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Only the educated are free The teacher and time are partners in
Only the educated are free The teacher and time are partners in
The System of Education in Britain
The System of Education in Britain
Types of schools
Types of schools
Compulsory education
Compulsory education
Types of subjects
Types of subjects
Новые слова
Новые слова
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1Only the educated are free The teacher and time are partners 4post-school education.
in education Education is a key to a nation?s greatness You can 5Types of subjects. Science subjects: Chemistry Physics Maths
lead a man to the University, but you can?t make him think. Economics Technical Drawing Biology Geography General subjects:
2The System of Education in Britain. Physical Education, Home Economics, Technical Subjects, General
3Types of schools. Private schools (public schools). State Science. Art subjects: English Literature History Foreign
schools. Languages Music Art Drama.
4Compulsory education. 0-5 – nursery school 5-11 – primary 6Новые слова. Educate Education Nursery school Primary school
school 11-16 – secondary school 16-18 – the 6th form 18- - Secondary school State/private schools.
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