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Using Online Video Examples in Introductory Business Statistics

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1Using Online Video Examples in 9videos would take all day to download.
Introductory Business Statistics. Monnie SRCOS 2005. 9.
McGee Assistant Professor, Department of 10Document Camera. Elmo DT-150AF PAL
Statistical Science Robert Skinner, Ian Desktop Presenter Portable (1.9 kg) Zoom
Aberle, and Steve Snider Academic capability Remote Control $. SRCOS 2005.
Computing Services, Office of the Provost 10.
Southern Methodist University. 11Media Converter. Canopus ADVC-100 A/D
2Outline. Motivation Static vs. Dynamic Converter Converts analog video &
Examples Equipment Recording the Videos audio to a DV stream Captured by Firewire
(live!) More Example Videos Going Further. connection $ 299. SRCOS 2005. 11.
SRCOS 2005. 2. 12Snap Z Pro Software. Captures activity
3The Problem. “She never gave us enough on screen Used to capture Excel and
examples on how to work the homework PowerPoint $69. SRCOS 2005. 12.
problems” “I fail to see how this course 13Equipment. Document camera (Elmo
will ever be useful to me in the future”. Desktop Presenter) Lavelier microphone
SRCOS 2005. 3. Macintosh Laptop Computer ($1200 iMAC)
4Possible Solutions. Class example day Sony Media Converter & audio mixer
Teach by example Work all homework iMovie software (free with mac) Snap Z Pro
problems in class Get creative. SRCOS software Apple Xserve and Quick Time
2005. 4. Streaming Server ($2000) Autodesk Cleaner
5Why Videos? Solutions posted on course Software ($549). SRCOS 2005. 13.
website are not dynamic Important for 14Recording the Videos. A simple “work
students to see thought processes involved by hand” problem Concept problems
in working the problem Digital video Incorporating PowerPoint slides
allows placement on the course website. Incorporating Excel. SRCOS 2005. 14.
SRCOS 2005. 5. 15Typical Problem & Solution. Cause
6Typical Problem and Solution. of death is an important issue for life
Employers may ask job applicants to take insurance companies; especially
an IQ test if the test has been shown to identifying the most likely causes of
predict performance on the job. Score on deaths for various demographic subgroups
one test for the 20 to 34 age group are of the population. The number of deaths
approximately Normally distributed with among persons aged 15 to 24 years in the
mean of 110 and standard deviation of 25. United States in 1997 due to the seven
Use the Empirical Rule to answer the leading causes of death for these age
following questions: a) About what percent group were accidents, 12,958, homicide,
of the people in this age group have score 5793; suicide, 414; cancer 1583; heart
above 110? Since 110 is the mean, and the disease, 1013; congenital defects, 383;
mean is equal to the median for a normal AIDS, 275. SRCOS 2005. 15.
distribution, 50% of the people in this 16Solution. Make a bar chart to display
group will have scores above the mean. b) these data. Your chart should look
About what percent have scores above 160? something like this one, although the
160 is 2 standard deviations from the order of the bars is not important. It
mean. That means that there are 2.5% should be labeled correctly and clearly.
(5%/2) of the scores above the mean. SRCOS What additional information do you need to
2005. 6. make a pie chart? We need to know the
7Video Version. total number of deaths in this age group
8Equipment. Document camera (Elmo in 1997. We need that information to
Desktop Presenter) Lavelier microphone convert the numbers into percentages to be
Macintosh Laptop Computer Sony Media graphed into the pie chart. SRCOS 2005.
Converter & audio mixer iMovie 16.
software (free with mac) Snap Z Pro 17More Examples. Using Snap Z Pro to
software Apple Xserve and Quick Time capture manipulations on Excel Concept
Streaming Server. SRCOS 2005. 8. question with PowerPoint. SRCOS 2005. 17.
9To Stream or Not To Stream. Streaming 18Going Further. Assessment of student
server allows play of the video while it attitudes Creating a CD of examples that
is still downloading For on-campus students can purchase with their textbooks
connections, a regular server is probably Virtual Guest Lecturers. SRCOS 2005. 18.
fine Over a modem at a student’s home, the
Using Online Video Examples in Introductory Business Statistics.ppt
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Using Online Video Examples in Introductory Business Statistics

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