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Кто не знает русские газеты: «Комсомольская Правда», «Правда»,
Кто не знает русские газеты: «Комсомольская Правда», «Правда»,
Lots of my friends are not keen on reading books
Lots of my friends are not keen on reading books
I have to confess, I read very slowly
I have to confess, I read very slowly
Our favourite English writer AGATHA CHRISTIE
Our favourite English writer AGATHA CHRISTIE
Our favourite English writer AGATHA CHRISTIE
Our favourite English writer AGATHA CHRISTIE
Robert Burns
Robert Burns
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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Существует ли четвёртая власть? Это 15"Anshlag", some game shows and
средства массовой информации. Хорошо или so on. There are a lot of films (most of
плохо? them of foreign TV-companies) with a great
2Проблемные вопросы. что такое СМИ? Что number of corpses, with seas of blood now.
вы думаете о телевидении? Вы читаете It's not very good to my mind. I think
газеты? А книги – тоже СМИ? that one of the aims of TV is to bring up
3Кому выполнить это задание? Конечно же TV-viewers, to cultivate love to our
8 «Б» классу ССОШ №1. В группе, изучающей country, kindness and other positive
английский язык, - 12 учащихся: -на «5» features of character.
обучаются 3 ученика /25%/ -на «4» -- 2 16Advantages and disadvantages of TV. TV
ученика /17%/ -на «3» -- 7 учеников /58%/. has good and bad sides. First of all it
4Наши успехи. keeps people informed, we can learn a lot
5Наши успехи. Средний балл. 3,7. Суо. of information watching TV. We can choose
65. Качество обучения. 41. programs that appeal to us more, because
6Слишком много вопросов возникло при TV provides programs for all interests.
выполнении этого интересного задания. Sometimes we can relax, entertain
7History of mass media. Types of drama ourselves when we are tired. Advertisement
in numerous cultures were probably the on TV gives us information about different
first mass-media, going back into the products and it makes easier to choose
Ancient World. The first dated printed things to buy. When we watch TV we learn
book known is the "Diamond about the world, famous people and global
Sutra", printed in China in 868 AD, or recent news. But TV has a lot of
although it is clear that books were disadvantages. It takes a lot of time and
printed earlier. Movable clay type was it makes us lazy. And it's very harmful
invented in 1041 in China. However, due to for our health, expetially eyes. Some
the slow spread of literacy to the masses violent programs and films makes people
in China, and the relatively high cost of violent. Violence become a vital problem.
paper there, the earliest printed There is too much advertisement on TV.
mass-medium was probably European popular Sometimes it can encourage us to buy
prints from about 1400. Although these things we don't need at all. Watching TV
were produced in huge numbers, very few takes all free time from almost all
early examples survive, and even most people. We just watch it, not concentrate,
known to be printed before about 1600 have and waste time. In my opinion we need TV
not survived. Johannes Gutenberg printed inspire of it's disadvantages. People need
the first book on a printing press with something like information center. As for
movable type in 1453. This invention me I watch TV about one hour a day. I
transformed the way the world received watch it when I want to learn news or
printed materials, although books remained relax and entertain myself. People need
too expensive really to be called a TV, but it can't be the main thing in
mass-medium for at least a century after their life. It's interesting, but not the
that. Newspapers developed around from main thing in our life. I don't really
1612, with the first example in English in know what we must do to make TV better. I
1620 [1] ; but they took until the think we can do nothing. We just should
nineteenth century to reach a not sit hour by hour watching TV. I think
mass-audience directly. During the 20th we must watch only the most important and
century, the growth of mass media was interesting things. Because if we see
driven by technology that allowed the everything we'll become mad.
massive duplication of material. Physical 17POPULAR TV-PROGRAMMES IN UK. SPORT
duplication technologies such as printing, COMEDY FILMS NEWS SCIENCE FICTION
record pressing and film duplication DOCUMENTARIES SOUP OPERAS MUSIC DRAMA.
allowed the duplication of books, 18POPULAR TV- PROGRAMMES AMONG THE
newspapers and movies at low prices to STUDENTS OF OUR FORM. 1. COMEDIES 2.
huge audiences. Radio and television ADVENTURE FILMS 3. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES
allowed the electronic duplication of 4. ACTIONS FILMS 5. NEWS 6. CARTOOMS 7.
information for the first time. Mass media THRILLERS 8-9. SCIENCE FICTION FILMS /
had the economics of linear replication: a GAME SHOWS 10. SOAPS 11. TALK SHOWS.
