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[b?k] [bi:t
[b?k] [bi:t
Complete the sentences with the new words:
Complete the sentences with the new words:
Choose the right words to complete the sentences
Choose the right words to complete the sentences
Look at the picture and say what they are doing on the beach
Look at the picture and say what they are doing on the beach
Nota bene
Nota bene
Listen and read the word combinations
Listen and read the word combinations
Listen and read the word combinations
Listen and read the word combinations
Look at the picture
Look at the picture
Look at the map and say where the cities are situated
Look at the map and say where the cities are situated
Look at the map and say where the cities are situated
Look at the map and say where the cities are situated
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Visiting Britain (step 3,4)

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Тема: Visiting Britain (step 3,4). 6английском языке имена прилагательные
Подготовила учитель Английского языка: можно образовать при помощи различных
Троян О.Н. Ст. Октябрьская МБОУ СОШ № 7. суффиксов: -y: windy, rainy, cloudy,
2[b?k] [bi:t?] [‘dai?ri] [dju?ri?] sandy, foggy - ful: joyful, wonderful,
[faind] [ri’z?:t] [s?nd] [‘s?ndi] colorful, beautiful Познакомьтесь еще с
[ter?bl]. Let’s read! одним суффиксом, который тоже участвует в
3Complete the sentences with the new образовании имен прилагательных: al. Music
words: During beach resort fishing back +al = musical (музыкальный) centre = + al=
terrible find sand dairy. Polly hated her central (центральный) Politics + al =
summer holidays. She thought they were … political (политический) Profession + al =
When do English pupils go … to school professional (профессиональный).
after holidays? I like playing volleyball 7Listen and read the word combinations.
on the … . I have a … and write in it A musical box, a musical family, a musical
about my family, school and friends. I film A central square, a central building,
can’t walk: there’s … in my shoes. Sochi a central tower A political centre, a
is a famous … on the Black Sea. … his political system, a political party A
summer holidays Sam made a trip to cultural centre, a cultural capital,
Scotland. People … swimming good for their cultural life A professional writer, a
health. In summer I went … every day. professional actor, a professional
4Choose the right words to complete the photographer What is missing in this
sentences. Who (taught/thought) you words: -y, -ful, -al? Wind ___, color___,
English last year? Mike (bought/brought) politic___, centr___, ston___, wonder___,
this souvenir in Paris. Peter the Great joy___, fogg___,cultur___,music___,
(found/founded) St Petersburg. Yesterday profession____.
Jane (bought/brought) some pictures to 8Look at the picture. What do you think
school. My brother (found/founded) a very the words northwest, northeast, southeast,
interesting book in the new bookshop. southwest are in Russian? north.
James (taught/thought) about his friends northeast. northwest. east. west.
and felt happy again. southwest. southeast. south.
5Look at the picture and say what they 9Look at the map and say where the
are doing on the beach. Example: Подл. ( cities are situated. Example: London is
is/are) гл. ing _._._._. The boys … . The situated in the southwest of Great
dog … . The father … . The children on the Britain.
sand … . The boy at the hotel … . The big 10Список используемой литературы: УМК
girls … . The birds … . They are all О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева, К. М.
having fun … . Баранова «Английский язык » 6 класс М.:
6Nota bene! Вы уже знаете, что в Дрофа 2015 Аудиоприложение к учебнику.
Visiting Britain (step 3,4).pptx
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Visiting Britain (step 3,4)

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