33 meters, the weight is from One of them is how to save wildlife. There
30kg to 150 tons. Their limbs are are many kinds of animals which are
flippers. They can hear very well. Wales threatened. They are put down in the
can be under water 1,5 hours. Their food International Red book.
is small fish. They have the young once in 30save the environment. We live in
two years. Wales live 30-50 years. 19 Russia, Western Siberia. Our fauna is
species of whales are in the International rather rich. There are such wild animals
Red book. as brown bears, wolves, foxes, hares,
12Australian Wildlife. Dolphins are badgers, elks, etc.
water mammals. There are about 50 species 31Our deep forests are good for hunting.
of them. The length of the body is 1,2-10 It brings harm for wild animals. People
metres. It is easy to train them. They kill them for their fur and meat. save the
also can hear well. The dolphins are good environment.
divers. The scientists learn their 32save the environment. We suggest. to
peculiarities with great interest. ban hunting these animals. to make
13Australian Wildlife. Kangaroos are protected reserves. to help animals with
mammals, marsupials. There are 50 kinds of food during our long cold winter.
them. Their fur is black, grey or red.The 33save the environment. We must not
length of the body is 25-160 cm, the tail pollute the nature; make fires in the
is 15-105 cm, the weight is about 1,4-90 forest; break trees and pick flowers;
kg. Their back limbs are very long. break birds’s nests; leave rubbish in the
14Australian Wildlife. Kangaroos move forest; make noise in the wood.
jumping, they jump for 1,5 metres. The 34save the environment. We are
speed can reach 88 km/h. They live in responsible for the environment! We must
Australia and Tasmania. Usually they eat preserve it for the future generation!
grass and insects. The kangaroos are more 357. Отработка грамматических навыков по
active at night. They have 1-2 теме “Subjunctive Mood”. Выполнение
babies-embrions in the pouch and carry письменного грамматического задания на
them for a half of a year. карточках в группах с последующим
15Australian Wildlife. Koalas are взаимоконтролем. Continue the idea using
mammals, marsupials.They look like bears, the sentences in the Subjunctive Mood. If.
the head is big, the ears are big and I we people nations. don’t kill animals
round, covered with fur. The eyes are don’t eat meat be a vegetarian don’t wear
small. The length of the body is 60-80 cm, fur coats clear the forest don’t smuggle
the weight is about 16 kg. Claws are animals. the nature will be beautiful ...
strong and sharp. The grey fur is thick. ... ... ... ...
16Australian Wildlife. They live in the 368. Итоги урока. Рефлексия. Think and
eucalyptus woods of the Eastern Australia. answer the questions. -What problems have
Koalas eat 1 kg of eucalyptus leaves a we discussed? - Have you got some new
day. They are active at night. They move information for you? - Do you agree that
slowly and prefer to sit on the trees.The we must not only learn the wildlife but
young weights 5,5 gramms and lives in the know the ways how to protect the
pouch for 6 months. The period of life is environment? - Are you responsible for the
about 20 years. They are under protection. wildlife? - Have you realized the
17Australian Wildlife. Wombats are responsibility for your cooperative work?
mammals, marsupials.There are 3 kinds of Summerise your answers on your cards and
them. The length of the body is about 1 get a final mark for your work.Thank you.
metre, the weight is about 40 kg. They
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