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Alternative Energy Sources
Alternative Energy Sources
Our Questions:
Our Questions:
What is your opinion about alternative energy
What is your opinion about alternative energy
Do you believe that the alternative energy sources will be able to
Do you believe that the alternative energy sources will be able to
Have you ever had a lesson in school about the way alternative energy
Have you ever had a lesson in school about the way alternative energy
You can watch some of those educational videos from National
You can watch some of those educational videos from National
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We are from Greece and now that we finished our project we think that it is time to present ourselves

содержание презентации «We are from Greece and now that we finished our project we think that it is time to present ourselves.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1We are from Greece and now that we 21well. If you had to choose between
finished our project we think that it is monarchy of old ages with no environmental
time to present ourselves! So let’s start… problems but without high technology and
2Just to get an idea.. Our main idea today’s world with the rapid development
was “The world of tomorrow”, but we split of technology but a planet which is
it up in three different mini-projects. gradually dieing , what would you choose?
The first one is “Alternative Energy (please justify your answer).
Sources”, which is something like a 22In our opinion, if the youth is taught
questionnaire about the alternative energy to respect the environment, our planet is
use. The second one is “The Environment”, actually going to heal from all its
which gives an idea about today’s wounds. Preparing today's children for
situation and has some questions as well. tomorrow's world, But any mistake you make
Finally ,the last one is about human today can easily affect the rest of your
rights, in which there is information life! So be very wise and put on a
about human rights, our opinion on a few positive character, For a pleasant
topics regarding the project and of course personality is what we need out of you! !
some questions again . ? (Author unknown).
3We are… Meltem : the organizer 23Thank you for spending your time
Aggeliki : the email updater Niovi : the watching our presentation. We hope you
crafter Eva : the inspirational writer. liked it.
4We would like to show you the work we 24The following Power Point Presentation
have been doing the last few months. First is regarding the human rights. We hope
of all we made a power point presentation you’ll like it ?
about the renewable energy sources and 25Human rights. Human rights are rights
their use nowadays and in the future. We and freedoms to which ALL humans are
have already sent it to you but you can entitled.
have a look at it again? 26Proponents of the concept usually
5Alternative Energy Sources. assert that everyone is endowed with
6The Sources! Alternative energy is an certain entitlements merely by reason of
umbrella term that refers to any source of being human. Human rights are thus
usable energy intended to replace conceived in a universalist and
conventional energy sources without the egalitarian fashion. Such entitlements can
undesired consequences of the replaced exist as shared norms of actual human
sources. They are divided into 5 moralities, as justified moral norms or
categories: •Solar energy (generation of natural rights supported by strong
electricity from sun) •Wind energy reasons, or as legal rights either at a
(generation of electricity from wind) national level or within international
•Geothermal energy (using hot water or law.However, there is no consensus as to
steam from the Earth’s interior for the precise nature of what in particular
heating buildings or electricity should or should not be regarded as a
generation) •Biofuel and Ethanol human right in any of the preceding
(plant-derived substitutes of gasoline for senses, and the abstract concept of human
powering vehicles) •Hydrogen (used as rights has been a subject of intense
clean fuel for airplanes, spaceships, and philosophical debate and criticism.
vehicles). 27Many of the basic ideas that animated
7Our Questions: Do you think that the movement developed in the aftermath of
people will finally get used to the idea the Second World War, culminating in its
of using alternative energy sources in adoption by the Universal Declaration of
order to stop polluting the environment? Human Rights in Paris by the United
8What is your opinion about alternative Nations General Assembly in 1948. While
energy? Do you believe that it will be the phrase "human rights" is
more expensive? Does your school support relatively modern the intellectual
the use of any of this sources? If yes, foundations of the modern concept can be
which? And if not have you ever thought of traced through the history of philosophy
suggesting it? and the concepts of natural law rights and
9Do you believe that the alternative liberties as far back as the city states
energy sources will be able to save the of Classical Greece and the development of
world from all these environmental Roman Law. The true forerunner of human
problems which exist in our planet? How do rights discourse was the concept of
you think that the research and the use natural rights which appeared as part of
about these sources will develop in the the medieval Natural law tradition, became
world of tomorrow? prominent during the Enlightenment with
10Have you ever had a lesson in school such philosophers as John Locke, Francis
about the way alternative energy sources Hutcheson, and Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui,
are being used? Have you been informed and featured prominently in the political
about what they offer to our planet? discourse of the American Revolution and
11You can watch some of those the French Revolution.
educational videos from National 28Philosophy. The philosophy of human
Geographic! rights attempts to examine the underlying
http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/ basis of the concept of human rights and
layer/environment/energy-environment/energ critically looks at its content and
-conservation.html justification. Several theoretical
http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/ approaches have been advanced to explain
layer/environment/energy-environment/great how and why human rights become part of
energy-challenge.html social expectations. One of the oldest
http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/ Western philosophies on human rights is
layer/environment/energy-environment/solar that they are a product of a natural law,
power.html. stemming from different philosophical or
12Renewable Energy. Renewable Energy is religious grounds. Other theories hold
The wave of the future And, if we don't that human rights codify moral behavior
start developing it We won't be able to which is a human social product developed
survive For we have gotten soft To our by a process of biological and social
easy life And, we won't know how to evolution (associated with Hume). Human
survive If we don't start changing rights are also described as a
Renewable energy is here to stay And we sociological pattern of rule setting (as
have to start replacing Our energy supply in the sociological theory of law and the
With this everlasting resourse by Jerry work of Weber). These approaches include
Abrahamson. the notion that individuals in a society
13The second power point presentation we accept rules from legitimate authority in
did was about the environment. exchange for security and economic
14World Of Tomorrow. Environment. advantage (as in Rawls) – a social
15The indifference of those one who have contract. The two theories that dominate
the power to change the facts. However, contemporary human rights discussion are
they choose to adopt a lackadaisical the interest theory and the will theory.
