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Windows Today
Windows Family Roadmap
Windows Family Roadmap
Windows Family Roadmap
Windows Family Roadmap
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Windows XP Professional Technical Overview Name Title Microsoft Corp
Windows XP Professional Technical Overview Name Title Microsoft Corp
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Windows XP Professional. Technical Overview

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1Windows XP Professional Technical 17Simplified Management and Deployment
Overview Name Title Microsoft Corp. Easier Desktop Management. More Recovery
2Agenda. Windows Desktop Roadmap Options Automated System Recovery Works in
Windows XP Overview Enhanced User conjunction with backup utilities to help
Experiences. recover from catastrophic failure or
3Windows Desktop Roadmap. non-boot state Recovery console & Last
4Windows Today. Windows Millennium Known Good Config Reverts registry &
Edition for home. Windows 2000 for key drivers during the OS boot process
business. Reliable High system uptime Safe mode Undoes harmful system
Resilient to application failures Dynamic configuration or settings changes (not
system configuration Manageable data).
Centralized management Desktop management 18Enhanced User Experiences.
Easy to deploy Best for new devices 19Enhanced Productivity Tools. Best
Laptops Networking Peripherals Internet Platform for Mobile Workers Universal
enable your business Web application Communications Tool Enhanced Support
services Internet scalability Secure. Scenarios.
Digital Media Digital photos Digital music 20Best for Mobile and Remote Workers
Digital video PC Health Support automation Change the way remote workers work. Great
Centralized help center System safeguards features for mobile workers Remote Desktop
Home Networking Home Networking Wizard Based on the RDP protocol, Remote Desktop
Simple connectivity between PC’s, allows a user to remotely view and use
peripherals & intelligent devices their Windows XP Professional desktop.
Internet Experience Faster browsing,easier Credential Manager Provides seamless
printing Online product support Enhanced management of user credentials to ease
communication. access to network resources Offline
5Windows Family Roadmap. Home PCs. Folders Files and folders on NT, Windows
Business PCs. Servers. Embedded. Client. 2000, and “Whistler” servers can be cached
Windows XP Servers Whistler Datacenter on the local workstation, making them
Advanced Small Business Standard Embedded. available when disconnected from the
Released 2000. 32 and 64 bit. network Synchronization Manager Handles
6Windows XP Overview. the replication and management of files
7The New Standard for Efficient and and folders that were changed while
Dependable Computing. Reliable foundation offline.
you can count on Security and Privacy to 21Best for Mobile and Remote Workers
safeguard your information New, easier and Extend Laptop Capabilities. Best Mobile
more efficient visual design Highly Platform Plug and Play Full support for
responsive for handling multiple demanding plug and play including hot docking, hot
tasks at once. insertion and removal, and device
8Reliable PC’s Stay Up And Running. management Power Management Improved power
Rock Solid Foundation Built on the Windows management allows laptops to run longer
Engine Full 32-bit architecture, protected ClearType Dramatically Increases screen
memory model Improved Code Protection Read readability DualView Allows two monitors
only data structures for key kernel to be driven off a single display adapter.
components and device drivers Enhanced Great for laptops.
Device Driver Verifier Rigorous testing to 22Best for Mobile and Remote Workers
ensure the highest quality for device Simplified Networking. Effortless Networks
drivers Reduced Reboot Scenarios Zero Config Wireless Networking Wireless
Eliminates most scenarios that forced end users can move easily between wireless
users to reboot in Windows NT 4.0 and networks without manually reconfiguring
Windows 9x. their machines Alternate Network
9Reliable Resilient to Application Configurations An alternate set of IP
Failure. Great Platform for Applications parameters can be specified to be used
Windows Installer Integrated service to when DHCP is unavailable Easier Network
manage software installation, removal, and Configurations Network Setup Wizard Step
repair Side by Side DLL Support Allows by step guide to configure ICS, Internet
applications to execute their own versions Connection Firewall, and device sharing
of key DLL’s Windows File Protection Network Bridging Allows the briding of
Automatically protects key system files different networking technologies (i.e.
from being overwritten Enhanced Software wireless and 10BaseT Ethernet) Internet
Restriction Policies Allows an Connection Sharing Multiple PC’s can share
administrator to block application a single Internet connection.
execution. 23Communications. A Complete
10Secure. Standards Based Security Communications and Collaboration Platform
Kerberos Provides standards based security Integrated Voice, Video, and Text
IPSec Allows for the secure transmission communications Collaborate with
of data over public and private networks Application Sharing Send and Receive
Protecting Local Data Encrypting File Files.
System Encrypt data to protect against 24Simplified Assistance. Self Help
unauthorized access, now supports offline Options Help and Support Center Allows
folders and multiple users Smart Card customers to search local and
Support Offers additional security, now Internet-based help information. Can be
supports terminal services Online Security customized by OEM’s Device Driver Rollback
Internet Connection Firewall Protect Small Easily reinstall previous versions of
Business and home networks from network device drivers System Restore Quickly
based attacks. returns system to a known state if
11Enhanced Visual Design. Fresh Visual problems arise Assisted Support Remote
Design Friendly and Welcoming Designed to Assistance Based on RDP Protocol SDK
allow users to get the most out of their Allows For ISV / Corporate Extensibility
PC Task Focused Common tasks are clearly Send Requests Over E-Mail or Instant
presented to allow users to get more done Messaging.
quicker Adaptive User Environment Smarter 25The New Standard for Efficient and
Start Menu Displays the most frequently Dependable Computing. Reliable foundation
used apps Taskbar Grouping Multiple you can count on Security and Privacy to
windows from the same app are consolidated safeguard your information New, easier and
into a single task bar button Notification more efficient visual design Highly
Area Cleanup Unused notification area responsive for handling multiple demanding
icaons are hidden away Comprehensive tasks at once.
