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Viewing British Films Critically ELTeCS Tambov Film Project

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1Viewing British Films Critically 9Johnny’s real name is Daniel Day Lewis.
ELTeCS Tambov Film Project. Study guide Omar’s father, in the film, isn’t really
for: My Beautiful Laundrette. ELTeCS his father, of course, and he certainly
Tambov Film Project Newson: My Beautiful doesn’t live in a noisy flat next to
Laundrette. 1. several railway lines because he is a
2Cross-cultural discussion The successful film actor, Roshan Seth, and
rationale behind the project’s discussion can afford something better! The words
group……. Daniel Barenboim, the famous Gordon and Daniel speak and their actions
Jewish pianist and conductor, interviewed were invented for them by Hanif Kureishi,
recently on German TV about his special who wrote the script . ELTeCS Tambov Film
orchestra in which Israeli and Palestinian Project Newson: My Beautiful Laundrette.
young people play music together said:… “ 9.
Of course playing Beethoven together 10Nevertheless….. Many critics think
doesn’t mean they automatically stop that one of the reasons why Kureishi’s
hating each other. But by playing music film is so successful is that it does
together they learn something, and they relate to real life, to life as
learn something about each other. And I experienced by Pakistanis like Omar, and
believe that ignorance is the basis of young white men like Johnny who lived in
hate.”. ELTeCS Tambov Film Project Newson: London in the 1980s. And we’ve included
My Beautiful Laundrette. 2. this film in the Tambov Project Course in
3Study notes for My Beautiful the belief that many features of life in
Laundrette. Aims of the course We hope London for people like Omar and Johnny
you, get practice in understanding spoken haven’t changed totally and are similar in
English and find out something about the year 2004. To find out a little more
modern Britain and modern British films, about life in Britain in the 1980s,
but the main aim of this course is: to Margaret Thatcher, Paki- bashing,
encourage you to discuss issues arising skin-heads and the National Front, click
from the films. Often these will be on the links on the next slide. ELTeCS
conflicts been cultures or generations. Tambov Film Project Newson: My Beautiful
Other students will be posting to the list Laundrette. 10.
in the same period as you and you should 11Skin-heads & Paki-bashing in the
either respond, or start off a discussion 1980s :
by making some kind of statement about the
film. Some later slides will give some e_extremism/Skinheads/skinheads.htm
useful phrases for starting a discussion. Margaret Thatcher
The film-discussion list is at: tm
ELTeCS Tambov Film Project Newson: My
Beautiful Laundrette. 3. sters_margaret_thatcher.shtml ]. ELTeCS
4My Beautiful Laundrette This guide Tambov Film Project Newson: My Beautiful
will be divided into 6 parts: List of main Laundrette. 11.
characters Summary of story Pre-viewing 124. While-viewing activities. Watch the
activities While-viewing activities film as attentively as you can taking
Post-viewing activities Supplementary, mental note of how characters look at each
optional activities, ELTeCS Tambov Film other and behave to each other as well as
Project Newson: My Beautiful Laundrette. to what they say. I know what I am about
4. to write will seem a bit strange, even
5List of main characters. Nasser Omar’s silly, but try, in the semi-darkness, to
uncle Papa Omar’s father Johnny Omar’s scribble down very short written notes for
friend Omar Salim Omar’s cousin Tania yourself to remind you of points you want
Uncle Nasser's daughter Cherry Salim’s to make during the following discussion on
wife Genghis Johnny’s fascist friend the film-viewing list. ENJOY THE FILM!!!
Rachel Omar’s uncle’s mistress ]. ELTeCS ELTeCS Tambov Film Project Newson: My
Tambov Film Project Newson: My Beautiful Beautiful Laundrette. 12.