attitude and do nothing for their world Interest theory argues that the that the
and prefer to gratify their personal principal function of human rights is to
ambitions. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE BASIC protect and promote certain essential
REASON FOR ALL THE ENVIROMENTAL PROBLEMS? human interests, while will theory
16In the world of tomorrow We'll be attempts to establish the validity of
covered with water 'Cause the earth will human rights based on the unique human
be crying. We'll do nothing to stop it. In capacity for freedom.The strong claims
the world of tomorrow, There'll be no made by human rights to universality have
smiles and laughter. Every person'll be led to persistent criticism. Philosophers
crying 'Cause the end's getting closer. who have criticized the concept of human
17We blame those who act illegally and rights include Jeremy Bentham, Edmund
those who only care about their personal Burke, Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Marx.
needs and not the common good, those who A recent critique has been advanced by
harm earth, who show indifference to the Charles Blattberg in his essay "The
dangers that our today’s world is in and Ironic Tragedy of Human Rights."
those who constantly avoid the Blattberg argues that rights talk, being
consequences and blame others for their abstract, is counterproductive since it
mistakes. WHO WOULD YOU BLAME? WHO IS demotivates people from upholding the
RESPONSIBLE ?(e.g. politicians, citizens, values that rights are meant to assert.
personal interests). 29“All human rights are universal,
18We are totally against this indivisible and interdependent and
anti-environmental situation as we related. The international community must
strongly believe that in order to save treat human rights globally in a fair and
ourselves we must save our planet first. equal manner, on the same footing, and
WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE FOREVER UNDER THESE 30In many countries ,nowadays, such as
CIRCUMSTANCES? (hello, our planet is Saudi Arabia and Iraq, human rights are
dieing). constantly violated in many fields
19WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR TOMORROW? concerning social discrimination, sexism
Nowadays we live in a world with little (men tend to be treated in a more
perspective. We only care about ourselves, advantageous way due to religious
neglecting our home, earth. Our actions traditions ), child labor etc. However,
have put our planet in a great danger and apart from underdeveloped countries, other
it is almost impossible to save not just countries in Europe such as England, which
earth but ourselves as well. But there are thought to be civilized, have
will always be hope. The hope of something difficulties in everyday life with social
brighter. The dream of a world of discrimination not only between the rich
tomorrow, in which we will respect our and the poor ones but also between
home and live happily ever after. We must students( bullying episodes dominate
fight for this world both as individuals English High Schools) Writers : Meltem,
and as a team. Eva.
20Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow There 31Are you in favor or against sexism? In
are two days in every week that we should our point of view, sexism is an act
not worry about, two days that should be totally unacceptable, which only shows the
kept free from fear and apprehension. One short-sighted character of some nations.
is yesterday, with its mistakes and cares, Women must be equal to men, because women
its faults and blunders, its aches and are human beings and have the same rights
pains. Yesterday has passed, forever with men, not only to mention the fact
beyond our control. All the money in the that equality can only offer a just and
world cannot bring back yesterday. We harmonious society. Writers : Meltem, Eva.
cannot undo a single act we performed. Nor 32Are you aware of the rights that women
can we erase a single word we've said - are offered in Asia? As we do not live
yesterday is gone! The other day we there, we can not provide you we the exact
shouldn't worry about is tomorrow, with situation of the continent. As far as we
its impossible adversaries, its burden, are concerned, women face problems
its hopeful promise and poor performance. regarding their rights while men are
Tomorrow is beyond our control. Tomorrow's thought to be superior to women. From our
sun will rise either in splendour or personal knowledge, due to their religious
behind a mask of clouds - but it will tradition sexism still exists in these
rise. And until it does, we have no stake countries. Writers : Meltem, Eva.
in tomorrow, for it is yet unborn. This 33Are you aware of the rights that women
leaves only one day - today. Any person are offered in Asia? As we do not live
can fight the battles of just one day. It there, we can not provide you with the
is only when we add the burdens of exact situation of the continent. As far
yesterday and tomorrow that we break down. as we are concerned, women face problems
It is not the experience of today that regarding their rights while men are
drives people mad - it is the remorse of thought to be superior to women. From our
bitterness for something which happened personal knowledge, due to their religious
yesterday, and the dread of what tomorrow tradition sexism still exists in these
may bring. Let us, therefore, live one day countries. Writers : Meltem, Eva.
at a time! Author Unknown. 34Bibliography. www.wikipedia.com.
21We would choose our democratic society 35Thank you for spending some time
with all its problems as we depend on our looking our presentation. It was a
technology and its development. Our option wonderful experience for us, to
is based on a basic justification: communicate with different countries and
monarchy can destroy society because it get an idea about their culture and their
does not offer the freedom of will and people. We hope you liked our work .We
expression. Whereas, technology if it is wish you a nice summer. Enjoy your
used in an effective way it will not only holidays ?
help the healing of earth but humanity as
We are from Greece and now that we finished our project we think that it is time to present ourselves.ppt
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We are from Greece and now that we finished our project we think that it is time to present ourselves

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