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Words are fun
Words are fun
Framework Objectives
Framework Objectives
Importance of reading
Importance of reading
Words are fun
Words are fun
It’s a cracker
It’s a cracker
Talking verbs
Talking verbs
Words are fun
Words are fun
Words are fun
Words are fun
Sensory scenes
Sensory scenes
Super settings
Super settings
Descriptive words
Descriptive words
Fast poem
Fast poem
Words are fun
Words are fun
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Wow Up Your Words

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1Wow Up Your Words! Strategies for 15which word was chosen? From: Jumpstart!
improving and developing vocabulary. Literacy by Pie Corbett.
Presented by Lancashire Leading Literacy 16Quite often, synonyms can be ordered
Teachers. by how powerful they are, e.g. big huge
2Words are fun! Lots of jokes are based colossal Order the cards according to how
upon word play… The man who recently fell powerful you think the words are. The
into an upholstery machine is now fully POWER of words!
recovered. 17Shades of meaning. Start with a
3Aim: To provide practical strategies feelings word from the list. Choose a
for improving and developing vocabulary colour card. Brainstorm synonyms for your
throughout Foundation Stage, Key Stage One feelings word. Write the synonyms onto the
and Key Stage Two. colour card in order of strength.
4Framework Objectives. See Handout page 18Words are fun! He didn't tell his
1. mother that he had eaten the glue. His
5Vocabulary Knowledge. Listening lips were sealed.
comprehension depends on knowledge of 19Compound Words. Compound words are
words. The meanings of individual words words made up of two or more other words,
contribute to the meanings of sentences e.g. bedroom, downstairs, football Use the
and therefore to understanding. Females list of compound words on handout page 10.
tend to master language more quickly than Make a new words by taking the beginning
males. Women use around 7,000 words a day, of one word and end of another. Can you
whereas men use about 2,000. think up a definition for your new word?
6The Development of Language. During jellyfish + playground = jellyground
the early years, vocabulary extends at a jellyground: a boggy area where the ground
rapid rate of 50-70 words per week, wobbles when you walk on it.
through oral conversation By the time the 20Crazy Definitions. Lots of dancing
child is five he/she will have an oral cakes. Abundance Armies Earwig Elastic
vocabulary of about 14,000 words Research band Fish Fingers Gladiator Hippies
shows that some of our five year old Labrador Microwave. The things you have up
pupils have an oral vocabulary of less your sleevies A piece of false hair worn
than 9,000 words – often pupils from over the ears A group who play rubber
poorer homes How would this impact on instruments What fish have 5 of on each
learning? What could we do about this? hand How the monster felt after lunch The
7Developing Vocabulary. After the age things you hang your leggies on Large
of five, oral conversation is a much less cat-flap for dogs Very small greeting.
effective way of developing vocabulary 21Words are fun! Two hats were hanging
knowledge. Reading and teaching of words, on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said
phrases, metaphor and idiom takes over at to the other, 'You stay here, I'll go on a
this point. These are key elements in head.'.
developing written language. We need to 22Sensory scenes. hear. smell. see.
ensure that we provide opportunities for feel/touch.
this. 23Super settings. As fresh as a mountain
8Importance of reading. slim bandy stream. fresh. rocky. lush. cool. The sea
munching buckle prance elegant bold. See was a shimmering plate of glass. clear.
handout page 2. lapping. smooth.
9awfully. Word of the week. 24Descriptive words. similes. metaphors.
10The Foundation Stage Classroom. 25Genre related words. See handout for a
Display vocabulary within each area of Fantasy Story Word Chart taken from The
provision or resource, e.g. Water Tray: Usbourne Illustrated Thesaurus. A
pour, splash, drip, wet, full, empty, fantastic resource, full of words and
overflowing… Playdough: stretch, break, phrases to help children make their
squash, mould, join, cut, press… See writing more exciting.
handout pages 4 and 5. 26Words are fun! What did the triangle
11Words are fun! I couldn't quite say to the circle? You're so pointless!
remember how to throw a boomerang, but I 27Fast poem. One noun: Two adjectives:
knew eventually it would come back to me. Three adverbs: Four verbs: Spaghetti Thin
12It’s a cracker! Children love to and soft, Silently, slowly, easily,
collect or make up jokes. Encourage their Slipping, sliding, slithering,
understanding of words by asking them to disappearing.
explain why it’s funny. See handout page 28Words are fun! Are Santa's helpers
6. subordinate clauses?
13‘Articulate’. Take a noun from the 29Talking Homework. Dear Parents and
pile on the table. Describe it to your Carers, This week’s Talk Homework is to
partner without naming it. Use descriptive talk about the following: Who was
language to help your partner visualise naughtier, Goldilocks or Jack of the
what you are describing. Can your partner Beanstalk? What do you think? Discuss.
guess what it is? Remember, no television on during Talk
14look. Synonym Race. You have thirty Homework! We shall all share our ideas and
seconds. Think of as many alternative thoughts at assembly next Monday. Ros
words as you can for… Wilson.
15Talking verbs. Working in pairs, make 30Resources. Primary Framework for
a list of alternative words for ‘said’. literacy
Write your words onto the grid on page 8. www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/primaryframework
Think of a simple sentence that someone / Jokes found at www.kidsjokes.co.uk
might say, e.g. ‘Where have I put my Jumpstart! Literacy by Pie Corbett ISBN
glasses?’ Take it in turns to choose a 1-84312-102-6 The Usbourne Illustrated
word from the list and say the sentence Thesaurus ISBN 0-7460-23529.
accordingly. Can the other person guess 31Questions and Close.
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Wow Up Your Words

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