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Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
The eagle
The eagle
The eagle
The eagle
Official song
Official song
The first President of the USA
The first President of the USA
White House
White House
The map of the Washington
The map of the Washington
Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
Welcome to the USA
Sport in the USA
Sport in the USA
Sport in the USA
Sport in the USA
Famous people
Famous people
Famous people
Famous people
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Welcome to the USA

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Welcome to the USA. Жукова Алла 16благодаря фермерству, скупке земель,
Вадимовна, преподаватель английского языка торговле, мельничному делу и
Фрязинский филиал МГОУ. железодобывающей промышленности.
2Цель: Проект предназначен для учащихся 17WASHINGTON. The capital of the USA is
системы НПО, изучающих английский язык. Washington D.C. The US Congress has its
Помогает педагогу донести более наглядно seat in the Capitol, and the White House
изучение новой лексической темы, используя is the residence of the President.
ЦОР. Знакомит учащихся со страной Washington is a beautiful administrative
изучаемого языка, способствует пониманию city without much industry. It has many
связной монологической речи, построенной famous monuments: The library of the
на изученном грамматическом и лексическом Congress of the USA, The Washington
материале, включенные тексты содержат Monument, The Abraham Lincoln Memorial,
познавательную ценность, что способствует The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and other.
более эффективному обучению языку. 18WHITE HOUSE.
3Сontents : American symbols (слайд 19The map of the Washington. White
7-12) washington (слайд 16,17,19,20) new House. Lincoln Memorial.
york (слайд 21,22) national holidays 20NEW YORK. Everyone knows something
(слайд 24) sport in the USA (слайд 25) about New York – the Statue of Liberty,
famous people (слайд 26,27) guestions the skyscrapers, the beautiful shops on
(слайд 28). Fifth Avenue, and the many theatres on
4 Broadway. New York consists of 5
5This is the USA : The USA – the districts- the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens,
richest, and one of the biggest countries Brooklyn, Richmond. This is America,s
in the world – has several names. People cultural capital, and her biggest city,
say: the United States, the States, with a population of nearly thirteen
America, or just - the USA, or the US. million.
There are fifty states in the USA, and 250 21
million people live in them. The USA is a 22
federal republic. 23
6America was founded by Columbus in 24NATIONAL LIFE. At present the USA is a
1492 year. The USA is situated in the highly developed industrial and
central part of the North American agricultural country. It is rich in coal,
continent. Its western coast is washed by oil, iron, natural gas. It exports a lot
the Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast – of raw materials, industrial and
by the Atlantic Ocean. The area of the USA agricultural products. People enjoy the
is over nine million square kilometres. wonders of nature practically in every
The main river of the USA is the state.
Mississippi. 25NATIONAL HOLIDAYS. Halloween,
7Nicknames of the States: You certainly Christmas, Memorial day, Thanksgiving day,
know that the USA consists of fifty The fourth of July - is St.Valentine,s d
states. But you may not know that each if ay Independence day,
them has several unofficial names. For 26SPORT IN THE USA. Sports and games in
example : KANSAS – nickname is THE CENTRAL the USA take different forms: вaseball
STATE, VERMONT- THE GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE wind-surfing аmerican football soccer
MICHIGAN- the lake state, UTAH – the salt basketball golf and other.
lake state, NEBRASKA- the blackwater 27Famous people. Literature (writers)
state, NEW JERSEY – the garden state, American culture has produced many
ILLINOIS – state the land of Lincoln and outstanding writers: Emest Hemingway,
other. William Faulkner, John Steinbeck - were
8American symbols. The American flag is very popular. Mark Twain was born in the
often called the stars and stripes. There state of Missouri in 1835-1910 in 1876 he
are three colours on the flag of the USA - wrote «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer».
red, white, blue. As there are fifty 28Mark Twain was born in the state of
states in the US, there are fifty stars on Missouri in the United States in 1835. His
the American flag – one star for each father was an unsuccessful lawyer. The
state. The American flag has thirteen family seldom lived more than a year or
stripes. The flag has seven red stripes two in the same town. That is why the
and six white stripes. There is one stripe future writer did not even finish
for each of the first thirteen colonies of secondary school. He went to work at the
the US. age of 12. For two years he worked for his
9 elder brother's small newspaper both as a
10State of Liberty. Famous symbols of printer and reporter. In 1857 he became a
the USA is the Statue of Liberty. It pilot on the Mississipi river. He
stands 151 feet high and weighs 450000 continued to write. In 1876 he wrote
pounds. France gave the statue to America "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer".
in 1884 as a symbol of friendship. The The book was read by everybody, by the
Statue of Liberty, which you sees on young and old and was translated into
Liberty Island if you arrive by sea, was a nearly every language in the world.
present from France for the hundredth "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"
anniversary of American independence. was such a success that in 1884 he wrote
11 "The Adventures of Huckleberry
12The eagle. The eagle became the Finn", and then "Tom Sawyer
official national symbol of the country in Abroad" and "Tom Sawyer the
1782. It has an olive branch (a symbol of Detective" in 1896. There were many
peace) and arrows. .strength). other books written by Mark Twain. But his
13Official song. The USA has an official novels about Tom Sawyer and his friend
song. It is called: « The Star-Spangled Huckleberry Finn brought him world fame.