Laundrette. 5. 135. Post-viewing activities. Read the
62. Summary of the story. My Beautiful next three slides……. ELTeCS Tambov Film
Laundrette isn’t really a film with a Project Newson: My Beautiful Laundrette.
story that has a neat beginning, middle 13.
and end. It shows some scenes from the 145.1 Starting off a discussion. These
lives of the characters it presents. are not comprehension questions to be
Johnny is thrown out of a squat that he answered. One by one. They are points for
sharing with a friend, Genghis. As it you to think about to guide you towards
happens, though Johnny doesn’t know it at articulating your own thoughts. IF YOU
the time, the person who is charge of the HAVE A POINT OF YOUR OWN TO MAKE YOU MAY
eviction is Omar's cousin, Salim. Omar, NOT NEED WHAT FOLLOWS Do you think people
who is waiting to go to College, is should live in squats i.e. living for free
looking after his alcoholic father (Papa). – paying no rent - like Johnny was doing
His mother has committed suicide. Omar's at the beginning of the film? Do you think
father is worried about him and ‘phones the owner had the right to use force to
his brother, Omar’s uncle Nasser, to give get Johnny and his friends out of the
him a temporary job in his garage. One house? Was the owner right to throw
night, driving his cousin and wife home someone's possessions out of the window?
Omar encounters Johnny and some of his What do you think of the way Omar treats
right-wing, fascist friends. Omar and his father? (cont). ELTeCS Tambov Film
Johnny went to school together and were Project Newson: My Beautiful Laundrette.
formerly friends. (continued). ELTeCS 14.
Tambov Film Project Newson: My Beautiful 155.2 Some further points to get you
Laundrette. 6. thinking. Which characters did you
72.1 (continued) Omar asks his uncle to particularly like/dislike? Did you
let him manage a run-down laundrette in a identify with one particular character?
poor area of London. His uncle agrees. Which one? Can you say why? What do you
Omar and Johnny meet again and Omar think about Omar’s uncle having a
employs Johnny to help transform the mistress? Where would you rather live and
laundrette. At one point Omar, sent to why– in Omar’s flat, in Johnny’s room, in
collect “something” for his cousin, keeps Omar’s cousin’s home, or in his uncle’s
the drugs (hidden inside a false beard) house? ELTeCS Tambov Film Project Newson:
and Johnny sells them. They use the money My Beautiful Laundrette. 15.
for the laundrette. Omar’s uncle is quite 165.3 Prompt questions continued. Were
keen for him to marry his daughter. Tania. Omar and Johnny right to steal something
But Johnny and Omar have already become from Omar's cousin to help finance the
lovers and don’t intend to part. Johnny’s laundrette? Were Johnny's ex-friends right
ex-friends become increasingly angry with to beat up Omar's cousin so badly? Were
him for leaving them and when Omar’s you embarrassed to see pictures of Omar
cousin deliberately runs into Genghis with and Johnny kissing so intimately? Does it
his car and breaks his leg they take make you lose sympathy with Omar and
revenge. They wreck much of the Johnny that they obviously had sex
laundrette, they wreck Omar's cousin's car together? ELTeCS Tambov Film Project
and they beat him up badly. ELTeCS Tambov Newson: My Beautiful Laundrette. 16.
Film Project Newson: My Beautiful 175.4 Post a message. Use your email
Laundrette. 7. program to post a message to:
83. Pre-viewing activities. See the ELTeCS
next three slides……. (Continued). ELTeCS Tambov Film Project Newson: My Beautiful
Tambov Film Project Newson: My Beautiful Laundrette. 17.
Laundrette. 8. 186. Supplementary activities. For those
9A reminder Screen images and good of you with easy, fast access to the
actors are very compelling. But don’t Internet there is a simple webquest. You
forget that the people you see on the use the web to answer the questions asked
screen are actors and the rooms in flats in the exercise. You will find the
and houses you see are built in a film webquest at:
studio and probably don’t have four walls ELTeCS
or a ceiling. The actors are real people, Tambov Film Project Newson: My Beautiful
but the characters they play are not. Laundrette. 18.
Omar’s real name is Gordon Warnecke and
Viewing British Films Critically ELTeCS Tambov Film Project.ppt
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Viewing British Films Critically ELTeCS Tambov Film Project

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