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International – U.S. Operations USL&H - DBA Business
International – U.S. Operations USL&H - DBA Business
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International – U.S. Operations USLH - DBA Business

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1International – U.S. Operations 6company and allow for special settlement
USL&H - DBA Business. December 9, procedures.
2005. 7DBA – What do we look for? We require
2DBA Definition. The U.S. Government an application for each risk. We require
requires that U.S. and foreign national prior experience. We require Statement of
employees hired by contractors and Work (SOW) on all but classified
subcontractors to work on international contracts. We can access WC exp. mod
government contracts be protected by factor. We order D&B on U.S.
Defense Base Act (DBA) coverage, contractors. If insuring a foreign based
regardless of their assignment and/or firm, we require payment in advance before
location. The DBA is a separate act that binding.
provides Workers Compensation using the 8Defense Base Act. DEFENSE BASE ACT
benefit level of Longshore and Harbor BEST PRACTICES All new accounts will have
Workers’ Compensation Act which provides a completed application and a statement of
disability compensation and medical work. The application should be signed by
benefits to employees and death benefits the Insured if possible/practical. If
to eligible survivors. DBA claims require application shows that the nature of work
that: The injuries arise in the course of is classified, the account should be
employment; Medical treatment is by a referred to Chicago for discussion and
licensed physician; Medical bills and approval. All DBA files will contain
records must be submitted in support of proper documentation of the logic or
the claim. method used to determine the price. Where
3DBA Definition. History of Act: Passed possible, all new and renewal accounts
August 16, 1941 Originally intended to will have prior experience (loss runs) in
cover WC for persons employed at military file, including domestic loss runs and
installations outside the United states foreign if any. 3 years experience is
Subsequently amended over the years to minimum required. Interstate or intrastate
provide cover for employee working outside modifications should be obtained. All new
the United States on a government contract and renewal accounts will have comments in
Covers all employees regardless of the account summary concerning prior loss
nationality and includes all experience including relevant domestic
sub-contractors Can apply for and receive experience. D&B information and/or
waivers for certain foreign nationals other financial information is to be
Department of Labor has sole jurisdiction obtained on all accounts and commented on
Must provide alternate cover equal to act the risk summary report. Formal quote
(no war exclusion) Will never waive for letters should be specific as to
U.S. Nationals, U.S. legal residents operations to be covered. Referral to a
(green cards) or employees physically specific contract by number or name is the
hired in the U.S. Benefits follow those of preferred method. All expiring policies
USL&H Cannot charge for War Hazard will have a voluntary audit report
Government self - insures Limited numbers completed and premium adjustments done.
of companies write cover Open rating Under Time frame for receipt of audit is 90 days
some circumstances a special license may after expiration or renewal of an account.
be required from OFAC. Underwriters/assistants will request
4DBA - Background. DBA claims are voluntary audit at the time of renewal
reported to the Dept. of Labor, but do not using a specific form. Under some
get reimbursed to us unless they qualify circumstances, a special license from OFAC
as war hazard claims. War Hazard claims may be needed.
are DBA claims involving injuries 9Defense Base Act. Procedures for
sustained as a result of a hostile or Non-Payment Cancellations Cancellation for
terrorist act. War Hazard claims are Non Payment Premium must be received by
reimbursed to us by the Dept. of Labor the date indicated on the cancellation
providing we file the appropriate forms notice or the policy will be cancelled. If
and submit the required documentation the premium is received on or before the
(medical bills/records). Dept. of Labor date indicated on the cancellation notice
has established a special DBA War Hazard the policy will reinstated with no lapse
Claims office in Cleveland, OH to expedite in coverage. If the premium is received
the processing of these claims and the after the date indicated on the
potential reimbursement of each submitted cancellation notice the policy will not be
eligible claim. reinstated. Instead a new policy will be
5DBA - Background. War Hazards put into effect on the date the premium is
Compensation Act Passed December 2, 1942 received by the agent or broker. Repeat
Government self insures Department of offenders Those insured's who are
Labor – office in Cleveland Recoveries continually late with payment and receive
must follow specific requirements Maximum 2 or more cancellation notices for
Medical Improvement (MMI) Death. non-payment will have to remit premium
6DBA - Background. Special provisions: prior to the issuance of a policy. The
A waiver of this cover for local and third earliest date that a policy will be put in
country nationals is available upon force is the date that the premium is
application to the Department of Labor. received by the agent or broker.
Such waivers are routinely granted subject Outstanding premium No policies will be
to the following: 1. No waiver is granted issued for insured's with any outstanding
for U.S. citizens, no matter where hired. premiums due.
2. No waiver is granted for U.S. legal 10Defense Base Act. Why write USL&H
residents (green card holders), no matter foreign exposure vs. domestic exposure?
where hired. 3. No waiver is granted for War Hazard related claims are reimbursable
anyone of any nationality who is + 15% for expenses While benefit levels
physically hired in the United States. are similar, the actual exposure is not.
When waivers are granted, they are always Generally, USL&H exposures bring to
subject to the proviso that the contractor mind heavy labor in or around shipyards
provides a WC programs with benefits equal and water. DBA covers all occupations,
to local laws. In the case of Iraq and whether an office worker in Germany or a
Afghanistan, since no local laws exist, truck driver in Egypt. Not as litigious as
locals are subject to DBA provisions. domestic WC Generally, the incentive to
Since benefits are keyed to actual wages, return to work is greater in DBA. Many
rates for locals of these countries are employees are at a greater wage or salary
usually lower than charged for U.S. than they would be in similar occupations
citizens. There are also special in the USA and they are generally anxious
provisions for handling claims involving to return to work. Why are we comfortable?
locals and Third Country Nationals. These Backed by the US Gov’t.
provisions are favorable to the insuring
International – U.S. Operations USLH - DBA Business.ppt
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International – U.S. Operations USLH - DBA Business

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