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Презентации об Америке

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United States Terran1520620000:14 3 126 кБ
The United States of America Елена Мелёхина151980200:00 4 191 кБ
Symbols of the USA полина1311300000:00 499 кБ
The sights of the USA Шарипова Зиёда3218430200:00 4 162 кБ
Interesting places in the USA Peshkicheva2386405400:00 3 114 кБ
Sport in the USA ICT1611490000:00 177 кБ
Англия и Америка Oksana115130000:00 4 013 кБ
Американский и британский английский Домашний277290000:00 133 кБ
Бостонское чаепитие Admin815801400:00 606 кБ
New York brittny7241961600:00 5 192 кБ
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Презентации про Америку

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Слайдов: 15   Слов: 2006   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 38

USA. College football and basketball attract large audiences. Eight Olympic Games have taken place in the United States. Mainstream American cuisine is similar to that in other Western countries. Fast food consumption has sparked health concerns. Culture. English (American English) is the de facto national language. Education. - USA.pptx

United States

Слайдов: 15   Слов: 2062   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 0

Topic of presentation: United States - a country in North America. Population - more than 309 million people (third place). United States border with Canada, Mexico, and Russia. Economy: currently the largest in the world ($ 14.2 trillion).. In the south of the U.S. border with Mexico, to the north - Canada. The Pacific Ocean is Hawaii. Most of Alaska occupy the northern Cordillera. relief. Smaller undrained salt lakes located in depressions of the Great Basin. Contact them several medium lakes. Stoke on the St. great lakes. climate. Sierra Nevada forests grow giant redwoods. fauna. - United States.ppt

The United States of America

Слайдов: 15   Слов: 198   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 2

USA is the fourth largest country in the world. The total area of the country is 59 million. Its sea borders are Russia. They are: England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland. The largest cities are: Boston. Chicago. Los Angeles. Baltimore. The highest peak is Mount McKinley. The largest lake is Lake Superior, 83,270 square kilometres. - The United States of America.ppt

Symbols of the USA

Слайдов: 13   Слов: 1130   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 0

American flag. Liberty Bell. Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Mount Rushmore. Great Seal of the United States. Eagle. - Symbols of the USA.ppt

The sights of the USA

Слайдов: 32   Слов: 1843   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 2

The Congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Construction was completed in 1800. Lincoln Memorial.  Washington Monument. It is a white marble structure 165 meters tall. It is a large black stone wall. It is located in the New York harbor near Ellis Island. The construction of this memorial began in 1925. Golden Gate Bridge. Louis. It is 192 meters high. Hollywood sign was completed in 1923 on Mt. Mesa Verde. Here a person can stand in four states at the same time. Graceland: He died at Graceland on August 16, 1977. Alcatraz. Diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. - The sights of the USA.ppt

Interesting places in the USA

Слайдов: 23   Слов: 864   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 54

Проблемный вопрос. Результаты представления исследования. California. Melting pot. The Twin Towers in New York. The Empire State Building. National Air and Space Museum. The Guggenheim museum. Niagara falls. Devil’s Tower. - Interesting places in the USA.ppt

Sport in the USA

Слайдов: 16   Слов: 1149   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 0

Young capitalist nation. US sport means business. Commercialism. Population is 293 million. The USA is driven by capitalism. The most popular cultural. College players. - Sport in the USA.ppt

Англия и Америка

Слайдов: 11   Слов: 513   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 0

Сегодня английский является мировым языком. Происхождение: индоевропейская семья - германская ветвь - западногерманская группа - англо-фризская подгруппа. История английского языка в США. Глобализация торговли, экономики, новых технологий способствовали и глобализации американского английского языка. Сравнение британского и американского вариантов английского языка. - Англия и Америка.ppt

Американский и британский английский

Слайдов: 27   Слов: 729   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 0

Особенности и отличия. Изучение истории американского и британского английского. Изучение учебников на использование американского и британского английского. Британский английский. Американский английский. Не удивительно, что, скажем такой оборот, как I seen him, становиться языковой нормой. Немного из истории. Латынь была языком Церкви и монастырей, а значит, образования и науки.. Разное произношение при одинаковом написании. Один и тот же термин при схожем, но неодинаковом написании. Пунктуация. Появление нового значения у слова, использование синонимичного слова. - Британия и Америка.ppt

Бостонское чаепитие

Слайдов: 8   Слов: 158   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 14

The Americans had to pay taxes of almost all important products such as sugar, coffee, tea and wine. One day British ship', loaded with tea came into the Boston port. To do this several Americans dressed as Indians went on board the ships secretly and acted according to their plan. Of course, the British Government did not like it, so they closed the poll and sent soldiers to the American colony. It was the War for Independence of the American colonies. - Бостон.ppt

New York

Слайдов: 72   Слов: 4196   Звуков: 1   Эффектов: 6

By: Brittny Downing. Located on the North Eastern side of the United States. New York State is a leading destination for international immigration. Racial, Religion and Ancestral Makeup. Catholics comprise more than 40% of the population in New York. 2007 Crime Rate for New York. Incarceration population and costs: New York Jails: Single Cell: Picture procedure for booking offenders into jail confinement. Outside the prison fence: The Departmental Mission. Prison Goals: Recognize the value of each person. Offer leadership and support to all. Prison Values: Prison Policies: CLASSES OFFERED IN PROGRAM UNITS: - New York.ppt

San Francisco

Слайдов: 19   Слов: 643   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 0

Vocabulary List. Where is San Francisco. Comprehension questions. San Francisco’s climate and geography. Famous tourist sites and landmarks in San Francisco. Neighborhoods in San Francisco. San Francisco has many russian immigrants. Discussion questions. What does your hometown produce. - San Francisco.ppt

Jimmy Carter

Слайдов: 13   Слов: 183   Звуков: 0   Эффектов: 0

Aim. Contens. Born on October 1, 1924 Plains, Georgia. Education. Soldier, Peanut Farmer, Professor, Politician, Statesman 39th president. Family. 1977 - Panama Canal Treaty. Sources used. - Jimmy Carter.ppt


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