Feature Integration CD Burning Easily burn 26More Information. How Do I Get Code?
CD-R and CD-RW’s from within Explorer MSDN TechNet Windows XP Preview Program
Compressed File Support Create and extract Where Do I Get More Information?
compresed file folders (e.g. .zip files).
12Highest Performance. Pre-emptive 27
Multi-tasking Architecture Allows multiple 28Timeline. Beta 2 - Released 3/01 RC 1
applications to run simultaneously, while – June RC 2 – July RTM – August Available
preserving system responsiveness Scalable – 10/25/01.
Memory and Processing Support Supports up 29Home Edition vs. Pro. Business
to 2 processors and 4 GB of RAM Fastest Networking Domain join Management Group
Windows Yet Boots faster, runs & Local Policy Roaming profiles SMS
applications quicker, and resumes from Support Enterprise Deployment
hibernate/standby more rapidly than Multi-language support Sysprep and RIS
previous versions of Windows. support Power User Remote Desktop
13Simplified Management and Deployment Multi-processor support. Security
Simplified Desktop Deployment. Address Encrypting file system File-level access
Deployment Issues Application control “C2” evaluation 64-bit edition
Compatibility Out of the box support for Program differences Personal not available
hundreds of apps Compatibility modes for via volume licensing Personal not
apps without native support New fixes available via Premiere support Content
delivered via Windows Update or Windows (Res Kits, Technet, MS Press Books, etc.)
Setup with Dynamic Update Device Behavioral Differences No friendly logon
Compatibility Increased device coverage in a domain No Fast User Switching in a
from Windows 2000 Windows XP Runs all domain.
properly written Windows 2000 drivers 30Windows XP 64-bit. Target customers
Improved Windows logo program Updates High-end workstation users – engineering
delivered via Windows Update and Windows design, CAD/CAM, graphics,
Setup with Dynamic Update. modeling/visualization Support for 32-bit
14Simplified Management and Deployment apps EFI & GPT support Kernel &
Simplified Desktop Deployment. Enhance driver ports required.
Deployment Options State Migration (User 31Upgrade Experience. Depends on age
& Admin interfaces) User State & complexity of system Application and
Migration Tool (business tool) is a device support Best experience on a new PC
command line tool for migrating data and Optimal configuration, performance Full
application settings. Easily customized by Windows XP Experience Upgrading to Windows
editing text based .inf files Files and XP Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows
Settings Transfer Wizard (consumer tool) Millennium Edition, Windows NT 4.0
is gui based, and aimed at consumers. Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional
SysPrep Now allows for updated drivers to Dynamic Update and Windows Update
be picked up at install time, as well as Uninstall for Win9x Users System
per machine customizations. Also features Requirements Currently same as Windows
audit capabilities RIS Selective display 2000 Professional.
of OS image choices Greater hardware 32Online Experience. Standards Support
independence & ease of use Security 100% support for DOM & CSS level 1
& scalability enhancements & P3P draft recommendations Privacy
Interoperability with Windows 2000. Set personal standards for web sites &
15Simplified Management and Deployment easily view compliance Integrated Media
Simplified Desktop Deployment. Help Manage Playback Without launching extra windows
OS Lifecycle Windows Setup w/ Dynamic Improved image browsing & acquisition
Update Windows XP will prompt to download Automatic image resizing & 1-click
os updates at install time Automatic save, print, e-mail Integrated Contacts
Updates Windows XP can download fixes in & Instant Messenger MSN IM, Outlook or
the background then install when the Outlook Express contacts Initiate IM,
update is received Downloads are throttled e-mail, NetMeeting etc Enhanced
and can be restarted mid-stream Feature administration through the IEAK Control
can be turned off Windows Update over all new features & Resultant Set
Improvements Updates application fixes, os of Policy reporting.
updates, and device drivers Integrated 33Making an Business OS Choice. Windows
with Automatic Updates Will have features 2000 Professional provides core
to bring inside corp firewalls. fundamentals of Windows XP Professional
16Simplified Management and Deployment TODAY! If planning to deploy, currently
Easier Desktop Management. Enhanced deploying, or already deployed You Made
Support Infrastructure Help and Support The Right Choice! Look for cases where XP
Services Provides one place to receive can solve business needs Bring Windows XP
support information, can be extended via Pro in on new desktops If Not Deploying /
3rd parties to include their support Evaluating Windows 2000 Professional Start
content Remote Assistance Offers the Evaluating Windows XP.
ability to securely remote control another 34Windows XP benefits in a Windows 2000
Windows XP machine for troubleshooting or Pro environment. To address
user education. Improved Centralized application/hardware compatibility issues
Management More Group Policy Settings To enable knowledge workers to access
Windows XP offers hundreds of new group their machine from anywhere (field
policy settings, and is fully offices, subsidiaries, home, etc.) For
interoperable with existing Windows 2000 Laptop users; for improved battery,
group policy Resultant Set of Policy performance improvements, and device
(RSoP) Allows administrators to see the support (ie. Wireless networking) To
effect of Group Policy on a targeted user enable a remote support infrastructure.
or computer.
Windows XP Professional. Technical Overview.ppt
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Windows XP Professional. Technical Overview

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