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1. South Africa, SADC, Africa
1. South Africa, SADC, Africa
1. South Africa, SADC, Africa
1. South Africa, SADC, Africa
2. Economy – Fiscal position
2. Economy – Fiscal position
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
4. Success Stories
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Investing & Doing Business in South Africa

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1Investing & Doing Business in 15for Rail infrastructure & rolling
South Africa. Sofia, Nov 2012. stock (2012-2015) Euro 300 billion for
2Content. 1. South Africa, Southern Nuclear Power plants (2014 – 2030) Euro 10
Africa & Africa 2. Economic Facts and billion for sea port expansions
Trends 3. Competitiveness and Doing Nanotechnologies Automotive Cluster Euro
Business 4. Economic Success Stories 5. 200 million Mercedez Benz recap (2013)
Investment Opportunities 6. Investment Euro 100 million Nissan expansion Euro 100
Incentives & Support 7. Conclusion. million VW expansion & localisation
31. South Africa, SADC, Africa. Other Euro 100 million renewable energy
41. South Africa, SADC, Africa. SADC programme.
FTA signed in August 2008 – market of 250 16Incentives. Incentive. Benefit. Main
million consumers Future FTA with Conditions. The Enterprise Investment
SADC,COMESA & EAC with a market of 800 Program (EIP). The EIP (manufacturing) is
million consumers Africa with population a cash grant for locally based
of over 900 million and growing economy. manufacturers who wish to establish a new
51. South Africa, SADC, Africa. Area production facility, expand an existing
1,22 million km2 Population 50,6m facility or upgrade an existing facility
(estimate) 11 Official languages with in the clothing and textiles sectors. the
English the business language Total GDP: EIP will be used to stimulate investment
2011 R2 964 bn (US$ 409 bn) GDP 2011 per within manufacturing and tourism, it will
capita: R 58 549 (US$ 8 075) Real GDP also be used to deliver on some of the
Growth: 3.1% (2011) Inflation (CPI): 5% IPAP's key performance areas, as well as
(2011 annual average) Main Exports; priority sectors. Foreign Investment
minerals & mineral products, precious Grant. To compensate qualifying foreign
metals & metal products, chemical investors for the cost of moving
& food products, automotives & qualifying new machinery and equipment
components. Main trading partners: China, from abroad to SA. Foreign investors only.
USA, Japan Germany, India & the UK. Industrial Development Zone. Exemption
62. Economy. 1994 THEN. 2004. IN 2011. from VAT when sourcing goods and services
GDP (billions). R 482 US$ 60. R 1 374 US$ from South African customs territory and
171. R 2 964 US$ 408,8. Merchandise duty-free imports of raw materials and
exports (billions). R 69, 8 US$ 8.7. R inputs for export. Prospective IDZ
281,8 US$ 35.2. R671 US$ 92,5. GDP Growth. operator companies must apply for permits
3,2%. 4,6%. 3,1 %. YEAR. Africa - GDP at to develop and operate an IDZ.
US$ 1.9 trillion - GDP Growth rate at 4.5 17Incentives. Incentive. Benefit. Main
% (2011) projected to 5% (2013). Conditions. Section 12i Tax Allowance. Tax
72. Economy - Trade. Import Country. deductions of up to R 900m depending on
Rand (millions). Export Country. Rand status viz. preferred or qualifying
(millions). 1. China. 85,297. 1. China. projects. Training allowance/ deduction of
103,130. 2. United States. 59,629. 2. up to R30m or R36 000 per employee. Valid
Germany. 77,263. 3. United States. 58,395. until December 2015 Capital investment
3. Japan. 55,295. 4. Japan. 34,527. 4. > R 200m. Critical Infrastructure Fund.
Germany. 43,168. 5. United Kingdom. Infrastructure projects intended to
28,681. 5. Saudi Arabia. 32,300. 6. India. service IDZ, shall qualify for a grant of
29,195. 6. India. 24,333. 7. United 30% of the qualifying infrastructure
Kingdom. 29,144. 7. Netherlands. 21,504. development cost. The minimum qualifying
8. Iran. 26,697. 8. Switzerland. 21,373. infrastructure development cost is R15m.
82. Economy – Fiscal position. Budget The Location Film & Television
balance at -4.6 % (2011) Decline to 3% by production Incentive. To encourage and
2014 Current Account : -4% of GDP Balance attract large budget films and television
of Payment: +0.3% Foreign reserves: US$ 51 productions that will contribute towards
bn Capital Formation: 20% of GDP. SA economic development and international
93. Competitiveness & Doing profile and increase foreign direct
Business. Vast mineral resources: No.1 for investment. Foreign owned qualifying
PGM, Chrome, Manganese No.3 for Gold, Coal productions.