single work could make money proportional 19Newspapers in our life. It is not easy
to the number of copies sold, and as to fancy our life without newspapers,
volumes went up, units costs went down, magazines, tabloids, and reviews of all
increasing profit margins further. Vast kind. And what was the first newspaper
fortunes were to be made in mass media. In like? When it was made? The earliest
a democratic society, independent media newspaper appeared in 59 BC in Rome. It
serve /electorate about issues regarding was a handwritten daily newspaper. It was
government and corporate entities (see very little – only one sheet. Julius
Media influence). Some consider the Caesar, the Emperor of Rome, ordered to
concentration of media ownership to be a post them throughout the city to inform
grave threat to democracy. the people about political events,
8Mass MEDIA. Mass media is a term used scandals, military conflicts and
to denote a section of the media executions. In Europe printed newspapers
specifically envisioned and designed to appeared in the 15th century, when the
reach a very large audience such as the letter press was invented. In the 16th
population of a nation state. It was century the first printed newspapers were
coined in the 1920s with the advent of issued; and in the 19th the production of
nationwide radio networks, daily newspapers increased greatly. People
mass-circulation newspapers and magazines, began to read more and the post developed
although mass media (like books and quickly. The first daily newspaper in
manuscripts) were present centuries before England was The Daily Courant Its first
the term became common. The term public issue was published in London in 1702. In
media has a similar meaning: it is the sum France the first daily newspaper Journal
of the public mass distributors of news de Paris appeared in 1777,and soon after
and entertainment across media such as that, in 1784, The Pennsylvania Packet
newspapers, television, radio, became the first daily newspaper of the
broadcasting, which may require union United States.
membership in some large markets such as 20Кто не знает русские газеты:
Newspaper Guild, AFTRA, & text «Комсомольская Правда», «Правда»,
publishers. The concept of mass media is «Аргументы и Факты» и т. д. А английские?
now complicated by Internet media (like Хотите узнать? NEWSPAPERS: “The Times”
blogs, message boards, podcasts, and video /1785 / “ Observer” /1791 / “Sunday Times”
sharing) because individuals now have a / 1822 / “News of the World” /1843 /
means to exposure that is comparable in “People” / 1881 / “Daily Mail” /1896 /
scale to that previously restricted to a “Daily Mirror” / 1903 / “Daily Herald”
select group of mass media producers. The /1911 / “Today” / 1986 / “The independent”
communications audience has been viewed by / 1986 / “The independent on Sunday” /1990
some commentators as forming a mass / “European” / 1990 /.
society with special characteristics, 21Reading in the life of a modern
notably atomization or lack of social teenager. You asked me why I like reading
connections, which render it especially books, didn`t you? I should say books have
susceptible to the influence of modern been my best friends for many years. I am
mass-media techniques such as advertising the only child in my family and my parents
and propaganda. The term "MSM" are very busy with their work and I used
or "mainstream media" has been to spend a lot of time reading books. They
widely used in the blogosphere in present me with wonderful new books: fairy
discussion of the mass media and media tales, fantasy books, science fiction.
bias. When I was a little girl, I loved turning
9Electronic media and print media the pages over and over, looking at the
include: Broadcasting, in the narrow beautiful pictures and guessing what the
sense, for radio and television. Various characters would say and do. I started
types of discs or tapes. In the 20th reading when I was five. I imagined myself
century, these were mainly used for music. travelling everywhere, speaking different
Video and computer uses followed. Film, languages, climbing mountains and flying
most often used for entertainment, but to other planets. Those of my friends who
also for documentaries. Internet, which read a lot are smart and interesting to
has many uses and presents both talk to. As a rule they are very good at
opportunities and challenges. Blogs and English. Reading is a special world full
podcasts (such as news, music, of adventures and joy.
pre-recorded speech, and video) Mobile 22Lots of my friends are not keen on
phones, often called the 7th Mass Media, reading books. They prefer going to
used for rapid breaking news, short clips discos, playing computer games, watching
of entertainment like jokes, horoscopes, TV and videos. I did not like reading when
alerts, games, music, and advertising I was a little boy. As for me it was
Publishing, including electronic boring to sit for hours with a book in my
publishing Video games, which have hands and trying to learn what happened to
developed into a mass form of media since the characters. I used to play football
cutting-edge devices such as the and basketball with my friends.
PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and Wii broadened 23I have to confess, I read very slowly.
their use. At school we are given a lot of homework,
10ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF THE so I have to read anyway: history and
DIFFERENT MASS MEDIA. ADVANTAGES of MM to literature, biology and geography. So much
rest, to relax, to receive information, to reading! I have a computer at home. My
listen (to read) about famous people, to father bought me my first CD book and the
earn important events, to study foreign situation changed. These days you can read
languages, to take part in shows and books on CDs of course they are different
competitions, to get something for from printed books, they are animated,
nothing, to travel round the world without moving and well illustrated. It is
wasting money, to study at home, to find fantastic! It is like a computer game.
new friends. DISADVANTAGES of MM to have Turning the pages over you can see what`s
no time to communicate with relatives and happening in pictures, in colors and in
friends, to damage your eyes, to get lazy, action. It is really amazing. I think CD
to put on weight, to have no time for books will be much more popular with
sport activities in the fresh air, to stop teenagers of my generation than printed
writing letters to your relatives, to books.
learn about the bad side of life, to get 24Our favourite English writer AGATHA
nervous, to sleep badly after horror CHRISTIE. Agatha, Dame Christie
films. (1890-1976) – an English writer of popular
11TV. Newspaper. The Internet. Radio. 2. books and plays, many of which have been
3. 1. 4. 1. 2. 4. 3. 1. 3. 4. 2. 1. 2. 4. made into films. She helped raise the
3. 1. 2. 4. 3. 2. 4. 3. 1. WHICH MEDIA IS detective story to prominent place in
THE MOST POPULAR AMONG THE STUDENTS OF OUR literature. Her fiction is noted for its
FORM? Васильева Мария. Голубева Дарья. 3. ingenious plots, sustained suspense, and
Горбушина Надежда. Деньков Артём. Ёркин for its ever-present congenial humor. Her
Максим. 6.Жаворонков Иван. most famous characters are the detectives
122. 3. 1. 4. 1. 3. 4. 2. 2. 1. 4. 3. 3. Hercule Poirot and an elderly spinster
1. 4. 2. 1. 2. 4. 3. 2. 4. 3. 1. 19. 30. Miss Marple. Two of her best-known books
41. 31. WHICH MEDIA IS THE MOST POPULAR are Murder on the Orient Express and Death
AMONG THE STUDENTS OF OUR FORM? Зайцев on the Nile. Agatha Christie`s play The
Илья. Калмыкова Ксения. Козлова Ксения. Mousetrap, also a detective drama, has
Милова Алёна. Степанова Ирина. Фёдоров been running continuously in London since
Валерий. 1952. Besides beeing a detective writer,
13Баллы. Место. TV. 19. I. Newspapers. Agatha Christie has written six romantic
30. II. Radio. 31. III. the Internet. 41. novels under the pseudonym Mary
IV. WHICH MEDIA IS THE MOST POPULAR AMONG Westmacott, several plays and a book of
THE STUDENTS OF OUR FORM? poems. She also assisted her
14T E L E V I S I O N. THE MOST POPULAR archaeological husband Sir Max Mallowan of
MASS MEDIA AMONG THE STUDENTS OF OUR FORM many expeditions to the Near East. .
IS. 25Robert Burns. Robert Burns (1759-
15Television. It is almost impossible to 1796) – a Scottish national poet. Son of a
imagine our life without TV. It plays a tenant farmer in Alloway, southwestern
great and a very important role in the Scotland, Burns spent his youth in hard
life of modern man. There is practically labour and hopeless poverty. He had only a
no family that doesn't have a TV set. TV few years of schooling, but he was an avid
is one of the mass media kinds. Radio and reader, esp. of Shakespeare and Robert
newspapers tell us about different events Fergusson, a talented Scottish poet
but TV not only tells but also shows. TV (1750-1774), Burns began writing poetry at
has a lot of channels and everybody can the age of fifteen, but he was 27 when his
watch the programs he likes. Our first book– Poems Chiefly in the Scottish
television suggests various programs: talk Dialect -- was published in 1789, which
show and game show, news and sporting won him immediate success. The source of
events, about animals and about foreign Burn`s poetry is the life of common
countries and so on. Soaps-lovers can toilers and Scottish folklore. Assense of
watch their favorite films almost every liberty is the animating force of his
day. TV shows us a lot of films of genius. His sympathy fr the Great French
different countries: detective and revolution is well-known. Burns is deeply
melodrama, comedy and thriller. As for me aware his poetry is the inborn gift of
I like to see adventure films, fantasy, quiet mirth which brings with it a touch
comedies. My favorite sporting events of fine irony. The most popular poems by
programs are about volleyball, swimming, Burns are My Heart`s in the Highlands,
track-and-field athletics and gymnastic. I John Barleycorn, The Tree of Liberty, A
watch many programs with great interest. Red, Red Rose, Auld Lang Syne and many
These programs are: a wild nature program, others.
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