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Supporting the Change (1/3)
Supporting the Change (1/3)
Supporting the Change (2/3)
Supporting the Change (2/3)
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Microsoft Office 2007

содержание презентации «Microsoft Office 2007.ppt»
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1Microsoft Office 2007. Upgrading and 11is controlled in the application options
Supporting. 26 July 2015. and can be forced in to an 2003 compatible
2Why upgrade? Microsoft will reduce and file. 11.
remove support for Office 2003 Students 12Supporting the Change (1/3). Microsoft
and staff are already getting Microsoft have a number of very useful resources on
Office 2007 on personal PCs Microsoft their web site that help the migration of
Office 2007 is available for home purchase an Office 2003 user to Office 2007, the
at a substantial discount for main one of which are the Interactive
non-commercial use for up to 3 PCs IT Demos. Microsoft have a ribbon called “Get
Services plan to run Office 2007 across Started” for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
the managed PC facilities in AY 2008/09. It is a download and has access to some of
2. the best help and training resources
3License information (1/3). Under the Microsoft provide as buttons. 12.
Microsoft Campus Agreement the University 13Supporting the Change (2/3). Office
of Reading can upgrade to Microsoft Office 2003 users can install compatibility tools
2007 on University owned PCs Under the for Office 2007 file formats. This install
downgrade rights section of the Microsoft is offered by Office 2003 as soon as a
Campus Agreement the University can newer file type attempts to open This will
continue to run Microsoft Office 2003. 3. then re-direct the user to the Microsoft
4License information (2/3). Under the web site to download the converters as an
Microsoft Campus agreement it is possible executable file which can then be
to install Microsoft Office at home if: installed on the local PC. 13.
The PC at work you use has Microsoft 14Supporting the Change (3/3). Training
Office installed AND you are the sole user run by IT Services is already available
of that PC The copy of Microsoft Office for staff through CSTD to help smooth the
installed at home is only used by you (not transition to Office 2007 with courses
family members) The copy of Microsoft that highlight the changes Microsoft
Office installed at home is only used for Office courses run by IT Services are
University business The software must be being updated to Office 2007 for the new
removed if any of the above cease to be academic year. 14.
true Please note: This is subject to any 15Microsoft FrontPage 2003 (1/2).
terms and conditions set out in the Microsoft FrontPage has been replaced by a
university’s Microsoft Campus contract set two new products with the introduction of
by Microsoft at renewal. 4. Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft FrontPage
5License information (3/3). To install 2003 will co-exist with Office 2007 with
and use Microsoft Products at home for no issues on Microsoft Windows XP. 15.
non-university purposes or for use by 16Microsoft FrontPage 2003 (2/2).
family members you need to purchase a Microsoft FrontPage 2003 will co-exist
relevant license for the product. 5. with Office 2007 on Microsoft Windows
6Distribution (1/3). Microsoft Office Vista although there are some
2007 is available on the software issues/incompatibilities: Some of the file
distribution server operations will cause the software to stop
\\\Office2007. 6. working, i.e., file browse features that
7Distribution (2/3). Microsoft Office use Windows to browse to a file or link
2007 DVD installation media can be (can be overcome typing a path or link
purchased from CIVICA (around ?20); full location) If there is a need to continue
details are available on the ITS website using FrontPage 2003 then IT Services
at would recommend running it on a Microsoft Windows XP PC. 16.
oftware/its-software-msselectagreement.asp 17Microsoft SharePoint Designer.
7. Microsoft SharePoint Designer is the
8Distribution (3/3). Currently, the direct replacement for Microsoft FrontPage
distribution of Microsoft Office under the 2003 and is available under the campus
“Home Use Rights” is under review by agreement as a separate install (it is not
Microsoft, however, the most likely method on the Office 2007 install media) There is
of distribution will be for IT Services to a self-extracting archive of the install
allow controlled download of the Microsoft package at \\vidist\Office2007\ISO\Office
Office 2007 media from a secure network SharePoint Designr 2007 Win32 English Disk
The media would be supplied as an DVD ISO Kit MVL CD IT Services have no experience
file that could be used to create the of using SharePoint Designer, for current
install media Please note: This is subject FrontPage websites that cannot move to the
to any terms and conditions set out in the WebCMS ITS would currently recommend
university’s Microsoft Campus contract set continuing to use FrontPage 2003 and
by Microsoft at renewal. 8. Windows XP. 17.
9Microsoft Office 2007 Home and 18Microsoft Expression Web. Microsoft
Student. Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Expression Web is a new enhanced web
Student is available for around ?100 and package. Microsoft Expression Web is not
is licensed for installation on up to 3 available for install under the Microsoft
PCs in your home This product is licensed Campus Agreement at Reading Microsoft
for “Non-Commercial Use Only” and includes Expression Web licences and media can be
Microsoft Excel Microsoft OneNote purchased under the Microsoft Select
Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Please Agreement IT Services currently have no
note: Microsoft Outlook is not included experience of using Microsoft Expression
and can be purchased separately. 9. Web. 18.
10Upgrading from Office 2003. The 19Useful Links (1/2). CSTD Training
“express” install of Microsoft Office 2007 University
will remove Microsoft Office 2003 by Software Pages
default The “custom” install will offer
you the ability to keep/remove some of the ocs--swtable.asp Microsoft Office Website
old applications (Outlook 2003 will be
removed if Outlook 2007 is installed) spx Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student
Co-exisiting Office 2007 and Office 2003 edition
works, but each application repairs when
you change versions. This repair can take 101674081033.aspx. 19.
a significant amount of time. There are 20Useful Links (2/2). Microsoft Office
also some “funnies” with the use of the 2007 Interactive Demos Word
Office applets between versions. 10.
11Differences. There are 3 main 0744321033.aspx?pid=CH100487431033 Excel
differences; The old menu style of Office
with File, Edit, View, etc. has been 01491511033.aspx?pid=CH100648241033
replace by a “Ribbon” of buttons. It is an Powerpoint
extension of the toolbar system in Office
2003 (the menu’s are no longer available) t/HA101490761033.aspx?pid=CH100668131033
There is now an “Office” button on the top Microsoft Office “Get Started” ribbons
left of the application window to access
common commands, e.g., Open, Save, Print 2146851033.aspx. 20.
The file formats have changed; new file 21Microsoft Office 2007 Upgrading and
formats have been introduced and are the Supporting. Questions? 21.
default for saves on install. The default
Microsoft Office 2007.ppt
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Microsoft Office 2007

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