& Corporate Tax rate of 28% Well 18Incentives. BPO & O Investment
developed legal system bases on sound Incentive. The BPO&O Investment
constitution Well developed & Incentive comprises an Investment Grant
independent public institution (legal, and a Training Support Grant towards costs
economic etc) Prime Interest Rates at 8.5% of company-specific training. The
Gateway to Sub-Saharan Africa JSE top 15 incentive is offered to local and foreign
of global exchanges Well developed investors. Local and foreign investors
infrastructure: 3 of Africa’s busiest establishing projects that aim primarily
International airports (JNB, CTN, DBN) to serve offshore clients. Incentive.
Africa’s largest container Port in Durban Benefit. Main Conditions. Competitiveness
Mobile telecoms subscription at over 90% Improvement Programme. Grants are to be
Well developed rail & road used for the following interventions:
infrastructure Over 40 000 MW electrical World-class manufacturing principles.
generation capacity & network. Training Labour relations and employee
103. Competitiveness & Doing wellness programmes Product related Supply
Business. Preferential Export market chain integration Industrial engineering
access: EU (FTA and TDCA) SADC USA- AGOA Competitiveness improvement Bottom line
(Africa Growth Opportunity Act) Future business processes. Clothing and Textile
Trilateral Free Trade Area companies and clusters.
(SADC-EAC-COMESA) Preferentila trade with 19Incentives. Automotive Investment
India & Mercusor Special Export Zones Scheme (AIS. Motor vehicle
(SEZ) Coega Port & Industrial Zone assemblers/manufactures. Motor component
(heavy industries) East London Industrial manufacturers. Incentive. Benefit. Main
Zone (Automotive Cluster). Conditions. Production Incentive (PI).
114. Success Stories. Successful Aims to help the industry upgrade its
automotive cluster 272 000 exports from processes, products and people. Clothing
BMW (3 series), Mercedes Benz (C-Class), manufacturers Textiles manufacturers Cut,
Toyota pick up, VW Polo, Ford Pick up, Make and Trim (CMT) operators Footwear
Nissan Pickup Exports to USA (C-class, manufacturers Leather goods manufacturers
3-er) UK (Polo, Toyota pickup, Ford and Leather processors (specifically for
Pickup, Japan (C-class), Australia leather goods and footwear industries). A
(Toyota, C-Class), GM 14% of Global taxable cash grant of 20 percent of the
Catalytic convertor supply 40-70% local value of qualifying investment in
content. productive assets. Manufacturing
124. Success Stories. Coal & Gas to Competitiveness Enhancement Programme
Liquid Technologies Sasol Fischer-Tropsch (MCEP). The MCEP comprises two
Process Deep Mining Technologies Some of sub-programmes: The Production Incentive
deepest mines in the world (3 km) Mobile (PI) i.e. 7% to 5% of the manufacturing
solutions & technologies Mobile value added. Industrial Financing Loan
banking & transactions. Facilities viz: Pre-/Post-Dispatch Working
135. Opportunities (Industrial Plan). Capital Industrial Policy Niche Projects
Metals Cluster Steel Profiles, Fund. The MCEP is available to South
Construction steel, Piping, Locomotives African-registered entities engaged in
& wagons, Industrial components manufacturing Standard Industrial
Automotive Component and systems Classification (SIC 3), engineering
manufacturing Trucks, busses, tractors and services that support manufacturing, and
special vehicles Agro Industries High conformity assessment agencies (SIC 88220)
value intensive agriculture Food servicing the manufacturing sector.
processing for export markets Green 20Conclusion. Contact Details the dti
Industries Solar panels and PV cells Wind Call Centre: 0861 843 384 the dti
turbines Chemicals, Pharma & Plastics Switchboard: +27 12 394 0000 Investment
Polypropelene articles & components Promotion: +27 12 394 1339/1032 Website:
Pharmaceuticals (APIs). E-mail:
145. Opportunities (IPAP). Advanced Postal Address:
Manufacturing Nuclear components Aerospace Private Bag X 84, Pretoria 0001 South
and defence components and systems Africa. Sector Information Finance to
Titanium metal products Nanotechnologies explore investment opportunities in SA
Business Process Services Back Office Facilitating direct Government support in
Operations (Financial, medical, legal etc) the form of: - information on investing in
Call Centers Remote & Offshore support SA and the Business Environment - detailed
services. investment Incentives - investment
156. Major Investment Programme. facilitation - after care – ongoing
Economic Infrastructure Euro 30 billion contact.
Investing & Doing Business in South Africa.ppt
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Investing & Doing Business in South Africa

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