Banner.» Every state in the USA has its Mark Twain's real name was Sammuel
own flag, its own symbol and its own song Clemens. He took his penname from the
too. words "to mark" and
14THE GOVERNMENT of the USА. Washington, "twain" which were used by
lincoln, eisenhower, kennedy – some of the leadsmen on the steamboats to mark the
great names of american history, the names depth of two fathoms. Марк Твен родился в
of her presidents. Congress has two parts, штате Миссури в Соединенных Штатах Америки
the senate, and the house of в 1835 году. Его отец был неудачливым
representatives. There are 100 members of юристом. Семья редко жила в одном и том же
the senate, two from each state. The городе более 1-2 лет. Вот почему будущий
president cannot act without the senate,s писатель даже не закончил среднюю школу.
agreement. The house of representatives Он пошел работать в возрасте 12 лет. Два
has 435 members. Americans choose a new года он работал печатником и репортером в
president every four years. Barak оbama – редакции небольшой газеты, принадлежащей
is the president of USA now. старшему брату. В 1857 году он стал
15The first President of the USA 1732 - лоцманом, плавая по реке Миссисипи и
1799. Washington won a lasting place in продолжал писать. В 1876 году он написал
American History as «the Father of our "Приключения Тома Сойера". Книгу
Country.» For nearly 20 years he guided читали все - дети и взрослые, она была
his country. переведена почти на все языки мира.
16Washington lived an exciting life in "Приключения Тома Сойера" име­ли
exciting times. As a boy, he explored the такой успех, что в 1884 году он написал
wilderness. When he grew older, he helped "Приключения Гекльберри Финна",
the British fight the French and Indians. и затем "Том Сойер за границей"
Many times he was nearly killed. As a в "Том Сойер - сыщик", вышедшие
general he suffered ! nardsnips with his в 1896 г. Марк Твен написал еще много
troops in the cold winters. He lost many других книг, но всемирную известность ему
battles, but led the American Army to принесли его романы о Томе Сойере я
final victory. After he became President, Гекльберри Финне. Настоящее имя Марка
he successfully solved many problems Твена было Сэмюэль Клеменс. Он избрал себе
facing his country, Washington belonged to в качестве псевдонима выражение
an old colonial family that believed in "марктвен", которое у лоцманов
hard work, in public service and in на пароходах обозначало глубину в две
worshipping God. George Washington was морские сажени.
born in Westmoreland county, Virginia, on 29Choose the correct answer : Who
a farm, on February 22, 1732. Farming, discovered America ? a) Christopher
land buying, trading, milling, and the Columbus b) George Washington c) The
iron industry were the means by which the pilgrims How many States in America ? a)
family rose in the world. Вашингтон прожил fifty b) forty c) fifteen.
бурную жизнь в бурное время. Мальчиком он 30What do you know about the USA ?
исследовал дикие места. Когда подрос, он answer the guestions : Which is the US
помогал британцам воевать с французами и capital? What is the national symbols of
индейцами. Его чуть не убили несколько America? Who was the first president of
раз. Будучи генералом, он переносил the USA? Where is the Statue of Liberty
трудности холодных зим вместе с солдатами. stand? What the American flag has ? When
Он много раз проигрывал сражения, но do Americans celebrate Independence Day?
привел американскую армию к окончательной What is the national sport in America?
победе. После того, как Вашингтон стал 31Используемая литература: Афанасьева О.
президентом, он успешно решил многие Английский язык ч.4 - М.: Просвещение.-
проблемы, с которыми столкнулась его 1995.- с.363-390. Карта и атлас мира.
страна. Вашингтон принадлежал к старой Лэард Э. Добро пожаловать в Великобританию
колониальной семье, которая не боялась и США.- М.: Просвещение.-1994.-63с.
тяжелой работы, служила обществу и верила Старков А.Английский язык/ 6-ой год
в бога. Джордж Вашингтон родился в округе обучения.- Санкт - Петербург, 1999.-278с.
Вестморленд штата Вирджиния, на ферме 22 32Интернет ресурсы:
февраля 1732 г. Семья стала на ноги
Welcome to the USA.ppt
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Welcome to the USA

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