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Достопримечательности Лондона
Достопримечательности Лондона
Достопримечательности Лондона
Достопримечательности Лондона
The Map of London
The Map of London
Транспорт Лондона и достопримечательности
Транспорт Лондона и достопримечательности
London ZOO
London ZOO
London ZOO
London ZOO
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
Big Ben
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Tower of London
Tower of London
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus
7. Monologues
7. Monologues
About the author
About the author
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Достопримечательности Лондона

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Достопримечательности Лондона. 13negative of used to is normally didn’t use
Урок-презентацию Выполнила: Красильникова to (= did not use to): I didn’t use to
Л.А. Учитель английского языка ГОУ школы № live in London. We normally form questions
413. with did …..use to….? Where did you use to
2Topic: Places of interest in London. live? Used to. Used to. Used to. I You.
Грамматика: used to, didn’t use to. Play football. He. Live in London. She
Задачи: 1) Провести практику учащихся в etc. Be very slim. На содержание.
устной речи и чтении по теме. 2) 145. Speaking. I think that you have
Тренировать учащихся в употреблении в речи guessed what we’ll speak about; of course
“used to, didn’t use to”. 3) Закрепить about places of interest in London. What
правописание “used to, didn’t use to”. 4) about listening to your classmates’
Провести тестовый контроль по аудированию reports about places of interest in
по теме: “Places of interest in London”. London, which they’d like to visit? Before
Оборудование: 1) карта Лондона; 2) речевые listening look at me, listen to me and
клише (“Introductory”,”Spoken etiquette”); repeat after me: Trafalgar Square Houses
3) работы учащихся; 4) таблицы по of Parliament Tower of London Nelson’s
грамматике; 5) визитные карточки; 6) Column St. Paul’s Cathedral Buckingham
дидактический раздаточный материал; 7) Palace Piccadilly Circus Big Ben
портрет Ч. Диккенса; 8) аудиокассеты по Westminster Abbey The Thames Who will
теме. begin? 1. St. Paul’s Cathedral 2. Tower of
3Содержание. Фонетическая зарядка; London 3. Westminster Abbey 4. Piccadilly
Карта Лондона; Транспорт Лондона и Circus. На содержание.
достопримечательности: - Лондонский 15St. Paul's Cathedral. На содержание.
зоопарк; - Трафальгарская площадь; - 16Tower of London. На содержание.
Здание Парламента; - Большой Бэн; - 17Westminster Abbey. На содержание.
Букингемский дворец. Работа в парах 18Piccadilly Circus. На содержание.
(Вопросы и ответы учащихся по 196. Dialogues. Imagine, that you are in
достопримечательностям Лондона); Обобщение london. Let us introduce our selves
и закрепление грамматической структуры (предъявляются визитные карточки).
“used to”; Говорение: а) Монологическая Dialogue №1 L. I say! T. Yes, what is it?
речь учащихся о достопримечательностях L. How far is piccadilly circus from here?
Лондона: - Собор св. Павла; - Лондонский T. I think it’s something like a mile. You
Тауэр; - Вестминстерское аббатство; - can walk to it if are not in a hurry. L.
Улица Пиккадилли. б) Диалоги учащихся на Yes, I think i’d better walk. You see,
данную тему В музее Чарльза Диккенса: it’s my first visit to london, so I shall
монологическая речь; Аудирование see the town. T. Then you can go and see
(понимание иностранной речи на слух) с trafalgar square with the nelson column.
целью закрепления данной грамматической It’s worth seeing. L. Oh, yes, I know. How
структуры; Тестовый контроль по теме do I get there? T. It’s not far. Just walk
«Достопримечательности Лондона». straight on and take the first turning to
41. The beginning of the lesson. Good the left. L. Thank you very much. You are
morning, boys and girls! Take your places, very kind. T. Oh, no thanks at all. На
please. Look at the blackboard. The topic содержание.
of our lesson is: Places of interest in 20Dialogue №2. A. What shall we do
London. And at this lesson we’ll revise tomorrow? B. We could go to the Rock
the grammar structure: «used to». 2. Circus. A. Oh, no. I don’t really like
Phonetic drills. Listen to the cassette that because I am not fond of rock and pop
and repeat after it. London Zoo Piccadilly music. B. How about going to the old parts
Circus Trafalgar Square Regent’s Park The of London? As far as I know you are
Houses of Parliament The Tate Gallery The interested in literature. Why don’t we
British Museum The Thames St. James’s Park visit the Dickens Museum? A. It’s a good
Big Ben The Tower of London Westminster idea. Let’s meet at three. B. O.K.! На
Abbey Buckingham Palace The National содержание.
