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«Уильям шекспир» - 400 years after his death. Familiar Expressions from Shakespeare. Major themes from Romeo and Juliet. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Entrance of The Globe Theater. In 1610, Shakespeare retired and invested in grain and farmland. Facts About Shakespeare! Original Theaters.

«Biography of William Shakespeare» - Divide Shakespeare’s plays into tragedies and comedies. Шекспир Уильям. People often call Shakespeare 'Our National Bard'. In 1567 Shakespeare went to London to find a job. Литературная гостиная, посвящённая творчеству У. Шекспира. Этапы мероприятия. Цели и задачи мероприятия. We have mentioned the main facts in Shakespeare's biography.

«Life of William Shakespeare» - Уильям Шекспир. Poems. Coat of arms. The third period. London and theatrical career. Creativity. The immortal Shakespeare. Recreated theater. Grammar school. Three days later. Sonnets. Зачем же любишь то, что так печально. Радостно и звонко. Early years. The fourth period. Great tragedies. Drama. Last years and death.

«William Shakespeare на английском» - Comedy. England. Theatre burned. Family behind and arrives in London. Groundlings. Here he studied Latin and Greek. Burbage brothers. William Shakespeare’s Background. William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare and his fellow theatre colleagues.

«William Shakespeare» - ? He became one of the principal investors. ? His successes had made Shakespeare a rich man. Looking back. London Life in the 16th century. ? opened in 1599. ? went to London at 21. ? joined a travelling company of actors. Shakespeare‘s schooling. The end of his life. London. Failures and successes The affair with the "Dark Lady".

«Shakespeare» - Did he have a family? 1623. W. SHAKESPEARE’S SCHOOL IN STRATFORD-UPON-AVON. W. SHAKESPEARE («AS YOU LIKE IT»). London. GREAT SHAKESPEARE’ S PLAYS. His father was a glove-maker. Shakespeare wrote: 37 plays 154 sonnets 2 poems. Answer the questions. When and where did W. Shakespeare die? GLOBE THEATRE NOWADAYS.

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