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Editing Font
Editing Font
Adding Graphics from a File
Adding Graphics from a File
Adding Slide Transitions
Adding Slide Transitions
Animating Text and Images
Animating Text and Images
Check and Project
Check and Project
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Using IFTs Template Presentation PowerPoint to Enhance Presentations

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1Using IFT’s Template Presentation 10Click Apply to All Slides button. © 2010
& PowerPoint® to Enhance Institute of Food Technologists.
Presentations. © 2010 Institute of Food 11Animating Text and Images. Go to Slide
Technologists. View. Click the image or highlight text to
2Applying IFT’s PowerPoint Template. select it. Click on the Slide Show menu,
Save IFT’s PowerPoint template to your then click Custom Animation. Click the Add
computer (located at: Effects button. Select Entrance, Emphasis,
http://www.am-fe.ift.org/cms/?pid=1000649) or Exit and then one of the special
Open your existing presentation file (if effects options. © 2010 Institute of Food
already created). Click the Format menu, Technologists.
then click Slide Design. Click Browse and 12Animating Text and Images. Under
find the IFT PowerPoint template in step 1 Modify effect to select how the text/image
and click Apply. Review slides for should appear. Determine Start. Identify
formatting as images and text may have Direction/Property. Set Speed. Slides with
shifted. If creating a presentation from multiple effects can be re-ordered with
scratch, complete step 1, open the file, arrows at the bottom of the custom
and design your presentation. © 2010 animation box. © 2010 Institute of Food
Institute of Food Technologists. Technologists.
3Applying IFT’s Template in PowerPoint 13Incorporating Sound. Under the Insert
2007. Save IFT’s PowerPoint template to menu, click on Movies and Sounds Click
your computer (located at: Sound from Clip Organizer or Sound from
http://www.am-fe.ift.org/cms/?pid=1000649) File. Select clip from options. Sound from
Open your existing presentation file (if Clip Organizer will ask when to introduce
already created). On the View tab, in the sound (automatically or on click). Select
Presentation Views group, click Slide one. Position sound icon on slide. Note:
Master. On the Slide Master tab, in the Using sound is not typically advised.
Edit Theme group, click the arrow below Special sound computer hook-ups are
Themes, then click a theme and apply. required to amplify the sound in large
Review slides for formatting as images and rooms. Additionally sounds often serve as
text may have shifted. If creating a distracters from your message. © 2010
presentation from scratch, complete step Institute of Food Technologists.
1, open the file, and design your 14Adding Sound to Objects. Right click
presentation. © 2010 Institute of Food on object and select Custom Animation.
Technologists. Double click on object from list. Identify
4Editing Font. Highlight the text effect enhancements. Select Sound Select
needing font changes. On the Formatting type of After Animation, as desired. Click
Toolbar select the font style you want. okay. © 2010 Institute of Food
For example: HelveticaNeue MediumCond Technologists.
While text is still highlighted, you can 15Rehearsing Your Slide Show. On the top
change the font size, click on the “B” for toolbar, click Slide Show, then View Show.
bold, “I” for Italics, “U” for Use the arrows on the keyboard to advance
underlining. © 2010 Institute of Food slides forward or backwards or click the
Technologists. mouse. Hit Esc at any time to exit out of
5Adding Graphics from Clip Art. Click view mode. © 2010 Institute of Food
the Insert menu, and then click Picture Technologists.
and Clip Art. Type what image you are 16Inserting Video. Under the Insert
looking for and click Go. Double click the menu, click Movies and Sounds, then Movie
image to add it to your slide. © 2010 from File. Locate file and click okay.
Institute of Food Technologists. Answer “How do you want this file to
6Adding Graphics from a File. Click the start?” (Automatically or on Click)
Insert menu, and then click Picture and Reposition and resize movie as needed. Run
From File. © 2010 Institute of Food slide show to test movie. Note: Video
Technologists. files can significantly increase your file
7Adding Graphics from a File. In the size and may display slowly depending on
Look in: box, select the folder on your the speed of the computer. Special sound
computer where the graphic is located. To hook-ups may also be required to project
open subfolders, double click them or sound. Use video with caution and be sure
click one and hit Open. Double click the to practice on the computer being used in
image to add it to your slide. Or click it advance. © 2010 Institute of Food
once and click Insert. © 2010 Institute of Technologists.
Food Technologists. 17Presentation Guidelines. You can have
8Editing Graphics and Text Boxes. To five levels of indents But the further you
resize an image or text box, left click indent The smaller the text gets And if
the graphic/box. Place your cursor over a you indent too far The text gets very hard
corner of the image/box where there is a to read Or even completely illegible So do
white circle. A double arrow black line your audience a favor Make sure your text
will appear. Hold down the left click is easily readable Stick to two levels of
button and drag the corner to the size you indents if possible Your audience will
desire. When the image/box is the size you thank you! © 2010 Institute of Food
want, release the mouse button. © 2010 Technologists.
Institute of Food Technologists. 18Keep It Simple. Avoid Lengthy Text Use
9Moving Graphics or Text Boxes. To move key words Do not use full sentences Use
an image, hold down the left click of the bullet points that are “parallel” Use the
mouse over the graphic and move to the same Verb-Object format to start all
location you desire. To move a text box, bullets Do not read slides Limit number of
hold down the left click of the mouse over slides to fit presentation time –
the gray border and move to the location typically no more than 1 slide per minute.
you desire. © 2010 Institute of Food © 2010 Institute of Food Technologists.
Technologists. 19Check and Project. Check for spelling
10Adding Slide Transitions. Click Slide mistakes Project the presentation prior to
Show on the top toolbar, then click Slide presenting. © 2010 Institute of Food
Transition. In the dialog box, click Technologists.
Random Bars Vertical. Under Modify 20© 2010 Institute of Food
transition, select a speed and/or sound. Technologists.
Under Advance slide, click on mouse click
Using IFTs Template Presentation PowerPoint to Enhance Presentations.ppt
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Using IFTs Template Presentation PowerPoint to Enhance Presentations

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