Gallery The Museum of Childhood St. Paul’s 217. Monologues. Charles Dickens was one
Cathedral Changing the Guard Hyde Park The of Britain’s most famous writers. He wrote
Natural History Museum Tower Bridge. На stories about life in London, where he
содержание. lived. Dickens had a hard life. His
5The Map of London. На содержание. parents lost all their money, so he
6Транспорт Лондона и started work at the age of twelve. He used
достопримечательности. London is one of to walk ten kilometres a day to work in a
the largest cities in the world. About factory. He earned 30 p a week. Later, he
seven million people live here. London is became a journalist and reported events in
more than two thousand years old. London’s Parliament. He used to write his
most famous sights are Tower Bridge, Big Parliamentary reports in the morning and
Ben and the Houses of Parliament, his novels in the afternoon. Writers in
Trafalgar Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral those days didn’t use to earn a lot of
and others. На содержание. money. Dickens wrote a lot of famous
7London ZOO. London Zoo is the world's novels- for example David Copperfield, A
oldest zoo Date opened: 1828 Location: Christmas Carol, and Great Expectations.
Regent's Park, London, England Land area: One of his most famous books was Oliver
36 acres (0.108 km?) Number of Animals: Twist, a story about a boy’s life in the
16,802 (2006) Number of Species: 704 workhouse and on the streets of London.
(2006). На содержание. Dickens lived in Doughty Street, London,
8Trafalgar Square. On the column in the from 1837 to 1839. His house is now the
centre there is a statue of Admiral Nelson Dickens Museum. Ladies and gentlemen! You
who defeated the French at the Battle of are at the Dickens Museum. Look at the
Trafalgar in 1805. На содержание. portrait of Charles Dickens. Would you
9Houses of Parliament. The Houses of like to know some facts from the life of
Parliament is the seat of the British Dickens? На содержание.
government. These consist of the House of 228. Listening. Now, please open S.B. On
Commons, the House of Lords and p. 35. Look at ex. 4. You’ll listen to the
Westminster Hall. The buildings are cassette. The museum guide is going to
situated in central London overlooking the talk about life in dickens’ london. Listen
river. На содержание. carefully. At home you’ll write 5 or 6
10Big Ben. Big Ben is the name of the sentences about life in dickens’ london
huge clock in one of the tall towers of using the structure: used to or didn’t
the Houses of Parliament. The Houses of use. I know that some of you can draw
Parliament is the largest modern building well, so you may draw some pictures about
in the richest Gothic style completed in life in those days. 9. A written test
1857. It stands on the left bank of the “london sightseeing tour”. Now it’s time
River Thames and is 940 ftin length. Those for a short written test. T., Will you
who want to get a fine front view of the help me to give cards to your classmates?
building should look at it from a boat on (Карточка прилагается) listen to the task.
the Thames. На содержание. I’ll read you 5 texts about places of
11Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace interest in london. In the first line you
is the London home of the Queen. When the see the names of 5 places of interest in
flag is flying on the top she is at home. london. In the second line you’ll have to
На содержание. write down the numbers of the texts into
123. Ask and answer questions. Now work the correct column. Piccadilly Circus.
in pairs with one person asking the Westminster Abbey. Buckingham Palace.
question and the other answering it. Who Trafalgar Square. Tower of London. На
will begin ? What is the capital of G.B.? содержание.
(London). Where is London situated? (upon 23Answer keys. It was a fortress, a
both banks on the river Thames). How many royal palace and later a prison. It’s a
historical parts does London consist of? museum now. It’s a royal church . Here you
What are their names? (London consists of can see the tombs of many British Kings
three parts. They are: The City; The West and Queens and other famous people. On the
End; The East End). Which is the oldest column in the centre there is a statue of
part of London? (The City). In which part Admiral Nelson who defeated the French in
of London do working people live? (in the battle in 1805. It isn’t a circus, it’s
East End). Where is Trafalgar Square? (in the meeting point of 6 streets. It’s the
the centre of the West End). What can you London home of the Queen. When the flag is
see in Trafalgar Square? (a statue of on the top, she is at home. Have you all
Nelson in the middle of the square). What finished? Now exchange cards with your
is the most famous Cathedral in London? partner, check answers and give your mark.
(St. Paul’s Cathedral). Where is the If there are no mistakes at all, you’ll
official London residence of the Queen? get “5”. If there is one mistake, you’ll
(Buckingham Palace). What streets of get “4”. If there are two mistakes, you’ll
London do you know? (Fleet Street, get “3”. На содержание.
Whitehall, Oxford Street, Downing Street 2410. The end of the lesson. I’m afraid
). Are there any beautiful parks in it’s time to stop. That’s all for today.
London? (Yes, there are some. For example: Thank you for the lesson. I see that you
Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, St. James’s have worked hard preparing for it. The
Park). What is the historical part of lesson is over. Stand up. На содержание.
London? (The City). На содержание. 25About the author. I am Ludmila
134. Grammar. Look at the table. Today Krasilnikova. I have been working at
we’ll revise the grammar structure: used school for 25 years. I like teaching
to. Used to. We only use used to to talk teenagers. My children inspire me for
about the past. Form: Used to + infinitive further professional development. I am
takes the same form in all persons. The always ready for positive changes.
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Достопримечательности Лондона

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